Presidential Inauguration

WASHINGTON — After seven days of uncertainty and nail-biting tension, the United States of America rests easier this morning, after the swearing in of President Nathan Petrelli, at an early 9:00am swearing in at the White House.

In light of the ruling by the Supreme Court that Allen Rickham's pick for Secretary of State was the most lawful choice for ascension to the Presidency in light of the current administration's passage out of office. Informed only one day prior in a private phone conversation, Senator Nathan Petrelli quickly made his way from a dinner designed as a fundraiser for survivors of the Washington-Irving attack last last year.

Having been preparing for this monumental decision that was in limbo for a week, Nathan Petrelli had quietly made his choice for Vice-President in the interim, and Vice President Andrew Mitchell's swearing in took place at 8:45am this morning, just prior to Nathan Petrelli.

The ceremony was a no-frills affair designed to get the government smoothly working again, while a more public — though smaller scale — Inauguration ceremony is scheduled to happen on Wednesday the 28th, featuring a brief parade through DC, followed by President Petrelli's entering of the White House alongside Mitchell.

The choice to appoint his former rival in the presidential elections was a means of "leaning across the isle," then Senator Petrelli said to a Washington Post reporter on Sunday evening, when the Supreme Court ruling looked inevitable.

Many have critized President Petrelli's choice, citing that Mitchell's hardline political decisions and support of the hot-button topic of the FRONTLINE initiative has raised many eyebrows from citizens who placed their vote for the more liberal Rickham.

When asked if he would uphold Rickham's decision to loosen the wording of the Linderman Act and work towards it's appeal, President Petrelli was quoted as saying, "We cannot rule out any possible avenues for achieving peace in our country. However at the same time we cannot sacrifice our security recklessly, change will not come over night."

President Petrelli's Inauguration speech is scheduled for Wednesday the 28th preceding the parade.

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