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Scene Title Pride
Synopsis Kazimir calls Ethan and Odessa to Eagle Electric, and details on Phase Three are revealed, as well as a bold move to conclude Phase Two.
Date December 16, 2008

Eagle Electric

The most notable business collapse in Queens was that of Eagle Electric, a major manufacturer based out of Long Island City for decades, comprised of acres of warehouses and manufacturing plants designed to produce electronic components to suit all sorts of needs. The western warehouse of the Eagle Electric lot is an enormous and foreboding red-painted building made entirely from sheets of ridged steel. Amidst the grass growing up through the cracks in the pavement and the burned out cars in the parking lot, it seems just as uninhabited as the rest of the area. A large and ruined sign at the top of the office and manufacturing building prominently reads, "Eagle Electric—Perfection Is Not An Accident."

Long has it been since the days of bustling activity at the Eagle Electric warehouse. With the actions of Phase Two being so far in motion, it has seemed almost like the days of regular meetings and planning has fallen to the wayside. But while meetings and assignments have been much the purview of Ethan in the last month and a half, things have slowly been changing around the warehouse.

It all started with a delivery a few weeks back of medical supplies and analytical hardware, massive energy-draining devices used for chemical and biological analysis. The Eagle Electric's primary facility which connects to the warehouse, has been converted from a machine factory, to a biological research center in the span of but three weeks. with Kazimir often not present in the United States, it has left many unfamiliar faces around the warehouse — smugglers and shipment handlers only passingly recognizes as contacts of the Vanguard.

With the satellite phones disabled and the bank accounts all but drained, Kazimir's methods of communication have fallen to more conventional and old-fashioned mainstays — paper. Coded notices delivered to Ethan's residence speaking of a meeting after sunset on the night fo December 16th. It's an abysmal night to be out, espescially in the largely abandoned facility, with a wet snow-rain mix falling from the clouded skies, coating much of the city in a thin, glittering sheen of frost and ice.

Behind the warehouse and in the shadows of the looming smoke-stacks of the primary facility, a pair of unmarked semi-trucks have sat in waiting for weeks since delivering their cargo. Now, these vehicles idle quietly, their rumbling engines echoing through the metal framework and aluminum siding of the old and decreipt structure. It is this constant and droning sound that greets Ethan in the dark hours of evening, with pale light filtering through the high and frosted windows, casting long shadows across the gargoylesque old man seated atop his cloth-shrouded chair that glitters in the light froma thin sheen of frost over it.

Kazimir Volken sits as he always does, reclined in his chair with his hands folded in front of his mouth, elbows down on the arms of his chair. But across his lap, a familiar sight has returned, formerly damaged and now in repair — a wolf-headed cane. A gift from the Wolf himself, to their leader, returned to its original condition.

It's a sign that things are getting back to normal. One lost item returned at a time.

"'opefully this meeting will go better than the last we were both present with Kazimir." Ethan says with a bit of a wry grin, sending a glance over to the shotgun seat.

Ethan's gaze lingers for a moment on the woman there, before hastily returning to the road. He turns the corner that he has turned so many times while here in the states. The familiar old road to Eagle Electric. Ethan pulls into his parking spot. He hasn't had many jobs that give him his own parking spot. And truth be told, he is probably the only one aware that he has a parking spot. Parking it, he kills the engine, using one black glove to slide the keys into his coat pocket and unfasten his seat belt. One last look to Odessa where he gives a reassuring smile, then goes to open the door. "Let's go, then, love." Shutting the door behind him, Ethan will make his way with his companion into the warehouse, his head bowing at the sight of Kazimir. "Sir."

"If it gets you to buy me more jewelry," Odessa quips in return, flashing Ethan a sidelong grin as she traces a finger over the blue and silver choker around her scarred throat. She shivers when she climbs out of the vehicle. "This is abysmal weather," she frowns. "Maybe underground has its perks after all." She silent by the time they enter the building, however. She doesn't bow to Kazimir, but neither man should truly be shocked by that. She doesn't, however, opt for a look of defiance or indifference. She's curious as to why they've been called, and it shows in the widness of her eyes and the restless way her gloved fingers flex at her sides.

"Ahh, Nightengale and Wolf, side by side." Whimsy has rarely been in Kazimir's tone since the banks were hit, but something seems to have put a soft touch to his words which have an otherwise rough tone from the coarseness of his voice. "Good, good, exactly the pair I was hoping for." Outside, the sound of sliding doors on the semi-trucks rattle and clatter, slamming closed. The engines fire up louder than before, and the hiss of hydraulic brakes echoes through the warehouse, followed by the glare of headlights. Slowly, the sound of both freight vehicles moving away from the facility can be heard.

