Pop Culture News For December 5 2008

CALIFORNIA - Superstar rapper Vincent "Shard" King officially came out of the Evolved closet at MTV's Video Music Awards last night to the shock of his fans and critics. Sporting a diamond-studded Registration Identication Card, Shard proudly spoke about the rights and responsibilities of the Evolved in the world today, that having a "special gift" isn't something to be afraid of, to hide, or to keep from the world, but something to wear as a badge of honor. He hopes to inspire the youth of America to stand up and "do the right thing" to Register themselves and support their country as best as they can. The speech was given in acceptance of his VMA award for his hit album "Isolationist" which topped the Rap and R&B charts this summer.

Shard spoke about how much of that album dealt with his own crisis of faith and said, "It was God that helped me discover the strength I had inside of me, and kept me from goig and hiding and joining one of them militant groups you see on the news. I want to be a positive image to kids, to show them the world ain't as dark and bleak as they think."

Shard has been registered as a Tier 0 Evolved since 2007 and has been silent about the issue despite rampant speculation. However, Shard did not go on to further explain his own ability, leaving the buzz across much of Hollywood about just what kind of special gift the superstar has. This journalist thinks it might just be supernatural success.

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