Precautions and Traps


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Scene Title Precautions and Traps
Synopsis Ryans pulls the council together to talk about his daughter and a potential trap.
Date March 27, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Dining Hall

The evening finds the dining hall pretty much empty of people after the dinner crowd is long cleared out. Scents of that evenings dinner still linger faintly in the room. The sound of the kitchen crew finishing up dishes and getting things put away, drifts to the ears of those sitting at one of the long tables. The clink of porcelain and the clank of metal pots and pans is distinct.

The man currently standing at the table addressing the council, tries to ignore the sharp sounds concentrating on what's at hand. He wears a gray wool sweater and jeans, coat and fedora discarded once he reached the island. He looks at the faces turned towards him. "Thank you all. I know all of you have a lot going on, but… I hope you find what I'm bringing to you today worth a few moments of your time. "

To the council, Benjamin Ryans looks like he hasn't had a whole lot of sleep as of late. The dark circles under his eyes proof of that. He looks… almost sad, like there is a heavy weight on his shoulders, and as he talks it filter's into his voice. "I am bringing two rather important matters before the council. One…" Here his voice falters for a second, eyes dropping for a moment as he steals himself.

"One is a potential risk to the security of the network, regarding Delia Ryans." Which might explain the stress the man might be under. "The other is information that came into my hands just this morning, concerning a possible opportunity to get two of out own back from the government, one being councilman Harkness."

His eyes wander the faces of the council as he gives them a moment to let that sink in. "I'll start with the situation on my daughter, if that's alright."

Lynette is sitting near Ryans, on the table rather than in a chair, a cup of coffee in hand and one leg crossed over the other as the man explains what they're here for. Her support and comfort over this particular subject matter was give before the meeting and now? She's all business. Although one might read her proximity to the man as an extension of that support, if they cared to.

For now, she's quiet, letting the other people react to it all. It's quite unlike her demeanor at the last meeting.

Sometimes it simply isn't convenient to make the trip up to Pollepel Island by boat. On occasions like these, occasions like today, Eileen relies on her ability, which allows her to separate body from mind and be in two places at once. This comes with the risk of her physical shape being hijacked by the entity she's been sharing it with, but a carefully measured dose of sedatives and Gabriel's watchful eye have given the Englishwoman enough confidence to chance the journey.

A robin-sized bird with pale brown feathers, black glass marbles for eyes and delicate pink feet curled around the curving shape Barbara's left hand makes occuplies the seat of her palm and Eileen's council seat. It's a wood thrush, and one of her favourite birds not native Europe — she appreciates it for its song, but much like Lynette it's silent now, attentive and listening.

Barbara's taken her usual seat in the dining room for this meeting, leaning forward on her palm in a manner that might make her look rather bored, were it not for the thrush that rests on her other. She's not, she's just tired. But who isn't, these days? A look is offered down to the bird seated on her hand, a smile given to it before she angles her attention back up towards the others. Like the bird, like Lynette, she remains quiet for the moment, giving Ben Ryans the full of her attention. She does noticably sit up a little, however, when mention is made of Scott, but she doesn't comment. Not yet.

Taking a deep breath, Ryans gaze drifts down to the table, quiet for a fraction of a moment as he composed his thoughts. This isn't easy for him. "A few days ago, Delia contacted me… for what she claimed would be the last time." Brows furrow as he works to control the look of stress he knows must be showing.

"She told me she's in Eltingville, which I'm sure you all are aware is currently a part of the Reclaimed Zone on Staten Island." Leaning forward a little to allow him to press fingertips on both hands to the wood table top. "She's is there willingly with a man named John Logan." eyes drift to thrush he knows is Eileen. Not accusing but watchful, " and that she can't leave, even though later on she asked if she could visit sometime." The mixed messages he was getting, has him shaking his head a bit, "She even mentioned being able to go back to school if it all works out." He looks at them all to see if they get what he's saying.

Each word he says weighs on him, it still hurts. "Even tho… I want to believe it's not possible, my daughter may very well be compromised… and with the knowledge she has of the network…" Ryans doesn't complete that thought, maybe he doesn't think he needs too.