"Ethan, I've been remarkably pleased with your progress on Phase Two, all difficulties you've encountered aside." There's a twinge of something bitter in Kazimir's expression as he leans forward, lingering on the notion of all that lost money. "I'm pleased, and I knew that I could trust in your judgement and planning to see this phase thorugh to its inevitable end." As Kazimir moves, there's a spot of something discolored on his shoulder, a scuttling discoloration in the darkness that flits out from his wavy hair and scurries down his arm before hiding itself away behind his body again, it looked like a spider.

"I have one final assignment for you, Ethan, as organizer of Phase Two. As of next week, we will be officially moving into Phase Three, which will be led by the Nightengale," One black gloved hand gestures away from his seated form and toards Odessa, and that spider is clinging to the underside of his gloved hand, circling up to sit on the back of his leather-covered palm, before scuttling back across the arm of his jacket. "Doctor Knutson."

Blue eyes shift from Odessa to Ethan as he leans back against his chair with a low creak, "But before I detail that particular assignment, I would like to be made aware of any situations that may be necesary to bring to my notice. I have been away for some time, having left operations in your control, and I am noticing a distinct lack of Mister Gray's presence around the facilities, as well as my dear Munin… and Miss Heart." One gray brow rises slowly, and all that praise begins to bleed out of his words. "I'm sure there's an explanation."

Ethan notices the spider, he notices most things. But he won't talk about it, and he certainly won't stare at it. Neither will he say anything when he is informed of Odessa's leadership of Phase Three. His only reaction being a slow slide of his gaze from Kazimir to Odessa, then back again. His hands are clasped behind his back as he starts to talk.

"Munin.." He chooses to talk about her first. "Was captured by the organization known as Phoenix. She 'as been retrieved. I took two of theirs, one 'as been release in exchange for 'er and one being negotiated over." Ethan says coolly, tilting his head back. "Miss Heart has been." A little 'tsk' is given. "Terminated, she made a mistake and she compromised the rest of the organization and was dealt with accordingly." And that's it, Sierra's life summed up with a run-on sentence. Then comes the bad news.

"Mr.Gray.." He wets his lips. "His location is unknown. He was teleported by one known as Peter Petrelli. Elias and I sent a team to the location and met them there to search for him. We had no luck. He is either dead… Or." He raises his palms up, facing outward. A shrug. A gesture that isn't often made by the Wolf.

Maybe Ethan has the fortitude not to stare, but Odessa can't help but watch the spider make its way over the continent of Kazimir's coat and glove. She seems terribly disinterested in Ethan's explanations of Munin and Sierra's states and rather more interested in the arachnid. But talk of Sylar brings her back instantly. "He's not dead," she insists harshly. "Sylar can't die." In her mind, this is a simple fact. "He'll find his way back to us in time."

Kazimir's brow rises slowly at the mention of Munin's capture and retrieval, "Phoenix?" There's a hint of admiration for the dramatic connotations, a brief if not fleeting appreciation for his enemies. "Sierra's loss is lamentable, but her single-minded focus on her brother was always a detriment, as was her volatile temper." Blue eyes sweep down from Ethan to the floor, then furrow, a faint look of regret on his face flashes for but a moment.

All that fades, though, as he contemplates Sylar's connection to things, and the name Peter Petrelli. "I agree with the Nightengale's enthusiastic argument — Gabriel is not dead, in that much I have faith. He is as resiliant as I am, only in different ways. He is a thinker, a planner…" The old man's voice trails off, "However I cannot leave him as a loose end." Dark eyes narrow slightly, "I'll have someone look into that." Someone?

"We'll not let Gabriel's absence slow our advance, things are progressing faster and better than I expected. The city has been brought into absolute chaos thanks to your handiwork Ethan, it and this country are crippled with fear and apprehension. What it needs now, is the coup de grace to sweep it off of its feet and land everyone flat on their backs in order for Phase Three to…" Kazimir looks down to his hand, to the spider scurrying across his gloved fingers and then down onto the arm of his chair, soon skittering off into the darkness of the warehouse. "…to progress smoothly." It's far too cold for spiders.

"After having looked over our remaining roster and the political climate, it has come to my attention that a considerably large target should be our next goal. One that makes a statement, whether or not it is successful." Kazimir reaches into his suit jacket, retrieving a black and white photograph of a weathered looking man not much younger than Kazimir with wide, almost wild-looking eyes. His face is unmistakable; Allen Rickham. "I would like you to organize the assassination of the President-Elect during his tour of the city at this week's end."

