Prep Session


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Scene Title Prep Session
Synopsis The short start of a meeting; there is always something to discuss.
Date July 19, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ash is sitting in the bar, at the bar itself with a couple of shots of whiskey in front of him. He's got a heavy frown on his face right now, looking worried, angry, and very rumpled, like he's barely been sleeping lately. He lifts one shot of whiskey, knocking it back and letting the liquid burn it's way down his throat before clacking the shot glass back down on the wood, keeping his mouth closed to savor the flavor of the whiskey.

Adam has decided to call a meeting at Biddy's. He comes in with Michael and one or two other guys who have played more a part in things than normal. Huruma, Kaylee and Sabrina are supposed to arrive as well. Sabrina is more likely to be familiar with Huruma and Kaylee than they are with her. Also, her job has clearly been revealing to her that most of what Adam does is not on the up and up, so perhaps he's here to see if she has to be dealt with. We shall see. At any rate, he takes a seat in the corner table, along with Michael. He glances at Ash for a moment and comments, "Well now, Ash, you look like shit. Might as well join the meeting." he motions to a chair at the table.

"No, no, we agreed on eight in the morning. Not eight oh five or eight oh three and certainly not eleven thirty." Sabrina is, as always, talking into the little bluetooth earpiece she has on while thumbing some emails into her blackberry. She barely looks up as she steps into the restaurant, giving off a slightly annoyed vibe. Or maybe it's anxious. It's so hard to tell with that severe bun in place. "Make it happen or don't bother calling me back. That said, I expect your confirmation within the hour." She reaches up to tap the side of the earpiece, gaze finally falling on Adam at the corner table. Heels click-clacking against the floor she heads on over. "Mister Monroe." She greets, holstering her blackberry once more.

Pushing through the door, Kaylee is only just arriving looking less then thrilled. She uses one hand to unzip her jacket, a motorcycle helmet swinging from the fingers of her other hand. Glancing at Ash she gives him a smirk. "Hey Ash…" Then her attention moves to Adam and she grins brightly. "Hey Adam. You called?" She sets her helmet on the table and drops into a chair. Sabrina gets a once over and an arched brow, but then Kaylee busies herself pulling her Jacket off, leaving her in a white tanktop and worn blue jeans.

Ash turns his head towards Adam as he's adressed, dark bags beneath his eyes and a nod of his head. He picks up his other shot of whiskey and tosses it back, closing eyes and mouth tight to let the burn trail down his throat. He shifts to stand from the bar, nodding to the bartender for a few more shots to be brought over to him. He moves towards Adam's table and slumps down into a seat at it, a heavy sigh coming from him. "You get my message? About the friend I have?" He sighs and lifts a hand, running his fingers back through his hair slowly. He looks over to Kaylee and his head tilts, just a touch. "Hey there…" He sighs and leans forwards, resting his forhead on his forarms as he waits for more whiskey and to see what Adam is wanting.

If she's anything, Huruma can be fashionably late however it strikes; she turns up after Sabrina and Kaylee, though obviously not in a hurry to be on time. That is simply how it always is. Unlike most days, she's wearing something that could be called relatively normal- a white blouse with the sleeves rolled, and a dark gray, knee-length skirt. What does not exactly fit is the little bug-eyed, small golden skull motif of her earrings and belt buckle. If it's not one thing, it's another.

She makes her way inside, casting a glance over the rest of the pub only after striding across to the corner table, her pace slow. Though, she does not sit, instead first putting her hand over the back of the nearest empty chair nearer to Adam. "You woul'not believe th'traffic. I hate city roads."

Adam looks up as people begin to pile in and start to enter. He looks towards Sabrina as she enters and nods, motioning her to take a seat, then anyone else. He leans back for a moment and says to Ash, "I did." he pauses, "I'll see her, I can't make any guarantees. I have a high need for reliability, who's to say she would be." he pauses for a moment, "I'm glad you're all here. Most of you should recognize each other in passing or further.." he motions to his right at the man sitting, "This is Michael." he motions, "Huruma, Sabrina, Kaylee and Ash." each in turn. "I thought we should discuss things."

