Political Smiles


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Scene Title Political Smiles
Synopsis Leonardo visits Tracy in his first attempt to get in good with a high ranking government Evolved. Her political smile is powerful.
Date Saturday 10 2009

Tracy's Hospital Room

Tracy Strauss has spent the last few days in a protected hospital room, and she's making the best of it as she can. This is to say, she's working, even with only a phone and a computer. "Yes, I'll be fine, thank you for the flowers." And indeed, she is surrounded by flowers - although most are from political groups and lobbyists rather than from anyone who actually cares - except for the Govoner, of course. He sent two bouquets. "Yes, next week. Alright, I'll see you then, goodbye." She hangs up the phone, setting it aside.

There are very few things that will get Leonardo to make a personal visit to someone in the hospital, but being a high ranking government employee would be one of them. His 'bodyguard', Cassius, is instructed to stay outside the room, but he's made phone calls and got all the right permissions to be here tonight. He walks in, very clean cut and in his expensive formal black suit, smiling as he casually offers a bouquet of orchids. "Hello, Miss Strauss. I'm Leonardo Maxwell, President of Maxwell Development Corporation. I thought I'd come and show my support for your bravery, outing yourself the way you did. It's a shame that this is what you got in return."

The visitor, and an unknown one at that, causes Tracy to sit up a bit, setting her computer aside to be polite. She offers her hand for a shake. "Of course, I've heard of your company, though I'm not personally familiar with it. It's certainly quite an honor to have such a busy man take time out of his day for me." She smiles, taht political smile that always seems to have more behind it than it reveals. "I wouldn't say it's a shame - the shame is what happened to my apartment. And the entire building ,really."

"Certainly a shame, however, you won't be without a place to stay if you need it." Leonardo takes her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, then moves to place the flowers with the others. "I have a number of buildings you could choose from for as long as you need one, and I can assure you security. I'm not offering some small charity apartment, you'll be living the way you're used to living."

Tracy offers a small chuckle. "Well, I'm perfectly fine, I've set myself up nicely for the time being, and the NYPD along with some other very nice agencies will be helping me with my issues of security. But your offer is appreciated, Mr. Maxwell." Tracy looks oer at the flowers, nodding with an air of sincerety. "And that you for those, they're quite beautiful. I should get sick or hurt more often - I won't have to decorate the new place for months with all these lovely gifts."

"Certainly not, Miss Strauss." Leonardo takes a chair and carefully pulls it near the bed so he can take a seat, straightening his clothing to make sure nothing wrinkles on the way down. "I just want you to know, I'm very sensitive to Evolved issues, not something I generally make public, but if an Evolved person needs my help, I'm there. So any help you need, even if it's simply that your couch happens to be an off color." he lightly laughs at that, adding a bit of harmlessly casual humor.

Tracy chuckles as well at his little jest. "Well, it is certainly appreciated, but I don't anticipate more issues. The police have identified my attacker, and they will arrest him, and I have faith that the people of this country, like President PEtrelli asks of them, will wane away from terrorist tactics in order to come together in this very difficult time." Straight off the teleprompter.

"One hopes so, Miss Strauss." Leonardo reaches into his jacket, pulling out what seems to be a private business card, then reaches out to hand it to her. "I wouldn't want to wear out my welcome, so that's my contact information. Remember, if you need anything, give me a call. I'm a busy man, but one in my position can never be too busy for his personal ventures."

Tracy takes the card gently between her fingers, looking at it a moment wiht a nod. "I'll certainly remember that." She says, smiling up at him with that same pearly white smile once more. Her hand is offered to him for the shaking. "Thank you so much for coming. I will not forget it."

"And thank you for having the courage to come forward, I know many people who would appreciate such a gesture." Leonardo takes the hand again, though this time leans down to gently press his lips against the back of it. Soon after, he's heading for the door again without another word, giving his tie a quick tighten and out the room he goes.

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