President's Address Wed May 27

It's a small affair of flashing lights and seriousness. President Petrelli stands at the podium within the confined walls of some White House chamber, his brow tensed into a knot of concern and his suit as immaculate as if it were a part of him, some kind of machine. He looks tired lately. Older in some regards. The job, it'll kill you that way.

"Good morning." Two words, simple address, and his eyes are down. Cameras flash. Men and women in suits sit on the stage as well. Heidi Petrelli too.

The news only reveals so much of his speech, depending on what channels you switch on.

"On May 26th, a horrifying act of terrorism was committed. Not only was it committed, it was recorded and by some people, celebrated. There was once a time when our country could boast that such displays would only be distant nightmares and foreign fears.

"That time has ended.

"My heart goes out to those Americans targeted in this act of hatred, and as a leader of this nation, I would remind us all that they are Americans. Evolved or non-Evolved, we are all citizens of this country." He leans forward a little, and his words seem to carry even on the recording devices pointed to him. "My heart also goes out to those Americans who would feel they need to act out in defense of our country from this perceived threat.

"I would remind us then, also, that the protection of the American public from Evolved dangers has been my priority from when I first announced their existence in 2007, throughout my election, and today, that is still my priority."

There is a smattering of applause, and it's not completely obligatory in tone.

"We will continue to make steps against these threats, and steps against these acts of terrorism, for as long as it takes to walk the road to peace and unity throughout America. FRONTLINE will be one such step amongst many, and it is my pledge, as President of the United States, that I will see this journey through.

"Thank you all for listening."

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