Practicing Her Trade


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Scene Title Practicing Her Trade
Synopsis Tallie decides to brush up on her thieving skills. Just so happens that Rebecca is the one around.
Date June 20, 2009

Essex Street Market

Tallie wanders through the street market aimlessly. It's her day off, and all she has to on her to-do list is to practice some of the tricks she's learned from Alec over the past several weeks. Do a couple short-change cons, nab a couple of wallets. Nothing difficult, especially for someone as innocent looking and as small and unnoticeable as she is. Tallie stops here and there at various stalls, looking at the hand-made crafts or the used-CDs without any real purpose. She stops at a stall with unique jewelry — tiny origami pieces shellacked and strung on ribbons, bracelets made out of mah-jongg tiles or typewriter buttons.

The street market is somewhat of a Saturday morning ritual for Rebecca. She likes to go by on her way to work and spend an hour or two just looking at all the goods being offered. Perhaps pick up a few things to take home, or to eat for lunch. The fare provided is a better variety than what is normally provided at the supermarket, so she tries to make it every Saturday. She stops at a bread vendor and picks up a small personal sized loaf, thinking maybe she'll hit the smaller market on her way to the office and get some cold cuts for lunch. She is handed the bag and she moves along to the next vendor.

Noticing Rebecca, Tallie considers her to-do list. Alec gives her odd scavenger hunt items to find, and she's gotten most of them but needs a women's wallet yet. She already has the money clip and the checkbook in her courier bag from her first marks of the day. She doesn't look like a pickpocket, as she's dressed in rather fashionable clothing — skinny jeans, an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt, and flip flops that show off clean and perfectly pedicured feet. She follows Rebecca to the next stall the other woman decides to stop at, keeping a few feet away so as not to be too noticeable.

It's the weekend, so Rebecca is completely dressed down. Logo emblazed gray t-shirt with blue jeans and her hair is about as down as it could ever be, blowing in the delicate wind that crosses the streets of the outdoor market, so she doesn't expect that she's been eyed. A bag with bread in one hand, and her purse on the other with a nifty little pocket on the side, perfect for a ladies wallet. The bag is black, but the little of the wallet that shows out is definitely pink, though it's tucked into the pocket by a single snap. She picks through a selection of t-shirts, flipping through them to see if anything appeals to her.

Tallie heads to the t-shirt table, standing on one side, of the U-shaped stall first, then looking over as if she noticed a particular shirt she must have. She moves closer to Rebecca, leaning a bit to reach with one hand for the particular shirt. The hand closer to Rebecca surreptitiously unsnaps that one button; she then waits to see if there's any suspicion as she unfolds the shirt to look at it.

Since she doesn't actually notice anything out of the ordinary, she continues on her way looking through the shirts, when she finds one with a nicely done unicorn on it. Rebecca has always had a thing for unicorns. "Oh, this it really nice." she smiles to the dealer, then to Tallie, who gets a nod of her head as if greeting her good morning. "I'll take it. Let me grab my wallet." She moves to reach into her purse.

Luckily, Tallie's hands are not on the purse or the wallet but she's instead holding the shirt up to herself, as if to decide if it will fit or not. She nods to Rebecca. "That one's cute. The color will look good on you," she says pleasantly enough in her slight New Jersey accent. She sighs and puts the shirt she's looking at back, as if it's not what she's looking for.

Her wallet is retrieved, though she notices that the fasten was loose. She'll have to be careful next time. She dishes out the correct about of money for the shirt and takes the bag from the vender, putting the change into her front pocket. She tucks her wallet back in and fastens the snap. Rebecca nods politely to Tallie before moving to the next booth. She's not much for sweets, so the candy booth is walked past until she comes to the coffee cart where she dishes out some money for a coffee, using what she had in her pocket. And she waits while her coffee is being made.

Tallie follows, a few moments later after looking at shirts to avoid being suspicious. She considers a different wallet — might be pushing her luck to try for the same mark twice. But then a handsome man waiting for his coffee turns and begins to chat with Rebecca about the coffee of all things. Tallie gives a roll of her eyes but sees her opportunity. She moves in close again, unsnapping the button with a light touch as she reaches for a couple of packets of sugar, then her hand dips in for the wallet, her body's angle hiding what she's doing. The pink wallet makes it into her courier bag and she slips away.

The man chatting to Rebecca would be receiving the most boring chat of his life as Nakano just isn't all that skilled in the arts of socialization. What does she do for a living? Well.. that'd take a while to explain, but as she tries it is very apparent the guy is starting to lose interest. He finally excuses himself as Rebecca gets her coffee and turns with her bags, minus one wallet, and starts to head towards the office, stopping only occasionally to glance at the other vendors, though she makes no other purchases before reaching the precinct.

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