Cloudy with a Chance of Face Stabbings


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Scene Title Cloudy With a Chance of Face Stabbings
Synopsis Amadeus meets a young lady with a bit of an attitude.
Date August 18, 2010

Random Hotel Lobby

Leaning on the hotel counter later in the afternoon, Amadeus has a black MLB bat bag on his back, the strap going around his black AC/DC shirt, and he has a brown beat-up backpack in his hand, trying to talk his way into a hotel room. "Hey, I just need it for one night, this curfew's really got me a bit fucked. Shelters are all filled up, so help a guy out." Then he offers a not-so-honest toothy smile.

"No." the man answers simply, staring at Amadeus as if he's just carried in a pile of crap and dumped it all over the floor.

Mika is just making her way down from her hotel room, quite smug about recent developments in her life. If she does this simple task assigned to her, she'll be making ten grand a week. That sure as hell beats the tea shop. The five foot tall Japanese girl in her early twenties makes her way into the lobby, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, her destination the snack machines. While she's got Jaiden out getting her some food…she's hungry right now, and she's shifted three times today.

She pauses as she reaches the snack machine, smoothing out her dollar bill and watching as the young man begs for a room with raised eyebrows.

"A guy can't get a break in this city." Amadeus picks up his bag and starts heading for the door again, briefly eyeing the Japanese woman. "If I go to jail for breaking curfew, it's on you, buddy! I just needed a room for one night."

The little woman quietly punches the numbers, grabbing her candy bar once it drops down into the drawer. Then, curious, she approaches the young man, eyeing him quietly. Without a word, she reaches into her pocket, pulling out enough cash for a cheap hotel room. This is placed gingerly on the counter, before the young woman turns to quietly eye the man.

"I won't even pretend to expect you'll pay me back." This is said in a steady tone as the young woman stares at Amadeus with a somewhat hard expression, almost like the look that mothers give to their children when they are disappointed.

"You getting me a room?" Amadeus asks, a bit surprised that his little scam actually worked. His eyebrows are high for a few seconds, then he smiles and offers his hand. "Well, thanks. Glad to see some people in this city have some class. Getting sick of the tiny bed in my van. Amadeus Deckard."

Mika offers a rather mirthful smirk, laughing softly. "Mmmhmm." She glances to the desk clerk as he goes into the back office, before turning to the boy with a thoughtful expression. "Actually, I had the thirty bucks to spare, and I have a feeling that if I had tried to walk past, you would have bothered me. That and I know a scam when I see one." She puts one hand on her hip, quietly regarding the boy. "Sara Bright."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Amadeus says in a mock-innocent tone when she mentions a scam, briefly giving her a once over before turning his head to watch the desk. "Since you're bein' charitable and all, it's only right that I give back. 'Course anything I have that's, like, valuable, I can't give you in public." He pats his pocket a few times.

Dark, almond-shaped eyes peer quietly down at the young man's pockets, one brow perking. "I'm not exactly the type to enjoy such things." She much prefers sobriety and clarity. "However, I may figure something else out by the time I'm finished walking you to your room." She peels open her candy bar, taking a few bites of it.

The tiny Japanese girl arches a brow, munching on her candy bar as she gathers up the room cards that the clerk puts on the desk. She takes another bite of her candy bar, rolling her eyes as he has his back turned. "Sweetheart, if you're implying what I think you're implying, I'll probably stab you in the face before I would let you put a hand on me." She offers a suddenly charming smile to the younger man.

A taxi pulls up outside and stops, the engine dying. A man, tall, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, gets out, finds one of the luggage carts unattended, and pushes it to the back of the cab where the trunk sits, already opened. "Just give me a minute!" he yells to the driver, shaking his head in a 'jesus!' kind of expression as he unloads four or five of the no-impact bags they sell at grocery stores, pushing the whole mess inside while waving off the bored-looking porter who just perked up at the chance to maybe make a tip.

"So, which room are you in?" Jaiden asks, moving right up next to Mika, peering over at the key cards put out on the counter before looking at her and then at Amadeus.

"I don't have hooker money, but I know a scam when I see one too, so I'm watching my ass so I don't end up in a hooker trap. Hooker traps suck." Amadeus doesn't explain what a 'hooker trap' is, and moves on to getting his Mountain Dew from the machine. He looks back, spotting Jaiden. "Yo."

Right as Jaiden walks up, 'Sara' is looking like she's about to to attack Amadeus, her tiny frame tense. "What kind of hooker would buy you a room, you little brat? I think I should get my money back." She raises Amadeus's room card as she says this, narrowing her eyes almost dangerously. Then, she turns a strained smile up to Jaiden. "Second floor. This brat is on first floor, if I don't decide to get my money back after that lovely little gem he just spouted at me."

Jaiden rests a hand on Sora's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "Hooker trap? Is that like the ones that come with the extra equipment between their legs, or stings for johns? Sounds like it could be embarrassing to get caught in one of those. BUt this little lady here." HE pats Mika on the shoulder. "Is a respectable young woman and would not do such a thing. Also, I got the things you asked for. Let's get 'em in the fridge before they warm up. Unless you'd like to keep conversing with this guy. I can take this stuff upstairs if you want."

"Hey, calm down, I'm just playing around." Amadeus offers as his defense, sighing and hefting his bag over his shoulder. "A hooker trap is when a hooker doesn't say she's a hooker, then springs it on you that you've gotta pay her for the awesome sex you just had. If you don't pay her, her pimp kicks your ass."

The little woman scowls at Amadeus, shaking her head and thrusting the key toward him, for room '106'. "Take your damn room key, and if I see you again, I expect my thirty bucks back. Sell whatever it is in your pockets, I don't care, but have it back." She rolls her eyes, and turns to smile at Jaiden, reaching out and putting a hand on his arm. "Yeah, let's get back up to the room. I'm starving, and a candy bar just doesn't cut it."

The man chuckles and steps away, sliding one of the keys for the room that 'Sara' has upstairs from his breast pocket. "I'll get this stowed, then."

"I wasn't calling you a hooker!" Amadeus grunts, taking the key, then just waits for the other two to go to their room. He'll go up after. "Easy come easy go." he says with a shrug, then heads back to the vending machines.

Ah, but that's a bit of a sensitive subject for the woman who was, at one point, a Geisha. Not that Amadeus is expected to know that. His final remark prompts a raised hand, before the tiny woman sets off on Jaiden's heels.

Jaiden is waiting patiently at the elevator, the light glowing amber, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

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