Physical Enhancements and Abilities

Infrared Vision

This is the ability to see heat, allowing the detection of warm-blooded animals at night, and other thermal differences between an object and its environment.

Invulnerability (restricted)

Resistance or immunity to all forms of physical damage.

Matter Ingestion

The ability to digest anything, or at least take no harm from anything consumed. People with this ability are immune to food poisoning and ingested toxins or drugs (including theraputic ones).


The ability to alter one's own appearance. This may be restricted to copying another person's characteristics, or in degree of mass and proportion changes; e.g. a short metamorph may not be able to make themselves very tall. Metamorphs are limited to human appearance; this is not shapeshifting.

Muscle Mimicry

The power to duplicate any action or series of movements that the user has seen performed by someone else. Such actions are generally reflexive rather than consciously performed when used, and so may be difficult to elaborate or expand upon in practice.

Night Vision

The ability to see well at low levels of light, or even to perceive one's surroundings clearly while in the absence of visible light. Usually accompanied by sensitive vision, the inability to cope with strong lighting conditions.


The ability to rearrange one's own molecular structure and 'slide through' another object. This may extend to phasing another object with the user, bringing it along, or even phasing the other item on its own, without the user phasing as well. May include the potential to perform the opposite effect, pushing molecules together to create a temporarily impermeable surface.

Powered Flight

The ability to move oneself by force of will, potentially to supersonic speeds. Does not extend to moving other objects (Telekinesis), nor does this power include manipulating surrounding forces (e.g. Gravitokinesis).

Rapid Cell Regeneration (restricted)

The ability to heal rapidly from virtually any injury. May also confer longevity, an immunity to the aging process. A small amount of blood from someone with this power can be used to temporarily induce regeneration in another person or animal. This ability is generally inhibited if a foreign object is lodged within brain tissue, or if the user is decapitated.


The ability to heal oneself from virtually any injury. Distinct from Rapid Cell Regeneration.


The ability to induce resonance in a suitable material using soundwaves from one's voice. (In other words, the way opera singers shatter crystal glasses by singing on its resonant frequency.) May include the ability to hear and/or produce sounds beyond the normal human audible and vocal ranges. Only pure or nearly pure materials are susceptible to resonance. This power is not synonymous with Audiokinesis.

Size Shifting

The ability to become larger or smaller, usually within a given range from one's natural size. May or may not include a corresponding increase or decrease in physical mass.

Superhuman <sense>

One or more senses heightened beyond normal human ability.

Superhuman Endurance

The ability to withstand more stress than the normal human; to keep going in spite of all odds, whether it's running a marathon or coping with serious damage. This may include the superhuman ability to endure mental strain; a person who is very well-grounded and difficult to disturb, intimidate, frighten, etc.

Superhuman Reflexes

Having a reaction time far faster than normal human capability, potentially seeming even to react just before the causal event happens. Generally applies only to reflexive, instinctive actions; this is not synonymous with either Superhuman Speed or Danger Sense.

Superhuman Speed

The power to move quickly, e.g. to run much faster than the normal human. May include superhuman reflexes.

Superhuman Strength

The ability to lift more and hit harder than any normal human. May also include the ability to resist forces (e.g. not falling back when hit), somewhat greater stamina, and/or somewhat greater speed due to increased muscle strength.

Telescopic Vision

The ability to clearly see distant objects, making out details far beyond the normal distance at which the human eye can observe them. This is distinct from Superhuman Vision in that the user is able to selectively alter the focus point of their eyes, much as a camera lens might zoom in on a distant point; it also tends to have a greater range.

X-Ray Vision

The ability to detect x-rays in the same fashion as most people receive visible light. People with this power can see through less-dense materials, such as plastics, but not through more dense objects (metals, stone, bones).

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