Powerful Women


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Scene Title Powerful Women
Synopsis This is how powerful women spend their free time.
Date May 24, 2009

The Spa

Would any of you care which spa it was anyway?

Tracy was called, or maybe Nalani was called. The details are not important. Either way, it was Sunday and neither woman is inclined to park their firm and gorgeous rears in a church pew. So the afternoon is reserved for the two of them to enjoy time at the Spa. Neither looks this good entirely on their own you know. Nalani's hair is clipped up, face slathered in something that is touted an completely organic, even edible, reclining on a chair and enjoying the ambiance of The Spa at the Mandarin Hotel. One of the many places that she goes to.

And Tracy is late. Though both women were probably a bit tardy, in this instance Tracy is later than Nalani. Oh well, perhaps next time it will be the other way around. "Hello, dear," she says, sighing as she falls into the chair in her red pencil dress and pearls. "I just had the most dastardly meeting with an attorney that I am quite sure is not all there." She sits back, spreading her fingers along the armrest to prepare for her manicure - and in the meantime, a woman is preparing a wax treatment for Tracy's face. It does wonders for the skin.

"Don't tell me some arsehole is trying to sue you?" Nalani murmurs, the masque firmed up some. Not enough that she can't look over at the other woman. "If you need a lawyer i'm sure that I can find you something good"

A small chuckle escapes the blonde as she closes her eyes and a warm facewash is provided. "Red please," she says as for her color choice on the nails. "No, hardly my dear. Can you imagine anyone ever having the balls to sue me? No, it was for work, but I'm quite certain I've never seen a man in such a prestigious position so quite…unstable in the head. Actually made me rather nervous. I need to arrange my less-reputable appointments around these little spa trips - they help so much."

"Dare I ask the name of this scamp who has given you the chills?" She can't imagine anyone being unstable enough that the other woman can't handle.

Tracy shakes her head, much to the dismay of the poor woman trying to stop the clock on Tracy's face. "I probably shouldn't, but I'm sure you'll figure it out." Ooh, very cryptic. A sudden burst of of a quiet chuckle suddenly escapes the Communications Director, however, and the topic is switched to another being. "Nalani, do you remember that video feed of the Humanis First woman screaming at a crowd to come up in arms against the government? It ran last week I think."

'Little bint screaming about this and that, and the government and evolved people" Yes, she'd seen it. Nalani rolls her eyes. "Someone trying to grasp her two fleeting moments of fame. Why do you ask?"

Okay, so maybe it isn't as funny as all that. But it is a good conversation piece. "I believe she might be following me. I don't know if you were aware, but I was at the Humanis First rally." She is quick to explain. "Not in favor of them, obviously. I was just walking by and got into a conversation with some of the more peaceful protestors before she turned up with her soapbox. Anyway, she turned up last night at the Orchid Lounge as though she had been looking for me."

That has Nalani's attention. "Tracy. I have security individuals, if you want to borrow a few, maybe that might discourage her. Doesn't have to be something permanant. Usually just a show of force once makes them back off" She knows, she had more than her fair share. "Your not running around with a secret ability are you? Maybe that's why she showed up there? Though you were secretly an evolved and wants to take a stab at you"

That warrents a chuckle as well while Tracy sits back, relaxing a bit more. She's going to have to get a falafel later, but for now this is as relaxed as one could possibly be, she's sure. "You're the second person today whose told me I need security. I can't really imagine what I would do with security, I'm a Communications Director for god's sake. Besides, I scared her off in my own way. Now if I'd been a secret Evolved I certianly would have scared her off a bit more with fireworks from my fingers or some such things, but a simple telephone call to the authorities works just as well." Yeah she probably should contact the police about this. Maybe tomorrow after breakfast, when she's not as busy.

"I could see about my brother taking a day or two to escort you out and about, he's a deterrant if I ever knew one. Was what he did when I was modeling before he joined the government. At the least call the police tomorrow. you are an important woman and you are dealing witha very explosive issue to which, humanis first people have been known to get very … militant about Tracy. And I'd loathe to see you on the news in some manner other than announcing frontline has been approved"

Tracy shakes her head, causing the woman working on her face to frown and bite her lip in annoyance. Tracy's eyes are closed - she has no idea. "Nalani, it's not that serious. I'm sure I scared her off and that I probably won't be seeing her again. I'll go to the police tomorrow. Let's see, I have a slot at 9:30…oh, no I have a conference call. Well," she waves a hand easily. "At some point I'll find time." That's the worst part. She intends to find time. But she probably won't.

