Pollepel Island
Pollepel Island

Pollepel Island is a secretive fallback location for the Ferrymen organization, its location in the Hudson River and activity there is a closely-guarded secret among their ranks. Ask staff if you feel your character should know about Pollepel Island.

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  • Supplies are frequently delivered to the island, whether they are shipped down from the network's allies in Canada or up from Grand Central Terminal. Very rarely are the smugglers employed by the network allowed to visit the island itself in order to protect its location from the Ferrymen's enemies — instead, operatives are sent to rendezvous with shipments at designated points many miles south. There are notable exceptions to this rule, such as Wes Smedley and Nick York, trusted allies of the network who sometimes stay at Bannerman's Castle itself.
  • There is a stable on the island with stalls for three horses — Copenhagen, Sorrel and Winchester — which are used daily to patrol the area under the direction of the network's Special Activities division.


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