Populate The Earth


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Scene Title Populate the Earth
Synopsis Abby and Mel talk about Vegas, fake IDs, and sex.
Date April 28, 2010

Le Rivage - Abby's Apartment

The former residents of the Maison Allegre had scattered in the wake of the attack on Francois. The men, to a safehouse somewhere and Abigail back to the quiet Rivage apartment. Alexander had taken off with only a message that he was doing so, leaving her with the place to her own for the last two days. The cast gone, replaced by a walking one, built of foam, aircells, plastic and more manageable than a cumbersome cast.

One crutch under arm, the blonde is in the process of packing, answering the door to let Melissa in who came over with the promise of movies to Abigail's offer of food. "Question. What would you do with Kendall, for a week, if I were to hypothetically, drag you with me to Vegas while I chase after Robert and find out what happened?"

Melissa pauses for a moment, then her head tilts, and she grins. "You wanna drag me to Vegas? Awesome. And Kendall…if it's not somethin' that he can go along with on, I'm sure he could stay with Magnes or Odessa or someone. But your man went out to Vegas, huh? Got an idea of where to start lookin' once we get there?"

"He went out on business, supposedly. So that means he's likely at the Linderman Casino out there. Then again, I can always call his office and find out. If he hasn't put me on a 'do not tell her where I am' list. Kendall can come along, I don't know how much fun it will be for him. It's away from the snow" And away from anymore questions that might be tossed her way with regards to that FBI slaughter that happened on Staten Island with regards to the Russian prisoner that was no more and the smoking crater in it's wake.

"I have a double queen room booked at circus circus, it's right on the strip at the one end. A week, likely, probably. I can get you back sooner if you need to, if he needs to. I know a teleporter who doesn't mind when I take advantage of him. I don't do it often."

Melissa nods. "I'll talk to him, see if he just wants to bunk with someone. He doesn't seem too bothered by the snow though. But then, he's a kid," she says, leaning against a wall, hands sliding into her pockets. "But I'll be happy to go with you, Abby. When do we leave?"

"We can go tomorrow morning, if you like. I thought about heading out later tonight, but you called and…" She starts heading for her room, cat trailing her wake as she goes, trotting with tail up. "If it's easier, tomorrow. Get away from the cold, get away from the city and the people and the violence" Straight into sin city and to a guy who is responsible - possibly - for why she's using a crutch.

Melissa nods. "That gives me time to get Kendall settled and pack. work won't be a problem. Since we can't open yet, they don't really need me. And oh god it'll be good to get out of the cold. I'm not made for this sorta weather."

She smiles then. "Would you like a lil' good news to go with the finding of your guy?"

"I could surely as the lord has risen, get some good news. By the way, don't get hurt. Peter's got healing, picked it up off someone, but.. Just.. only in an emergency? I don't know how much longer he'll keep it. He fixed Francois but, he had to stay overnight in the hospital. I heard it was… it wasn't pretty" Folded baskets of cloths wait, one of the tweedles playing fetch from the brownstone for her, and a stop by the bar to get some summer clothes from storage. Was time to pack for a week. "What's the good news?"

That news has Melissa frowning a little. "Healing, huh? Well, cool. And I haven't gone nagging any healers so far. Just doctors and you," she says with a faint smile. "Good news though…I told you that I was gonna go talk to Mama Petrelli, yeah? Or that I did? Can't really remember offhand."

"That you had. Peter's momma, yes" Down she flops onto the stacked mattress's, sorting out shorts and skirts, tank tops, shirts, sunday best, rolling them carefully and putting them into a duffel bag. "You heard back from her then? Was she…?"

Melissa smiles again. "Heard back from her today. You're looking at Irene Boyd. A woman who, while may end up registered as a pain suppressor, is not quite as wanted as she was. Which means I can have some sort of a life. No Ferry, no sleeping with one eye open…It's weird, really."

"Irene Boyd" The blond tilts her head, looking at Melissa with a critical eye. "You choose the name or her? Can you go grab that little bag over there? Toiletries"

There's a laugh at that, as Mel grabs the bag for Abby. "Does that sound like a name I'd pick if I had a choice? The name I picked when I was fresh out of Moab is Rebecca. At least that's from this century."

"Hmm Irene Boyd. Could go by Ira or Rene" Abby offers helpfully. "I have a fake ID. I don't much need to use it. Stephanie Tarkin. Used it to rent a place after I had registered. I haven't used it in ages but.. That's good Mel. That's.. so I should start calling you Irene then?" Abigail questions as she takes the bag, tucking it in one end, a pair of sneakres following then some plain jane flats.

Melissa wrinkles her nose, but nods. "Yeah, probably. Let's use Rene though. Sounds a little better. And fake IDs are a pain, but…if they get the job done, yanno? And the price isn't bad either. Working at the Suresh Center? Keep hearin' nothing but good things." A pause, then she frowns a little. "How are ya, by the way? With the whole fever thing?"