"The reason I'm bringing this before the council, because I want to put at least a temporary block on her access to Ferry interests, a ban on people discussing business with her and a warning to deal with her with the utmost caution, at least till we know the extent of her situation." Eyes close for the briefest moment, before Ben looks out over the council. "As her father I am not sure I should be making that decision, even though I believe it's the right thing to do. However, I have already told her to stay away from the safe houses and all, since if Heller gets wind of her being there…" his tone saying he thinks it might have already happened or certainly will, "he might very well be having her followed.

"I also think we need to heighten security for a time, as well. In case, her freedom comes with the price of information." Ryans tone is bland, devoid of emotions even if his stomach protests a bit. "I leave the choice to you all," said softly, head tipping down a little as if to wait, tension showing in every muscle.

"Well, it never hurts to be cautious," Lynette says, her voice even, "And I think heightened security is never a bad idea. I can even help with that, since it seems I am in abundance for the moment. But that being said, I think it might be good to see if we can't keep an ear out for her, or eyes on her, just in case things… don't work out. Or if she decides she wants out of this situation she's found herself in. Don't cut her off completely, just keep the information to a minimum for now. I think, if she had told them anything, we'd be feeling the backlash."

John Logan is an ally of this network for as long as it remains in his best interest to be, says Eileen, though her voice is audible only to Barbara as she's limited to projecting her thoughts to one person at a time. She has to trust her fellow council member to speak for her — one of the reasons why she doesn't employ this method of communication very often. He'll keep an eye on her on the Ferry's behalf if what Ryans says is true, but I agree that she should be cut off until we have a better understanding of the situation and can send someone in to speak with Logan himself.

A finger taps on teh table for a moment before hearing Eileen reminds her that the bird is perched there. So instead, her foot taps as the idle gesture of choice. "According to Eileem," she starts, leaning back a bit, "that man's juts out ally for as long as it works for him. I'll take her word for it. I don't believe I've had any dealings with him myself, though I've heard the name several times now." She takes a deep breath, sighing a bit. "He'll watch out for her if that's the case, but I think we both agree that cutting her off is the best course of action, until we know more," she continues, adding her opinion in there along with Eileen's.

"Staten Island in general is a dangerous place to be at the moment. I know Lynette knows the problem we ran into while we were there, and even though we were on the move during that, it's probably a good idea to expect that they're taking those kinds of precautions all over the island, particularly if they're moving people in now? I wasn't aware they'd opened Staten up for people to live in like that again." Then again, it's been some time since she's been to the main land now. "I believe she was involved in the recent safehouse search, if I'm not mistaken. Her knowing about that might be bad enough…"

She looks at Ryans for a moment, then down at the bird. "I am curious what it is you've heard about Scott."

There is a nod given to Lynette. "She has my contact information, as well as others, if she needs help. I wouldn't expect anyone to turn their back on her, but as long as she's there… she poses a risk." Ryans shakes his head, "With her being so vague as to her purpose, and not telling me much. Most of what I told you, I gleaned off of what she said. I also had to force her location out of her, she almost didn't give me that much."

Straightening from his lean, Ryans spreads his hand out in a helpless gesture. "So I don't have all the facts of her situation, that's why it's temporary. A precaution if you will."

For Eileen's sake — even if it feels odd to be addressing a bird — he adds, "As soon as I was off the phone with her, I sent a text to Logan. To see what is going on, but I've yet to hear back from him. I'm hoping there is message for me when I get back to the city." Which hasn't helped the old man's worries. "I'm thinking of attempting to get a look at this place, to see at least from afar what kind of situation she's in."

"As for Scott… Elisabeht Harrison contacted me about some information Ygraine Fitzroy had… Why we're hearing about this from Ygraine herself… I don't know." Eyes narrow a bit as he glances over the council, eyes settling on the bird again.

"Fitzroy told Harrison that she saw a memo that indicated that Judah Demsky and Scott Harkness were being moved to the Delaware Correctional Facility on April 2nd." Folding his arms over his chest Benjamin sighs softly and looks uncertain, "Supposedly, she got a glimpse of it on the desk of a DHS agent, while being questioned about an attack at a ballet.

"It may or may not be a trap, but I don't know if Ygraine is compromised. Or how competent this agent is, whoever it is," Ryans is only a messenger at this point. It's the council's choice. "I have asked Harrison to keep an ear out for anymore information."

