Mental Enhancements and Abilities

Anatomical Intuition

The superhuman awareness of the capabilities, limitations, and weaknesses of any body part or system in any creature. This includes detection of congenital effects, disease, damage, cancer, etc. It may or may not extend to the same awareness of the user's own health. This power solely allows detection of condition; it does not confer the capability to heal or harm.

Astral Projection

The power to send one's mind or spirit out while leaving an inert body behind, often in dreams/while asleep. Projections generally cannot interact with the physical world, nor be perceived by most people. This may include the ability to enter another's dreams or explore alternate planes of existence. Prolonged use is generally detrimental; if the mind becomes lost, the body is left comatose and eventually dies.

Aura Reading

The power to sense energy fields, generally around another living being. These fields generally reflect emotional state and/or physical health, allowing the user insight into another person's condition. Perception of auras typically does not require the use of normal sight.

Danger Sense

The superhuman ability to detect nearby threats, especially other people with the intent of doing harm. May or may not include a sense of distance and direction. Generally is less effective, or not at all effective, in detecting nonliving hazards.


Empathy is the ability to sense (receptive empathy) and affect (projective empathy) the emotions of other people. This may extend to animals, but generally does not. Someone with this power may be limited to sensing emotions or solely to projecting, either what they feel at the moment or what they want someone else to feel. There are also empaths with both abilities. This power does not confer Telepathy, the ability to read another's thoughts.

Energy Conversion

The ability to absorb one form of energy and release it as another. This may be the capability for a single conversion (e.g. absorbing only sound and converting it to light, or converting any absorbed energy into light) or the ability to convert any energy type into any other. Does not allow storage of energy, and generally does not directly confer resistance to any form of energy.

Lie Detection

The awareness of when another person is deliberately lying or attempting to mislead the user. Generally does not work on people who are telling the truth as they know it, even if their truth is false in the grand scheme of things.

Mechanical Intuition

The superhuman ability to invent new gadgets and machines, and/or to understand the design and function of someone else's machine. This is not the same as Technopathy.


The power to rapidly comprehend and learn any language, once the user has been exposed to it. Fluency is usually limited to the mode presented; e.g. listening to a conversation in Russian would confer fluency in spoken Russian, but learning to read and write it generally requires exposure to the written form as well. This power may extend to any communication with language-like rules, including codes and computer programming languages.


The opposite of precognition; this is the ability to similarly perceive an event that has already happened. Unlike Psychometry, such impressions do not necessarily require an object as focus and anchor.

Power Absorption (restricted)

The ability to copy a power from someone else and use it independently. May allow permanent collection of abilities; is generally detrimental to the subject from which a power is taken.

Power Mimicry (restricted)

The ability to copy a power from someone else and use it independently. May allow permanent collection of abilities. Unlike Power Absorption, the abilities of other Evolved may be acquired simply by being in physical proximity to them.

Power Sensing

The power to detect other Evolved in proximity. This may extend as far as recognizing what ability the subject has, whether it is latent or active, and/or how strong they are in their power.


The ability to perceive events before they happen. This is distinct from predictions based upon logic, information, and experience. Precogs may receive vague and fleeting impressions, experience the event as though they were present, or receive some intermediate amount of information.

Probability Manipulation

The ability to make random chance less than random. People with this power can make the unlikely probable, and the probable rare; they can affect their own luck and that of everyone around them, for good or ill.


The ability to receive impressions and information about past events from an object upon physical contact with it. Generally, only strongly emotional or highly repetitive events can be picked up; relatively few objects have the requisite associations. Information received can include images, sounds, smells, and even emotional states of people present at the time of the event in question.

Superhuman Accuracy

The ability to make something go exactly where you want it to. The ultimate in hand-eye coordination. This power may include awareness of one's own position and movements, e.g. not misstepping when walking a narrow beam.

Superhuman Memory

The superhuman ability to recall information; not only words and data, but sights, sounds, smells, etc. Someone with this power may remember everything that ever happened to them, everything they ever did, everything they ever learned, with the same clarity as the moment the event occurred.


The power to communicate with and control electronic devices, often by a mental interface and without any intermediary programming language. Physical contact with some part of the machine, or with some sort of conduit for carrying a signal to the target machine, is typically necessary.

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