"IT comes and goes still. But.. no one broke out in fits of anger when I touched them on Monday. Lord, just.. francois and having to get him stable and then.. Sasha and having to clean him up" There's a pause, a glance to her bedroom window then a look to Melissa. "You'll laugh. Sorta. I brought peter to Kozlow, to get his healing but.. he got too close, he got rough"

Melissa nods. "That's good. And what happened to Francois? And…I'll laugh?" she asks curiously.

"One of the Russians attacked. It was.. horrid" Abby murmurs, still packing. A long skirt is plucked up, folded and rolled. "Sasha had peter around the neck, lord on high he was going to kill him. I couldn't use my taser cause he was behind peter so I.. I threw the bucket that Sasha was using to do his business in, all over them to distract Sasha and then hit him over the head with it.

Melissa abruptly pushes away from the wall, eyes narrowed and hard. "Why the fuck was he gonna kill Peter? Did you kill this Sasha jackass after you brained him with the bucket?" Nope, no laughter, just anger towards Sasha.

"You don't know Sasha, he's one of the russians, they caught him, had him in the basement the last ten days of this place" Abigail points out. "He heals. Peter needed to get the healing from him but instead of being nice he got all rough with him using magnes's power"

"He's…one of the ones who's been fucking with you and everyone else?" Melissa shakes her head. "Why just keep him in a basement? And why the hell did Peter use Magnes's power on the guy?"

"I don't know Mel, I don't have the magic answers. Doesn't matter anymore. THe place he was in, is a crater now. Are you not at all happy that Peter got a bucket of pee on him?"

Melissa thinks about that for a moment, before her lips twitch a little. "It's kinda gross. Hopefully the first thing he did after leaving that place was take a very long, very hot shower."

"Best I know, mostly. Wasn't the best solution really but it was the only one that I had at the moment" Up from the bed Abigail pushes, grabbing aluminum and heading back out to the rest of the apartment proper. "Spaghetti, and meatballs. That's my contribution to the evening, what is your'es Melissa?"

Melissa smiles and pulls a hand out of her coat pocket, holding up a ziplock bag full of brownies. "Chocolate. A girl's best friend."

"Store bought!" Right off the bat, is the friendly accusation. "I meant, entertainment wise. What awful piece of artistic expression are you going to unleash on me tonight" into the kitchen, meatballs already cooking on the stove and water boiling away, awaiting the immersion of noodles.

"Hey, you don't wanna see what I cook up in the kitchen. It's awful. Horrible. Seriously, dogs turn their noses up at it," Melissa says with a grin. "Ironically though…I grabbed Ocean's Eleven. Go figure, huh? Plus, Brad Pitt and George Clooney? Yum."

"Ohhh" Abby's face lights up, Brownies taken. "Momma loves that movie. Just loves it. She's got a thing for George Clooney. She says if she ever meets him, she's gonna ask poppa for a kitchen pass. I dunno what a kitchen pass is but it must be special or something. I dunno, but I love those movies too. They're like… what do they call it" Abby snaps her fingers repeatedly, trying to jog her memory. "The modern day rat pack, something like that. Go pop it in, I'll get the noodles going."

Melissa's lips twitch at the 'kitchen pass'. "Um…dear? I think she's gonna ask for a freebie. Someone she can bang without it countin' as cheatin'. And he is hot for his age, so can't blame her." A quick grin, then she moves back out into the living room to put the DVD in.

"That is not what it means Miss Irene Boyd! My momma wouldn't think such things" Abigail hisses quietly to Melissa as if the very thought of it was dirty. Frown returns to her face as she measures out noodles to ease into the pot. Kitchen Pass. Really. Faux affront across her very body.

Melissa laughs as she crouches down in front of the TV. "Dearie, your mama had to think about sex sometime or you wouldn't be here," she reminds.

"Irene Boyd! You will talk about something else, right this moment. Good baptist women don't talk about … that" She shy's away enough from talking about things of that nature with others most of the time. "Just start the movie already. Heavens above, i'm ready to not take you to vegas lest you start telling Robert to .. nope, not going there"

Melissa falls on her ass laughing, shaking her head. "Honey, you've had sex. So why can't we talk about it? It's natural and all that. And hey, god said go forth and populate the earth, right? So essentially what he was sayin' was to go forth and hump like bunnies!"

'Mel, that's a sure way to upset me if you keep it up" Faux affront is swiftly starting to climb to real affront as the noodles are stirred in the pot. "I don't like talking about those things, it's just what I do. If I have made love with someone, then I've made it, but I don't sit and gossip about it and what it was like" She points out. "And I surely don't want to imagine my parents doing such a thing either.”

"Okay, okay. Just chill out…Was just teasin' you. And honestly? Thinkin' about anyone's parents gettin' busy is kinda ick." Mel turns the TV on and moves over to the couch, flopping down on it, brownies set next to her. "Movie's ready whenever you are."

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