"Can I be of any assistance to the investigation into Mr.Gray's disappearance?" It was he, after all who brought Sylar to the fold. With a paper bag and a bit of explosives. He cocks his head and gives a bit of a nod. And then.. there is the request.

"Certainly." Ethan murmurs softly. He has done many assassinations in his time. None quite as elite as the President Elect, but the best way to learn is on the job, right? "I will need my best and most trusted for a job of that caliber, sir." Ethan informs gravely. "Wu-Long," No surprise there, "And Sylar." His gaze flits to Kazimir. "I can look deeper into his disappearance, sir. My sources tell me he is in the custody of Homeland Security. Shouldn't be too 'ard to get an audience with 'im."

Odessa frowns. 'I could do it myself,' she wants to say. Maybe she could. But maybe she wouldn't have the stomach for it. Leave the killing to the trained killers, Doctor. The President Elect is a little rich for her blood anyway. "You think you can just waltz into HomeSec to talk to Petrelli?" She squints for a moment at Ethan and then shrugs. "I've got a clearance badge." Whether it still works or not is debatable - and it likely doesn't considering her rogue status. She doesn't pursue the topic further, however, shamelessly shifting gears. "What's with the spider?"

"Leave it to your men," Kazimir seems firm on the matter, "If they get word of him, then take Elias and extract him from wherever he is. As far as this Petrelli goes," The name rolls around on Kazimir's palette for a moment, a bit of information to keep for another time, "I'll question Gabriel about him when he returns," Not if, when. "And we will proceed from there, no sooner and no later."

As his focus shifts to Odessa, there's a mildly whimsical tone to his voice, "The spider?" Blue eyes trail over to where it disappeared in a crack between two old and long abandoned crates, "You could say she's an old friend come to visit." The eyes fall back on Odessa, "To spin a web." His hand settles down on the cane on his lap. "To that end, there is one more piece of information…"

Leaning back in his chair, Kazimir breathes in a slow and deep breath. "Ethan will be familiar with an operative of the Vanguard who was, briefly present in Russia some years ago." One gray brow begins to incline, "She has recently transferred Stateside, as… a helping hand." A mild sneer creeps across Kazimir's lips, "I would appreciate it, Ethan, if you could treat her with the utmost care and security until such a time as her security detatchment arrives." Golved hands fold over the cane's black length, "Odessa, you will likely be meeting her in due time, espescially given her… unique talent. She may…" Kazimir's rough tone takes a regretful turn, "…have a role to play in this after all."

Letting one hand raise to motion in the air, Kazimir quietly waves to one side, "Her name is Yvette," teh pause between words is deliberate and considering, "Volken." Gray brows lower slowly, "My daughter."

Ethan arches his brows lightly at Kazimir's insistence. He watches Kazimir carefully as the old man speaks. Though at the end he has to resist rolling his eyes at the theatrics that Kazimir insists on. What the hell does a spider have to do with a daughter anyway.

"Will she be staying with me, sir?" Ethan asks, a room has opened up in Casa De Ethan after all. He then nods his head. "Of course sir, you can count on me to keep 'er protected. And treated well." He keeps his gaze on Kazimir, though his mind wanders. What kind of offspring would Kazimir produce.. It's hard to imagine.

The woman's eyes narrow faintly. That was not the answer she wanted. It wasn't much of an answer at all. Odessa's gaze then turns to Ethan, her jaw clenching just the smallest bit. But eventually, her near glare settles once more on Kazimir. "Unique talent? And what would that be?"

Odessa's question gives Kazimir a moment of pause, "She has an… innate understanding of the biologies of others around her. I would leave it to Yvette to explain in more detail." Though Ethan's question earns a more pointed response, much as his reactions to Amato seemed sharper and more rough at the end of Phase One. "I'll leave her boarding arrangements to your judgement, Ethan, until such a time as her security is in place." There's a leveling of Kazimir's blue eyes on his Wolf, "I do hope she is not absconded with while my back is turned, because my reactions would be far less civil." His eyes sweep over to Odessa, affording her a subtle nod of acceptance with his head. "Once the assassination attempt on Rickham has been made, no one will feel safe. We will have th edestabalization of trust and power we need for Phase Three." There's a shifting of Kazimir's gaze, away from the par and languidly over to Ethan again.

