Possible Messiah Link
Date June 30, 2010
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Associated Press
July 1, 2010

In the hours since the attacks in Chicago and Washington D.C., information has come to the attention of the Department of Homeland Security that an explosion at the Pharmatech Production Facility in Billings Montana on Wednesday may have been perpetrated by the same organization.

Pharmatech, a multi-national pharmaceutical production company is one of the nation's leading producers of the Suresh Linkage Complex test kits. Authorities indicate that Wednesday night a powerful explosive device detonated within the Pharmatech facility in Billings, completely destroying the production plant and costing over six billion dollars in damages to Pharmatech.

Evidence collected from the scene and intelligence gathered by the newly formed Domestic Terror Task Force have unearthed a likely connection between the Pharmatech explosion and the two attacks allegedly perpetrated by the pro-evolved terrorist organization calling itself "Messiah."

Agent Jason Pierce, head of the Domestic Terror Task Force stated in response to this new evidence. "I intend to fully investigate all leads involving the terrorist group responsible for this attack and ties to other anti-government fringe groups operating outside of the bounds of the law that have — for too long — been setting down roots into our major cities, allowing for tragedies like Thursday's to come to pass."

It is not yet known if any Pharmatech employees were harmed in the Wednesday attack.

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