Presidential Speech

WASHINGTON DC — Earlier today, President Nathan Petrelli and Vice President Andrew Mitchell were given an honorary Inaugural parade through Washington DC to crowds of hundreds of thousands who showed up on such impromptu notice. After the Parade, the president gave a short speech on the White House lawn to a gathered press core. This marks President Petrelli's first public speech since taking office.

My fellow Americans, it has been a rough road for us. The past two years have been uncertain and half-blinded by the light of the revelation that we as a people have changed - we as a people have Evolved. The task ahead of all of us is humbling in it's scale. It's time to adapt to the changes that have occurred.

It will take unity. Those timeless words ring true now more than ever: united we stand, divided we fall. It is my mission for America that we will remain as one. Not divide between race, beliefs, or genetics. And for this to be accomplished…

…it will take sacrifice. We face a time of hard decisions, questions of liberty, morals and ethics. We must do what we can to remain strong. We need to do what we can to protect those that would jeopardize us, and jeopardize themselves, by whatever means necessary.

All that can be asked is for faith in our people,

faith in our country,

and faith in all that will be.

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