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Scene Title Postmortem
Synopsis Vodka is better than embalming fluid.
Date April 03, 2011

A Motel Room

It has been a Rough Day back at the motel. A rough night the night before and a distinct lack of sleep. The empty vodka bottles around explain just how Lynette has been processing her weekend, which is to say, in a drunken stupor. But now, she's mostly just tipsy, having ran out some time ago and just letting herself drift off the buzz.

Which is probably good, because she can actually walk to the door to open it when Ryans knocks. And thankfully, she hasn't entered hangover territory, so she's even glad to hear the sound. But she has to keep a hand on his arm — or perhaps just feels better for doing so — as she lets him in.

"I hope your night went better than mine, darling."

Imagine Ryans surprise to find out what this version of Lynette has been doing. Well, not overly surprised, it is why he's here after all. Maybe he didn't expect this. Brows tip up towards the fedora on his head as he lets himself be led inside by that hand on his arm. "It was uneventful in comparison." He admits softly.

His hat is removed and tossed on the table, leaving him in the brown duster still. Concerned blue eyes study her face, fingers moving to catch her chin in a gentle gesture as he does. "I figured this might be the first time you used this new ability like that." His thumb brushes her chin. "Thought you might need someone around. I should have been here sooner it seems."

"It was… not my best idea, as it turns out." While comments like that are generally said with a crooked smile and a dry tone, this time, it's just too true for any of that. Lynette looks up at him as he touches her chin, but her eyes close after a moment. "It's alright. I had a nice, Russian companion," she says, gesturing back toward where the nearest vodka bottle sits. "But I'm glad you're here now, admittedly."

She doesn't volunteer anything about how much it hurt or how long it took to get over the shock or how much she wanted to scream through it all, she just steps closer to him to bury her face against his chest. She's not crying, but it's pretty clear she's only not out of sheer stubbornness.

She doesn't have to cry, for Ryans to know what she's needing out of him, anyhow. With so many women in his life, he's learned to see the universal sign of a woman needing to be held. So without question, arms wrap around her, a circle of safety for her. Fingers tangle in her her long blonde curls as his hand rests against the back of her skull.

"I bet you saved lives though," Ben offers in encouragement, head dipping down to press mouth against her golden hair. His breath is warm against her scalp as he murmurs, "I'm sorry I haven't been there to help." Though his job was just as important, even if it was uneventful.

The man is very wise. Lynette's fingers curl around the fabric of his shirt as he wraps his arms around her, and while she's pretty tense, there is a bit of a sigh of relief. It's been a long time since she let anyone else hold her up but herself.

"Oh, I suppose," she says, her voice raw enough to make her clear her throat after. "I think it was the right thing. It just… also think it was pretty stupid. I wouldn't have made another, though." And probably wouldn't, if it came up again.

Benjamin seems content to hold her, listening. She can feel the subtle movement of his head as he listens intently, nodding slowly. "I think there would be people that would say a lot of what I do is right, but really stupid." His voice rumbles in his chest, mildly amused at the thought.

Fingers comb through her hair, attempting some comfort. "Live and learn?" He asks her softly. "It is still new for you. Imagine how long Brian's been doing that." Benjamin lifts his head and leans back, held tilting just so to get a look at the face buried there against his chest.

"Present company included there?" Lynette leans against his fingers, taking a moment to steady her breath before she turns her head enough to look back at him. She's troubled, and it's obvious. Which probably means it's pretty bad. "I don't want to think about how many times he's done that. And if I volunteer that again, just remind me about the hangover I'm going to have tomorrow. Unless it's important," she adds the caveat, just in case there's a need for more stupidity later.

"You know, you're very comfortable," she adds, as she lets her eyes close again and finally relaxes against him. There's even a hint of a smile there. "Just don't move, or I might fall over."

When she leans she can feel his body adjusting for it, taking her weight easily. "I'll remember to do that. I won't ever ask that of you again." Benjamin promises, not agreeing to the important part. If he can help it, she won't have to do that again.

"I guess it would explain his odd behavior, tho'." His head moves to rest on her's again, even as Ben just stands there diligently. "Brian's that is… so I will definitely not let you keep doing that." Clearly, his opinion of the young man isn't all that high, but there is some understanding there now, especially with her reaction to all those deaths.

"You didn't ask it of me this time, I'd like to point out, Mister Ryans. I volunteered." But Lynette can't help but smile this time. These little quirks of his, she tends to find them simply endearing.

"Hmm. A little erratic, is he? Well, I think I can agree that I've had enough of that in my life lately." When she reaches up to brush her fingers against his cheek, there's just a little shake in them. Just a bit. "I'll be glad when I can get back to normal again."

Hair is left behind so that he can catch that hand, it's solid and steadying even as she trembles. Ryans turns his head and presses gentle kiss to the soft palm of her hand. "Ready to be one person again?" His thumb presses into the palm, brushing up to her fingers. "It'll be good to see you controlling your element again.

"Admittedly, it's been a little odd moving between places and you being at both." There is a soft chuckle. "I know there are guys that would think certain things about that, but… I'm content with one of you."

That little kiss gets a smile that's much wider than she really means to show, but she also doesn't notice, because she's still carrying that pleasant buzz with her. "So very ready. I think I might head back to the island and get everyone together as soon as my other self gets better again." She isn't visiting the possibility that that one might die, not tonight anyway. "I miss it. I suppose I always sort of took it for granted, but I miss it. I might have to go somewhere nice and remote and just let loose with it a bit when I get it back."

She echoes his chuckle there, her head tilting a bit as she looks up at him. "Well, that's good. Because I'm afraid there's going to be just one of me more often than there's going to be several, in the long run. It's good to know I haven't spoiled you. I thought it was terribly convenient, at first. And it is, it's just… tiring, being everywhere."

There's a little smirk before she adds, "I suppose it's part of your charm that you never once suggested any of those certain things."

"One of you in bed is more then enough of a challenge." There may be a tease in that tone, it's hard to tell at times. "I'm an old man," even if he isn't physically. "More then one could be the death of me." Benjamin gives her one of those rare smiles.

"Speaking of which," he nods towards the bed, "I think you could use some sleep, danger of a hang over or not." Ryans gives her a matter of fact look. "Of course, it's nothing drinking a lot of water and some aspirin won't help with. "

"I will take that as a compliment," Lynette says with a laugh to that first comment. "And we wouldn't want that. Death by triples only seems like a good way to go."

When he starts being sensible, she glances over to the bed with a groan, and then back to him again with a crooked smile. "Oh, me and the aspirin bottle are old friends. I suspect tomorrow morning will be a dandy reunion." She glances back to the bed, frowning as she considers it. "I don't suppose you'd be interested in staying?" I don't want to be alone isn't added, nor is it hinted at, but that probably why she looked away before she suggested anything.

Ben doesn't say much at first, simply loosens his hold on her enough so that he can guide her there. Her hand in his still and a hand pressed gently in the middle of her lower back. "You know I can't say no to a night curled up in bed with a beautiful woman." It's corny, but…

He'll make sure she's settled on the bed, before he'll shed his gear.

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