"Do you remember the box I gave you, Ethan?" Somewhere in the warehouse it still rests, securely locked and covered, its contents a secret to all but he and Ethan and those who delivered it. "Bring the box to your residence and keep the syringes on hand, there may come a time where you will be alerted to an emergency protocol. At that time, I will expect you to select the appropriate number of candidates and follow as I had instructed with the contents." Blue eyes quickly drift to Odessa, "However, you will not be participating in the conclusion events of Phase Two. I will require you and a handful of others within two days time to travel to the facility you spoke to me of. While I appreciate your desire to wait for Gabriel, with his disappearance I feel that time is too much of the essence to wait for him. You needn't worry though, we won't be going alone."

Behind his back, one hand clenches though Ethan, being a master of control will not allow Kazimir to see any of the anger that riles up in the Wolf. His gaze matches Kazimir's a fire burning behind that ice cool calm. "Of course sir. I will see to it nothing 'appens to 'er." He says as assuringly he can.

"Of course I do, sir." His eyes slide over to Odessa for a moment. The box. Only so many. She will be one of those. His decision has already been made, he has already selected the chosen. "I will begin preparations for the job, sir."

Odessa shakes her head quickly, blonde hair damp from sleet sticks to her face. She takes one half step forward, bringin her closer to Ethan and making it easier for her to slip one hand surreptitiously behind him as she speaks, reassuringly lacing her fingers with his to squeeze. Restless still as he is angry. "I'm not equipped to deal with Shanti even if we do manage to bring her here." She still refers to their goal as though it were a person. "And even if I had all the proper equipment, I'm certainly not qualified. One mistake could mean the end of everything." Some weaknesses are too potentially devastating to sweep under the rug in the name of the holy trinity of the ego, the id and the superego. She trails off, lips pursing tightly until - suddenly - it's as though a light has switched on. A hint of mischief flickers in her eyes and, slowly, the corners of her mouth quirk upward. "But I do know someone who is… I'll look into it further once we've gotten our hands on Shanti." She seems very self-satisfied now. "Who's joining us?"

Assessing Odessa through the phases of indecision and certainty that she shifts through, Kazimir seems to have gravitated the majority of his focus to her, much as he had from Amato to Ethan as Phase One was ending — is this what Amato felt? "I have not decided the roster yet, it will depend on availability. Elias will be essential at least for transportation in and out, even if he does not directly get involved. I have…" His eyes close and his head shakes, "There are options, we'll persue them as the situation demands. I would prefer to do this with the men I know, but I will not handicap Ethan's endeavor as well."

Shifting in his seat, Kazimir assesses the blonde scientist for a moment, "Perhaps when Gabriel returns he can be of some assistance as well, his ability to understand may be useful." Though if only Kazimir was aware of just what his Gabriel was comingto understand in a different time than this. "Once we've secured Shanti, then we'll worry about the particulars of analysis. If you have someone in mind, my darling Nightengale, you are in charge." He eyes Ethan, then focuses back on Odessa, "Once he's finished with the end of Phase Two, utilize your resources as you see fit. All of my subordinates you have come to know answer to you now."

Even though they both fought for Kazimir's praise, Kazimir's favor Amato and Ethan differ in many ways. Amato fancied Kazimir an angel, Master, he fully believed in his cause and his work. Ethan on the other hand was adopted by Kazimir, and Ethan grew to know him like a father. Though lately the father hasn't been a very good role model. And most know what happened to Ethan's last father…

His hand gives a slight squeeze in return to Odessa. He glances sideways at the woman. Resisting granting her with a grin, at least for now. He then looks back to Kazimir. "Sylar would be of great use in my assignment, sir. If he returns in time, I request that he work with me."

"I like the sound of that," Odessa admits, giving Ethan one last squeeze before she steps away. She concedes his request to use Sylar for his portion of the Work. "If you'll excuse me, I have some planning to do." She takes another step back and flashes Ethan a look. See you at the car? She pauses and smiles with a small nod of her head to the leader of the Vanguard, "Mister Volken." She turns on her heels and heads back toward the dreary weather outdoors.

Kazimir nods slowly as Odessa takes a step back, "Nightengale." He affirms her title after she addresses him, blue eyes focusing once more on Ethan. There's a modest pride there, but it's tinged with something else, something reminiscent of emotion as he looks upon the man who has been like a son to him for so many years. But that faint inkling of human compassion is snuffed out by the mechanical efficiency of death that churns in Kazimir's core.

His eyes wander to one side, distant an unfocused, and the memory of those feelings echo inside of his black heart. "Ethan," pale blue eyes rise to his General, "You have made me proud."

Sometimes, even Kazimir Volken is human.

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