Press Conference Regarding the 35

A press conference was held shortly after the President finished his statement. Among them remained President Nathan Petrelli, Secretary Everett Hicks of the Department of Homeland Security, and Commisioner Karen Lau of the New York Police Department.

Questions directed called attention the President's statement as to apprehending those responsible, to which Hicks responded:

"The videos and media distributed on the crime scene would have us accept that this was a suicide pact made by a group of teenagers. It's our job to exhaust all options, and a suicide pact of this kind is completely unprecedented. The Department of Homeland Security have reason to suspect that one or a number of individuals with possible empathic, telepathic, or persuasive Evolved ability can be held responsible in orchestrating this tragedy."

When asked if there were named suspects, Hicks responded that none could be revealed at this time, but he did point to the terrorist activity New York has been grappling with during the past six months:

"Many of these kids attended or were connected with people who died and were affected by the attacks on Washington Irving, even mentioned as such in their video. We have no reason to believe that known terrorist groups such as PARIAH did not have direct involvement in these attacks, and we have definitely not ruled out the possibility that this is yet another act of terrorism, targeting, once again, our own kids to make their points for them."

The panel was questioned as to the mysterious disappearances of Evolved that the Thirty Five had alluded to. Lau's response cited the recent serial killings and other criminal activity:

"Crime has reached a new level in the recent months, with the rise of Staten Island and Midtown crime activity. Disappearances, murders, kidnappings, all targeting Evolved citizens. The NYPD have been doing all they can to prevent this epidemic from spreading any further than it already has."

Lau confirmed that the NYPD would be supportive of the DHS's involvement in the investigation and assist with all resources at their disposal in finding those responsible for the mass murder.

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