Post-it Mistress


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Scene Title Post-it Mistress
Synopsis Candy, Delilah. Delilah, Candy.
Date May 14, 2009

Fourth Floor Safehouse

It is only early evening when Delilah begins her usual round of checking emptied rooms and-or restocking occupied ones. She has been through at least one recently emptied room at the farther end of the halls, and though there was only one man staying there, the girl is wheeling behind her a large metal laundry basket with a quite curious amount of used laundry inside of it. There is also what appears to be a custodian's cart parked out in the hallway, which she wheels the basket up to in order to sit it beside the other cart.

The girl is dressed in a simple pencil skirt and flats, and overtop a grass green blouse. It gives off a rather Irish contrast to her red hair, despite her not actually being Irish. For now, Delilah is set on going about her usual business, though she has of course taken notes on any new arrivals- her quest has not yet brought her to knock on that door, however.

Candy makes the fact that her door hasn't been knocked on yet irrelevant as she steps out of the door. The woman has rested and sat there for a while, and now feels pretty well pent up. She looks over at the woman doing the cleaning and she pauses to watch her as she gets steadily closer. The hallway a change of atmosphere from the room as she leans against the door frame. The woman is still rather bored, and for the moment, she amuses herself by messing with some of the water in the pipes.

As Candy comes out of the room, Delilah first lifts her head to smile quietly, putting away something in the cart from the basket before lifting her head again. "Hi. I was going to come by, but since you're out here- is there anything I can get for you? Anything to take for laundry?" Her accent plays with her words even more, and seems to make Lilah's presence itself a curiosity. "I can get most anything within reason, when I go out for the floor."

Candy smiles faintly as she says, "If you could bring me some clothes that would be nice." She looks at the other woman curiously as the water flows through the pipes inimpeded now. She looks at the other woman curiously before she says, "I'm Candy, by the way, I hope you don't mind if I ask what to call you?" She offers a small smile as she puts her arms behind her back, clasping them as she waits for an answer.

Delilah takes a few seconds to analyze Candy's stature and build, jotting down some notes for clothing sizes in the back of her head. "I can get you something, yeah. Anything in particular you were hoping for?" She smiles again, and it flickers a little when Candy introduces herself, but the expression ends up growing a size bigger instead. "I'm Delilah. Nice to meet you."

Candy smiles back a little more confidant as she nods her head, "Nice to meet you as well, Delilah. As for hoping and clothing, just something that'll keep the rain of my back, you know?" She smiles as she leans against the door frame, her eyes wandering over the other woman for a moment or two before sh goes back to looking at her.

Delilah chuckles a little at that. "Oh, yes, quite. Better clothes won't be a big problem. What about food? I've got to get groceries anyway. I swear, the staples people go through- you'd be surprised." Though now, she seems to be half talking to herself, and half to Candy. For the next few moments, she goes about folding up some of the towels in the basket so that there is more room. Never one for multiple trips.

Candy smiles faintly as she nods her head a little and says, "Groceries? Well, as long as I can survive on them." She smiles and then adds, "And there is variety, plus some stuff that I could cook if the mood ever struck me."

"We do try to keep everybody well stocked. So if you do ever need anything- leave out a note or something on the door. When new people come in I tell them that so I don't have to knock on doors and be getting into private time." And people here like that, Delilah knows.

Candy nods her head as she stands there and says, "That is a good thing, indeed. If I find myself needing something else I will be sure to put the not on the door." She smiles as she stands there, her eyes looking over Delilah before she says, "I suppose that shouldn't be keeping you any longer."

All that looking- it is making Delilah just a little uneasy. Usually it's not that bad- usually she can read people better. "I suppose so. That one room was a mess. Left bathwater in the tub so now there's a big tub full of scum." The redhead makes a face at that, shrugging after. What can you do? "I'll see you around, Candy." Dee smiles grabs onto the cart, pushing it ahead and tugging the laundry along behind.

Candy hmms as she hears that and says, "Maybe I could help? With the cleaning?" She smiles hesitantly as she says, "Sitting around does get awfully boring, and I need to find some way to help out around here… for you all helping me. I wouldn't feel right otherwise."

"This is my job." As in, I get paid to do this. Delilah peers back at Candy down the hall, apologetic but understanding. "I know what you mean, but I'm not sure I have that kind of …decision making power. The best you can help with right now is just…not making a mess." The redhead smirks. "If I knew whether or not I could allow you, I'd tell you either way." But she doesn't.

Candy nods her head faintly as she stands there, "Well, I'll be sure to see if I can't find who can make those arrangements, it does not feel right to be on the recieving end of so much help and not returning it." She smiles, before she gives a wave, "Do take care then, Delilah."

Delilah lifts her hand in a similar wave, fingers wiggling just a touch. "That's exactly how I felt." Alluding back to the fact that she too was once in Candy's same shoes, for some mysterious reason. "Take care." And with that, the redhead is off again, heading for the elevator.

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