General Effects on Surroundings

Atomic Transmutation

The power to transform one element into another on an atomic level, e.g. the 'Midas Touch'. May be restricted to one or several possible transmutations (e.g. turning lead into gold, turning anything into iron) rather than turning anything into anything else.

Forcefield Generation

The ability to generate a field of energy which acts as a wall, preventing anything from physically passing the barrier. May include the potential to produce a selectively permeable forcefield, e.g. one that allows air to pass through. Fields are usually limited in scale and duration.


Liquefaction is the ability to convert a solid into a liquid without the use or production of heat. Generally requires physical contact with the object to be liquefied, and is more effective on small objects.

  • Past Characters: Zane Taylor


The ability to move an object by force of will, by thinking it from one place to another. This does not include teleportation; the object so moved must trace out a course from point A to point B.

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