Premium Thawed Colby


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Scene Title Premium Thawed Colby
Synopsis Flying around looking for people to rescue in the blizzard, Magnes comes across one such person in the form of one of his former co-workers.
Date March 20 2010

An Abandoned Building Somewhere in the Blizzard

"Bendejo!" *THUNK!* Colby slams shut the door of her beloved Mustang. The flat black vehicle is piled high with snow despite the constant effort to keep the vehicle rolling. The Latina throws out her arms and glares upwards at the snow-spewing clouds. The weather had not been like this when she left, no doubt. "What sort of f-in' vaca is this?" She winds up and kicks the tire of her poor, broken down car. She immediately leans forward and hugs the soggy hood, though. "It's not your fault, baby," she tells the Mustang before straightening up and pulling the cords on her jacket to tighten the fur-lined hood up around her face.

She pulls out her phone and glares at the lack of signal. "AT&T kiss my…" She groans and begins to wander around, squinting through the sheet of falling snow. With a sigh she shoves open a rickety door to the nearest condemned building. Windows long since barred in this neighborhood, and further boarded up, she climbs in and closes the door, peering more urgently at her cell. "Come on…"

Flying over the building wearing his civies, a pair of blue jeans, thick black jacket with designs like Venom's costume, with the hood looking as if his head is being eaten, and his black snow boots, he hasn't been able to resist the call lately. Said call is being even a little bit of help to the city, and since he's abandoned being a vigilante, he's reserved his actions to occasionally helping people having trouble in this blizzard.

He hasn't given up studying investigation entirely, and he notices some things occasionally. One such strange thing is the car barely covered in any snow from above, and the building with a fresh pile of snow blocking the door. That's not right.

He lands near the door of the building, waving a hand as an invisible force plows the snow to the side, then he knocks a few times. "Anyone in there?"

Colby lifts her head at the sound of snow grinding away from the condemned doorway. "Hello!?" she shouts, her accented voice echoing back at her amidst the grime of the abandoned room. "Someone actually out there in this crap?! Can you help me?" The Latina shoves her useless cell back into her pocket with shivering fingers.

Magnes pushes a few times, then manages to pry the door open and quickly close it behind him. "Yeah, you'll be fine." says the former Company agent to the current one. He doesn't think twice about removing his heavy jacket, revealing the long-sleeved red shirt with the small Spider-Man symbol on the front, offering the coat over to her. "Is that your car out there?"

The Latina reaches out for the jacket, pausing only long enough to take in the young boy's ensemble with a lofted brow. She then cants her head to the side, looking out from beneath a few sloppy, straggling bangs poking out of her hood. Her features light up with a glow of recognition. Magnes. She purses her lips for a moment, pondering the dilemma. Finally, her boyish smile resumes. "And here I thought Spiderman was Peter Parker. Silly me." She grins and tugs the jacket over her arms. "Yeah. That's my babeh. Her and I aren't built for this weather, ya know?" She chuckles and shrugs. "What the Hell are you doing out here, though?" What was the ex-agent up to these days, hm?

"Well, mostly this. After a long dull but stressful meeting earlier today, I needed to do something… productive, so I was flying around trying to see if anyone was having trouble in the blizzard. Really hard to fly in all this." Magnes doesn't seem worried about casually saying he can fly, and smiles when he looks down at his shirt. "I like this shirt, it's my lucky shirt. And I've got a car too, a 1967 Impala, but uh… it doesn't work, at all, I'm trying to learn how to fix it up. You getting warmer?"

Colby lofts a brow at the man's blatant announcement of his gift. "Flying, eh?" Thanks to her background, her acted surprise plays off with worthy sincerity. "That's mighty impressive, muchacho." She flashes a quick thumbs up with her sleeves pulled awkwardly over her hands. "Sounds like there is a bit of good Samaritan in ya, and staying out of trouble…" she offers, making a mental note aside.

"Yeah, thawing out thanks to you. If you have a decent cell phone on you, I got a buddy with a Jeep that could make it this way and come get my sorry behind out of this Antarctic mess." She pauses and flashes a smile. "I could fix your car up for ya in return." Seems like a fine way of keeping an eye on the Peter Parker-wannabe, afterall. God only knows what the Company is aiming an eye at since she's been on 'Personal Leave'.

"Oh, sure, hold on." Magnes pulls out his iPhone, bringing up the dialing screen, then hands it over to her. "And yeah, that'd be great. With all that expensive homeschooling, I didn't seem to learn a thing about cars. I guess my parents' plans didn't involve impressing women." he laughs, not seeming to mind the cold too much, or at least hiding it well. This certainly isn't Antarctica, that's for sure.

"Thanks!" Colby cups the cellphone. Flipping through a few quick screens, she makes a mental note of Magnes's phone number before keying her friend's digits into the device. She tucks the phone between her ear and shoulder and pulls out a card from the wallet linked to her belt with a length of chain. "Here ya go," she offers Magnes while the line on the other end ring. "Hola!" she suddenly shouts, eager at the prospect of a ride out of this icy Hell hole. She exchanges a quick Spanish conversation before handing the phone back. "He'll be here in five. I'm going to go wait in the Mustang." With a roll of her shoulders she hands the jacket back. "You're quite the Hero, Spidey." She offers a wink. "The name is Colby. You give me a call and I'll shoot over and take a look at your car, eh?" With that she slips out the newly cleared doorway and back out into the blizzard to await her next knight in shining armor. Flipping winter!

"Ah, well, all in a day's work, I guess." Magnes smiles brightly, taking the card, his phone, and his jacket back, gradually getting everything back in order. "I'll give you a call though! Hope you enjoy your stay in the city. Oh, and if you're around Brooklyn, stop by Pannuci's Pizza. I used to work there, great place."

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