President S Home Attacked

MANHATTAN — Tragedy struck the Petrelli family just after 8:00pm on Wednesday during the height of the blizzard that is crippling New York City. According to sources within the NYPD, a silent alarm was triggered at the Petrelli Manor on Manhattan from an invasion by an unknown attacker. President Nathan Petrelli's brother Peter Petrelli was critically injured in the home invasion and is currently in serious condition at St.Luke's Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security were dispatched to the home along with local law enforcement and were unable to find the attacker. Information is being withheld from local media and press about the nature of the assailant, however there is indication from NYPD sources that there is "severe damage" to the Petrelli home, likely caused by what is being speculated as an "evolved" attacker.

The President was not home at the time of the attack and it is not believed that he was the target of the invasion, though a public statement regarding the incident has not yet been released to the press. We will keep you up to date on this situation as it develops.

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