Poppies Blossom Beyond The Wall



Scene Title Poppies Blossom Beyond The Wall
Synopsis Eve comes face to face with an old wolf.
Date March 31, 2018

The sound of shifting leaves are the first signs to Eve that is no longer sleeping in her room in Phoenix Heights. There aren't soft sheets she’s laying on and bundled up in but soft moss, it’s soft all the same and so Eve stays laying there surrounded by the ever shifting plants in that Eternal Forest inside of her head.

But the forest was not meant to be a place of resting.

There’s a boom of thunder in the distance that make pale gray eyes snap open and Eve is sitting up forward with difficulty. She hadn't noticed the roots and vines that also lay over her body, strapping her to the ground. But the ropes made of various foliage were flimsy and weak and so she ripped herself free with a cry.

Her dress was torn to shreds by some forgotten battle in her mind, feet bare and she could feel the soil coming up between her toes. All around her the forest was in constant motion, from living to dead and back again. Green to red, to brown, to black, to green again. There were no animals here still the only cries of a creature coming from Eve in this place.


A glowing red butterfly flaps its wings in the air, light red sparks being left in its wake. Danger, red for danger. The words echoed through her mind, through the forest bouncing off of ever shifting trees. Eve knew what that color meant and it made her eyes grow wide in fear but as the red butterfly flying towards danger led Eve through the forest she followed. She knew why she was here, why she was always here.

Through a thick grove of trees she makes her way, stumbling over upturned roots and fallen branches that discentrate to dust after rotting and molding over, a burst of green as the process starts anew. Poppies blossom beyond the Wall.

Almost lost them, please don't fall.

Eve’s footsteps pound as she sails through a field of flowers, blackened and then fresh. There's a howling wind and her eyes can't help but peer up to the dark stormy clouds ahead, swirling in the air, some shapes make themselves known but her brain can't commit to memory what they are.

If you wish to know..

She comes out of the woods to stand before a river that stands perfectly still, it's waiting for her. Padding softly through the brush, the oracle begins to kneel before the surface. Her body shakes with anticipation and the red butterfly does as the butterflies always do, just lands lightly onto her shoulder as she bends her head forward, dark mess of hair proceeding her into the water.

You've got to let them go..

Ducking her head under the water, there’s a roaring as the world beneath the surface of the river explodes and Eve closes her eyes before she she slowly reopens them to find herself.. in a place similar to where she just left.. no not a forest. The city.. with all it’s overgrown trees and plants.

All around her, vines grow. Around trees, lampposts, cars, up buildings, weaving in and out of broken windows. Out of the corner of her eye, something dark moves through the shadows cast by an abandoned city. When she catches sight of it, her chest tightens and her skin turns cold. She feels like she can't move. And while she's frozen in place, that shadow slithers up from behind and wraps too-long limbs around her. She can feel life start to drain out of her, her breath slowing, her pulse stopping.

A howl sounds in the distance.

A wounded wolf with greying fur stand atop a towering, crumbling wall. The sound of his howl makes the shadow recoil. And when he howls again, the shadow withdraws entirely. But Eve is too far gone. It's too late…

Until one of the vines near her foot blossoms with a single poppy.

As the flower opens, breath comes back to Eve's lungs, her heart beats again, her body warms. She's saved.

But not safe.

The shadow circles a tall office building, wrecked by time and nature, then funnels down into the ground around it.

With a gasp, covered in sweat Eve awakens and looks around in a panic. She's back in her room, there's no wolf.. not even a leering Samson. It's her just. But there's nothing to fear she thinks as she rolls over onto her side to watch the pale glow of morning begin to come.

Everything was fine… but that shadow..

Eve rocks herself back to some sort of sleep, muttering to herself all the while.

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