Manipulation of Materials and Forces


The ability to mentally control barometric pressure in the atmosphere and humidity at will, resulting in the change of weather patterns and formation of freak weather conditions. In many cases, people with this ability can shift the atmosphere and thus generate any natural weather occurrence from fog, mist and rain to hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes. One with this ability is also usually rendered resistant against extreme weather conditions, or uses this ability to predict, generate, calm or resist any weather condition.


The ability to manipulate sounds. May include damping or amplification of extant sounds and the generation of sound by 'willing' it into existence. May include sensitivity to sounds beyond the normal human hearing range. Does not include the vocal induction of resonance.


The ability to control and manipulate ice; often means creation of ice and the ability to shape it into various structures. Usually includes some degree of cold tolerance for the user; does not necessarily allow ice to be dispelled/melted. This power is not synonymous with temperature control.


The ability to generate and manipulate electricity. May not necessarily include resistance to electric shock. This does not extend to Technopathy, the power to communicate with and control electronic equipment.


Control of local gravitic fields. Can be used to increase or decrease gravitic attraction, resulting in something seeming heavier or lighter, respectively.


The ability to manipulate, generate, and cancel out local magnetic fields. By extension, allows indirect manipulation of objects made from magnetic materials (iron, nickel, cobalt, and their alloys; hematite and magnetite).


The power to manipulate bones. Generally translates to inducing and controlling bone growth, but may extend to bone dissolution/reabsorption.


The ability to control light, usually in the visible spectrum only. Effects range from altering how light reflects off a surface (changing color/appearance) to bending its path to concentrating light upon a target. May include the potential to generate light, or to concentrate it to laser intensity. While this power can be used to produce visual illusions and to effectively make something invisible, it is not synonymous with either of those abilities.


The ability to generate and/or control fire. May include the ability to force the combustion of materials that do not normally burn. Usually confers resistance to fire and/or heat upon the user. Is not synonymous with control of heat and temperature.

Radiation Manipulation

The ability to generate and manipulate electromagnetic radiation, especially gamma rays (nuclear radiation).

  • Past Characters: Ted Sprague

Spacetime Manipulation (restricted)

Control of space and time. Includes teleportation, time travel, and stopping of time.


The ability to bend space in order to instantaneously teleport to different locations.

Temporal Manipulation (restricted)

The ability to affect the flow of time in a small area — speeding it up, or slowing it down for a Matrix-like 'bullet-time' effect.


The ability to manipulate the classical element of earth: stones, sand, and soil. The most common usage is to reshape earth, e.g. creating a structure of packed soil, or in transforming rocks into sand. May include the potential to alter a subject material consistent with geothermal processes (e.g. transforming coal into diamond, as an extreme example). May include generation of earthquakes.


The ability to control heat by manipulating the speeds of moving atoms. Includes both making something warmer and making it colder. Does not allow direct manipulation of the item whose temperature is being altered. Is not synonymous with Cryokinesis, the manipulation of ice.


The ability to manipulate shadows. In effect, this is akin to Photokinesis — save that, rather than concentrating light in an area, lightwaves are moved away from it or absorbed.

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