"I never did like that island," Lynette says dryly. Staten Island hasn't exactly been the vacation getaway of a lifetime for her. "But if she's there and Heller's there with his people, us steering clear of her as much as we can is good as much for her safety as it is ours."

When he explains about the memo, the blonde lifts an eyebrow. "Well… whether it's a trap or not, hadn't we at least try to get them back? We've had success with grabbing the prisoners in route before…"

The wood thrush draws itself up on Barbara's hand, Ryans' reflection gleaming in the globe of its glittering black eye. An irritated flick of its tailfeathers and a soft peep of alarm betray the anxiety that Eileen must be experiencing — if she was here in person, she'd have an easier time concealing it behind gentle mask and eyes that cannot see. Whatever the case, she tells Barbara, it's important that this information stays between the council and Special Activities. If Colette hears about this and it is a trap, then she's going to get herself tangled up in it regardless of what we decide, though I'm in agreement with Lynette — this is information we can't afford not to act on. It's the approach that matters most.

"Mm… if Heller's people are there, then I'm already terribly worried for her. Hopefully, John Logan doesn't see fit any reason to stop watching over her." There's a plainly worried expression on her fce, eyes looking down tot he bird as she hears it peep, staying on it until she stops hearing Eileen's voice. "Colette," slips out of her mouth first. "I hadn't even thought of that." Her eyes move back up to look between he others, and she gives a bit of a nod. "For now, this stays between us, and the folks in special activities who need to know. If some people hear about it, like Colette… it could end terribly, trap or not. But doubly so if it is."

She rests her arm back down on the table, finally lifting ehr head out of her palm. "From what time I've spent with Ygraine, she seems to be on the ball about things. But it sounds too conveniant with me. Eileen's in agreement with Lynette, and I suppose I am too. But this has to be done really carefully." Her right hadn raises up, rubbing at her cheek. "It certianly would be nice to have some people back in our hands, either way."

"I agree," Ryans says after a moment of consideration, head nodding slowly. "If we come at it like it is a trap, then at least we can hopefully come out on top and maybe with those two men back."

Fingernails scratch at Ryans' jaw, catching on the light scruff, before folding back in with the arm. "If you are all in agreement then, Eileen…" Blue eyes focus on the dark ones of the birds. "If you can let Raith know to get with me as soon as possible on the mainland. I'm not sticking out here, as soon as the next boat is gone, I'm off again. Especially, with such a short timetable to get everything put together." Then he seems to remember something.

"Oh! Also Harrison offered to scrape up her own people to help us, if we could use the backup." Ryans gives a motion to them, since he's giving that to them as well for consideration.

"Might not be a bad idea, honestly, some back up. But we'll see who we've got here before we start to outsource," Lynette says with a little, crooked smile. "I really do think I should be on the team for this one. I am, for lack of a better word, expendable at the moment, so long as one of me stays safely behind." That she speaks so blithely of losing one of the herd only serves to show she hasn't actually felt herself dying ever before, but the fact remains that she has bodies to spare. And a bit of a self destructive streak that's been terribly ignored since she gave up drugs.

If it is a trap, Eileen puts in, maybe it's better that we only risk ourselves and none of Elisabeth's people. Those of us who can contribute to missions put together by Special Activities are, for the most part, already wanted by the government. Let's not make Heller aware of anyone else.

There's a nod in regards to Eileen's comment, a moment passing before Barbara remembers she has to share it with the rest of the class. "Oh. Eileen thinks it best not to involve Elisabeth's people. Particularly if it's a trap, since many of those who attend Special Activities mission are already wanted. Giving Heller more people to go after isn't the best of ideas." The post-cog sits up a bit, eyes settling on on Ryans. "I'm trusting you and Raith will be able to work something out? I… shouldn't come along on these sorts of things, I'm a terrible shot," she half jokes, though it's all truth. "But there has to be some way to act on this without putting too much at risk. And even if it's not a trap, after how well out last few attacks on transfers have gone… I'm sure they'd be ready for it anyway, wouldn't you?"

She offers a bit of a worry smile, looking over to Lynette with a nod. "Is there anything I can do to help get things arranged? I can't come along, but I can help until then. And I think someone should be sent to speak with Ygraine personally. I don't think Elisabeth at all would yank our chain, but I am curious as to why she didn't say something to one of us directly, when it's never been an issue before."

