President's Response to the 35

It's daylight in Washington D.C., the White House a bone white mausoleum backdrop and the sunlight deceptively sunny as President Nathan Petrelli takes his place behind the podium. The camera does not neglect to angle enough to view the solemn figure of Heidi Petrelli, dressed in sensible blacks and grays, watching her husband with her sons clinging to her hands.

A cluster of reporters make a murmur of activity - whispers, the snapping of cameras, but it dies as the President makes his statement. He speaks slowly, sedately, loud enough to be heard and quiet enough to communicate respect.

"America will never forget the lives lost on the 13th of March, 2009. We cannot afford to forget the waste of life and potential of children as young as 12. As young as 16. We cannot afford to forget their families, their friends, and everyone who has suffered due to this unspeakable event. We cannot afford to forget their names.

"And we will not. We as a nation stand in the shock and grief this act has caused and have no choice but to try and understand the circumstances surrounding it. Their message was a powerful one, one we have no choice but to learn from. On behalf of the United States Government, of the Department of Homeland Security and the New York Police Department, it is my pledge that we will find the person responsible for the deaths of these children, these boys and girls.

"And we will not rest until that those people are brought to light and tried for this crime against humanity. I extend my deepest, heart felt sympathies to the families who have suffered these terrible losses. Thank you."

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