Manipulation of Living Things


The ability to manipulate plants and their growth. Can range from the capacity to speed and direct plant growth to inhibiting growth to altering a plant's characteristics, depending on the individual.

Animal Telepathy

The ability to communicate with and potentially even control higher animals. This power generally does not include insects.

Biochemical Manipulation

The ability to control or affect the levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other regulatory molecules in a living organism; may be applied to the user and/or other individuals.


The ability to speed the healing of another living thing. May include the potential to induce regeneration of lost or scarred tissue; for some individuals, may extend to the opposite effect, causing harm. Generally does not include the ability to heal oneself.

Hypnotic Charm

Hypnotic Charm, or Charisma, is the power to enthrall another person, especially of the opposite gender. May include animals. Charmed subjects are generally the worst sort of hangers-on, living only to please the user. The effect generally fades with separation and over time, though long-term use on an individual can have permanent impact. This is distinct from Persuasion.


This is the power to directly affect what someone else perceives. This power can be used to tell someone they are sensing something that isn't actually there, or to hide an object from their senses. Illusions may extend to any one or more senses. Generally, the more senses involved, the more complicated the illusion, the longer the illusion lasts, and the more subjects to deceive, the more difficult the power use.

Insect Telepathy

The ability to communicate with and control insects. May include individual control and/or control of a mass of insects. Distinct from Animal Telepathy.


The ability to make oneself invisible; to not reflect visible light. Others with this power can still see the user. This power does not affect any other sense, and generally does not apply to light outside the visible spectrum. It is not synonymous with Photokinesis.

Memory Manipulation

The ability to change another person's memories — erase, add, and/or alter them as befits the user. Repeated use on an individual generally has serious psychological consequences. This power may have detrimental side effects for the user as well.

Metabolic Control

The ability to control the metabolism of the user or another person or animal. Includes speeding up and slowing down metabolic processes (e.g. digestion, respiration). Is not synonymous with either Biochemical Control or Regeneration.


The power to make someone do something, whether they might otherwise want to or not. Such a command may be subtle, the subject not even realizing it wasn't their own idea, or overt. This is distinct from Hypnotic Charm.

Pheromone Manipulation

The power to control the pheromones one produces, or generate them separately. This can be used to induce fear, aggression, attraction, etc.


The ability to take control of another person's body and/or mind. May extend to animals. Generally, only one subject may be possessed at a time, and while in possession of someone else, the user is very limited in their awareness and control of their own body.

Power Activation

The ability to bring forth a latent power in another Evolved, allowing its use.

Power Boosting

This is the ability to amplify someone else's power use. It generally does not give the subject greater control, merely greater power, which may be a detriment to themselves or others.

Power Negation

The ability to prevent use of other Evolved powers, usually within a given range. It may extend to nullifying the effects of other powers that come into that sphere of effect.


The ability to hear (receptive telepathy) the thoughts of others, and/or project (projective telepathy) one's own thoughts into another mind. Projected thoughts may be interpreted by the recipient as words spoken aloud or assumed to be a thought of their own creation. A telepath of sufficient willpower can project commands that are difficult to ignore. This is generally limited to human minds.

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