"Oh, that's a sensible point," Lynette notes to Eileen's message. "No use getting everyone tagged for possible execution in the future." She looks over at Ryans, her smile turning crooked at his amusement. "We can certainly try to track her down. I wouldn't mind hearing it from the horse's mouth, so to speak."

"It would be most helpful to know who the interviewing agent in this matter is, so an investigation can be made of how close such person might be to any planned trap," Cat opines in breach of the silence she's kept for the meeting's duration. She sits straight-backed with head up, poised in demeanor and stoic of features. "It's very possible Ygraine came across this by simple luck, but she is known to the Federal government to have ties to Scott Harkness, courtesy of Edward Ray. And to me, among others. The data reported might thus have been placed where she could easily see it."

Printed copies of three photographs are produced from inside her clothing and placed on the table. Two men and one woman, agents Espenosa, Delgado, and Tavara taken inside the Verb. "These persons I believe work with Colonel Heller. This one," she taps the photo of Espenosa, "I saw at Moab. Have any of you seen these people before? Is anything known about them?"

On the subject of Ygraine Fitzroy, Eileen has nothing to say. The wood thrush flicks a glance past Ryans, stony and silent, but when Catherine speaks up she's a little more vocal. They're Frontline-OS, her airy wisp of a voice echoes in Barbara's head. Tell her to look up the name Oskar Dirlewanger.

"I'll see what I can do," Barbara replies with a bit of a nod. "I wasn't planning on heading to the mainland, but I suppose I can make the trip out if Lynette doesn't want to, or contact some on at Grand Central about getting someone to track her down. I'm sure there's someone in the city who can talk to her about t without looking out of place." A glance down to the thrush, and then ove rto Cat. "They're FRONTLINE-OS," she relates. "EIleen says you should look up the name Oskar… Dirlewanger when you get the chance." A bit of a nod as Barbara looks at them herself. "I can't say I recognise any of them myself, tahnkfully."

Leaning over a little to look at the images, Ryans studies them for a long moment and then slowly shakes his head. Not familiar to the former Company agent, or at least not at the moment. As for Ygraine. "We'll keep that in mind, Catherine." A glance going to the rest of the council to see if what they think.

"That is all I had for you. I'll get word out about Delia and I'll try and get with Raith and get a plan of action put together in regards to the transport." He gives them all a small ghost of a smile. "With some hope maybe we will get lucky again."

Lynette has already given her answer on the pictures, so she doesn't add to that part of the conversation, but she does shift to stand up, putting her down a few inches as far as height goes. "Well. I suppose we all know what we're doing now. Special Activities will figure out what to do about our wayward babes and the rest of us will try to pin down our intel a little better. Does anyone else have any new business to bring to the table?" She glances around at the others, even the bird, leaving the floor open.

Her head turns toward Barbara as she relays Eileen's communication, a pen is produced to write the name down. More than once, actually, there being various configurations of that moniker. Cat desires to be sure of correctness. Once done she leaves it in view so Barbara can tell her, or Eileen can peck at the right one, whichever might happen.

While doing so, her mind tracks back to other things discussed earlier. "Did Delia say why she might choose to go with John Logan? I remember exactly what variety of operation he ran when he last resided on Staten Island."

Still looking at the pictures, Barbara's attention is stolen as her eyes glance down to the thrush, and then over to Cat's list of name. Reaching over, she points at one of tehs crawled names, grinning. "That one," she says, before looking back up at Ryans and Lynette. "I think I'm fine, for the moment. I'll let you know about getting in contact with Ygraine, try to make sure it happens as quickly as possible. If this is a trap, I am a bit wary of speaking to her myself, unless no one else is available. But I'll spearhead the communication, at least."

A brow lifts in Cat's way and Ryans shakes his head slowly, "She only said she had something to do. That was all. She wasn't even very forth coming with information. She didn't even say who she went with out loud, so much as mention it was someone I left her with. Last one was Logan."

He takes a step back from the table, "If that's all?"

"Yeah, I think we can call it there." Lynette looks over at Ryans, her hand moving to rest on his arm for just a moment. She looks back to the ladies in their various forms at present, "If anything else comes up, keep in contact." She steps back from the table, too, a smile turning up toward Ryans. "I'll walk you," she says, as if he would need an escort back to wherever he's going. Chivalry goes both ways?

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