"Call them at least" This is a moment when Nalani wishes she wasn't on her suppressants. She could make Tracy go. "I'll be very unhappy if you dont"

Tracy waves another hand to Nalani. "Dear, really. I promise I'll get to it as soon as I have time. Really, you would think I were the Queen with all the attention this little incident is getting. Bodyguads, who has time for bodyguards? And I can't imagine a bodyguard even keeping up with me. They'd be so bored, locked out of so many meetings…."
You paged Trask with ‘I know I just wanted to say freeze your nads’

"If a bodyguard is bored it means that they're doing their job" Nalani points out to the other woman, looking ahead when someone comes to start wiping off the stuff on her face. "i've had to have a few in my time, now they don't, since i've cultivated this untouchable aura around me"

Tracy is just about to have her wax peeled off, and her nails are drying already. "…and they have to be interviewed and trained, ugh. That would take almost as long as it will take talking ot the police with all of their questions. After FRONTLINE is passed, I should have more time then. Besides, after the video hit the news networks I'm sure the NYPD is all over it."

"Don't make us all say we told you so" Nalani murmurs, slightly muffled from behind the attention paid to her face.
Tracy chuckles, shaking her head, to which the woman tending her face almost screams in frustration over. "I would never give you the satisfaction. Tell me though, I wasn't aware you had a brother."

"You didn't?" Odd. She loves him to death "Rami Hollingwood. WOrks for.. homeland? Homeland. We meet for lunch as often as we can. He helped me to secure my parents permission to come here when I was 16. He used to guard me and the others who were with me" For all that it had helped, since Nalani has a large scar that rolls down her one arm. "I never asked if you had any siblings"

Tracy doesn't shake her head this time, which is good - the woman on her face might kill her for it. "He works for Homeland? And I didn't even know. What a ditz I can be. No, mummy and daddy could only handle one like me, I think they were afraid to have another." Yes, because that other? Is Niki/Jessica. Who wants to raise that mess. "I'd love to meet him sometime."

"I'll call and arrange dinner" Yes, she's offering to hook her brother up with Tracy. "He needs to get out more and you seem like the kind of woman who understand that when he can't tell you something about work, you won't press it"

Tracy chuckles as the woman steps back from her face, leaving Tracy blinking a moment. "All done?" She asks, sitting up and taking out a compact to re-apply her lipstick. Who knows who she'll run into. "Oh Nalani, I don't mean a date, I just meant casually. If he's your brother, I'm sure we'll get along fine. And I know so few people in this town."

"Then i'll drag you over to my place once this FRONTLINE thing is done, and Rami will be there. Maybe I'll convince Mohinder to come out of his lab at Columbia and play nice as well. No pipettes or whatever those little dishy things are called. Sound like a good deal?"

Tracy nods, still examining her lipstick in the mirror. "That sounds excellent. Who is Mohinder?" She asks, pushing to her feet and taking a moment to examine her nails. No acrylic for her - Tracy is au natural, and prefers it that way. Sure, sometimes she might show her age a bit, but she's still looking fine, and knows she probably will continue to do so

"Mohinder Suresh" Nalani murmurs, that look in her eyes. "He's been very absent of late, evenw hen he's with me, I'll have to prod him and see what is wrong. There's a function I want him to attend with me. This way, come the dinner with Rami, you'll be not interrogated by my brother, and it can be a friendly dinner"

Tracy chuckles, looking over the woman with an interested look, it's good to see her getting attached. They're all reaching that age. "Either way, I'm sure I could handle some interrogation, I do work for the government and Homeland Security is all over me about press relases. But that would be nice. I'm afraid I have to run now, dear, I have to get some lunch before my next meeting. I'll see you soon?"

'Just call! Stephanie will send you through, I promise" Air kisses, here we go again as Nalani leans up. "Call the police and notify them tomorrow Tracy"

"I will!" She promises, airkisses returned. And she intends to. If it happens or not is anyone's guess. "Be good, dearie." And with that, Tracy turns and sashays out the way she came in.

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