Sabrina takes a seat as indicated, looking at each person in turn as they are introduced. "Evening." Is her greeting to all of them as she folds her hands on the table in front of her and basically just sits there attentively like a good assistant. With really good posture.

Pulling a foot up to rest on the seat of her chair an arm wrapping around it, Kaylee wiggles fingers at Huruma. "Hey lady, nice seeing you again. That's why I ride a motorcycle. No worrying about traffic." Of course the young woman can't pass up a chance to send Micheal a flirty wink when he's introduced. Sabrina gets a another searching look as she offers a, "Hello." to Sabrina.

Ash looks up as his shots of whiskey are delivered. He takes them and lines them up in front of him, his eyes darting over to Adam. He shrugs his way out of his jacket, with a rasp of cloth on wood as he hangs his coat on the back of the chair, then leans forwards a little bit and knocks back one, two, and then all three of the shots, keeping his mouth closed as he lets the liquor burn and clacks down each of the shot glasses and looks around the table. "Nice to meet everyone."

When Huruma sits, it is at a slight angle, with one elbow perched on the back of the chair and the other arm resting on the table, nails immediately rapping on the surface. She does not need any re-introductions, though the wink that Kaylee gives to Michael earns a somewhat flattening curve of her lips. Then again, looking and listening to Sabrina be uber-attentive isn't much of a treat either. And so, she settles on examining Ash, the least familiar of the others. "Nice. O'course it is…" Whether she means it or not is debatable.

Adam glances at Ash as he starts taking multiple shots of whiskey. "Do you think, perhaps, that might wait until after the meeting?" he questions pointedly. He leans back in his seat, "There may or may not be business left for us in the city. It depends on if I can figure out the timing of those damn scooby doo kids." he pauses, a grave look on his face, "Unfortunately, there's not much we can do without them." he pauses, "But as all of you know in the abstract, we will be traveling about the country soon." he motions to Sabrina, "She'll be making all the arrangements, so send any of your requests to her." he pauses, then looks at Sabrina, "Also. You're coming." now…there's likely no one at the table who doesn't know what's going to happen in the abstract. They're going around the country killing folks. But now, he's setting it out for everyone. In particular, Sabrina, who he watches carefully.

Sabrina is very, very careful not to react at first except to nod. There is a slight tensing of her hands on the table, but otherwise she forces a very faint smile. It's possible they're going out of the country just to maybe think about intimidating some people into helpful business deals. Unlikely. Maybe possible. Just keep thinking it's possible and don't mention being a pacifist. "If there are any special dietary restrictions, I will need to know so that I can inform the airline." She hesitates before adding with the hesitation of someone choosing their words very carefully, "As for business in the city, there might be an investment opportunity upcoming as to rebuilding an enterprise which might lend you some helpfu leverage with certain…parties. In the city."

Nodding as Adam talks, Kaylee listens quietly a slightly amused look on her face. There is a touch of excitement at the thought of traveling, but she keeps anything to herself…. okay maybe not… "What kinda timetalbe we talkin'. I'm gonna have to give Abigail notice I'm sure. And I doubt she'd appreciate a last minute thing."

"I am putting some faith in them." Huruma mutters sidelong to Adam at the words 'Scooby Doo kids'. "Not much, but it's there." Her teeth meet in a dull click behind the walls of her mouth. When Sabrina speaks, however, it brings a smug look onto her face, and she watches the woman with a piqued bit of interest. Dietary restrictions? Wrong table to ask that at, isn't it? "Abigail woul'not do much even if you did disappear at th'last minute." She might make a face and shake a finger, but otherwise- well.

Adam nods a bit, "Ms. Beauchamp is, if nothing else, quite an understanding person. Unfortunately, I don't know for sure yet exactly when we are leaving. There's information I have left to get." he pauses, "There's also this business of this Diogenes gentleman. He doesn't appear to have come to the bar as I might have hoped. Any ideas on how to find him?"

Ash leans back in his chair, looking around at everyone. He lifts a hand to rub over his face, but he doesn't speak, just listening to everyone. HIs eyes turn towards Adam. "Isis is missing. I'd really like it if I Could find her before we leave…" It's all he says, other than that he just goes quiet, settling his hands onto his stomach, his eyes blinking a few times, but staying open, the man obviously exhausted.

"If you can give me a bit of information on him, I could find him." Sabrina says helpfully after mentally flipping through files in her head for the name. "As soon as you have the dates, let me know. The fares are cheaper the further out we get them. Unless you want to gamble and get them last minute, though—I'll just worry about those details when you give them to me." She decides to stop talking about then. Ash gets eyed a bit. Is he drunk? She can't seem to decide. She doesn't look like she approves, whatever he is.

Kaylee glances between both Adam and Huruma and then nods with a shrug. "Alright then. I'll take you all's word on it." Giving them a lop-sided smile. A glance goes to Ash. "She's missing?" Looking thoughtful. "I have noticed she hasn't been working when I've been working."

Huruma's dislike of things like 'you all' is not evident, but at least she hears it and inwardly cringes a little. "Information is easy, if one knows where t'look. If you know where he hangs out…" Then it is as simple as snapping a few pictures, lifting a few used glasses, perhaps. The dark woman shifts in her chair, taking her elbow down and instead leaning back into the seat, knees somehow finding enough room for themselves under the table.

Adam tilts his head for a moment at Sabrina thoughtfully. Then he says, "Ash here.." he says, motioning to Ash, "Can give you all the information about Diogenes that you need." he says. "You're going to have to get in touch with some of my old contacts as well…we'll need equipment we won't be able to get on the plane." he pauses a moment as he looks around. Finally settling on Ash, "Perhaps it's another one of her….'trips'."

Ash turns his eyes over to Kaylee and offers a slow nod to her question. "Yeah, she's missing. She's been missing for over a week now and I've got no fucking clue where she is or what's going on. This is the second fucking time too." He leans forwards, propping his elbows up on the table and his chin in his hands. He turns his eyes towards Adam and his head tilts. "Trips?" He asks blinking a few times, confusion plain on his face.

Sabrina taps her fingers on the table just twice at Ash's language. Then she nods to Adam. "I'll be sure to talk to him once the meeting is over." She has her priorities! Otherwise she's content to be mostly quiet, glance from face to face as people speak.

"Only place I ever saw him was Staten." Kaylee offers blandly with a shrug. Adam get's a confused look and an arched brow at the mention of 'trips'. She reaches over to try and give Ash a firendly pat on the shoulder, "If it ain't the first time. Then I imagine she'll be back."

Adam nods to Ash, "You know…when she does that thing…" he trails off and shakes his head, "I'm sure she'll be fine." he motions to Kaylee, "Kaylee will help you track her down. Although, downing whiskey isn't going to help you." he volunteers Kaylee's services without a blink of an eye. Then looks at Sabrina and nods, "See that you get the information to Ash." he pauses, "Well, if that's all we have for right now, I will be in contact when you are needed next."

"Of course, Mister Monroe." Sabrina says with a nod for Adam's request. She doesn't inquire about where Isis might go on these trips of hers. "I'll need to talk to you about your schedule for the next few weeks, if you have a few moments to spare tonight. Otherwise it can wait until tomorrow."

"What?!" Not exactly what Kaylee expected, her brows lifting high on her head. She doesn't want to go hunting down some cute guys girl. But then she relaxes and gives him a smirk, then a sigh. "Alright, Adam." She conceeds. Glancing at Ash and asks, "You okay with that?" She doesn't want to step on toes after all.

Ash looks over to Kaylee and then to Adam as he says for Kaylee to help him. He gives a slight nod, then looks over to Sabrina, before finally letting his eyes go back to Kaylee. "Yeah… I'm okay with that. Are you?" He asks her curiously as he leans back in his chair, rubbing along the bridge of his nose.

There is a shrug of Kaylee's shoulders. "Yeah," she glances at Adam and gives him a smirk. "Adam's orders, so of course, I'm okay with it."

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