Pride Goeth Before The Fall


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Scene Title Pride Goeth Before The Fall
Synopsis William summons Abby for that little heart to heart. It's a success, and a failure that ends iwth irritation and frustration on both sides.
Date January 6, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

Late mornings. Those are fun. Even more fun when usually, one should have been sleeping. But when your off work, schedules change on you. Message on the phone, asking her to come in was not a surprise to the blonde and so it is that she's there, dressed for the weather, left arm in sling, biding her time for someone to take her to wherever it is that she's supposed to go. The precinct is noisy, cops in uniforms and others not in uniforms are doing their work, people taken here and there, lots of phones rining. Abigail's watching it all with wide awake blue eyes.

Abby is eventually taken to a much quieter area of the headquarters. A secretary nods her in and the girl will soon find herself in the office of Captain William Harvard.

"Abigail." Comes Williams voice in greeting, he is in a sharp black suit, a dark blue tie on. He gestures to a chair on the other side of his desk. "Please, make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Water? Soda?" Will asks, arching his brows up. Though his eyes go to her arm wherein he frowns a bit. "It doesn't work on yourself then.." He says, tilting his head. "We should have James take a look at you."

"Officer Harvard" Abby dips her head to him when she's shuffled into his office. "No, thank you. I'm good. I had a red bull before I came in" She takes the seat though, opposite his desk, legs together, sit up straight. She's not about to tell him that.. yes, actually, it does work on herself. Elisabeth had said to be vague about her gift. "I've met your brother. He's… He's decent"

"I was there when you met him, Abigail." William reminds gently. "How did that happen?" The Captain asks, he doesn't bother correcting her 'officer' with Captain as of now. Though a black pen is picked up, he points at the sling with it, raising a brow in a questioning way. Then he brings his pen back to rest against his lips as he watches the woman closely. "He is very decent. A good man, he can help you with your arm."

"I came across him again, two days later after the car" and that's all she'll say on that subject. Her arm. "I got shot Officer Harvard" she's not calling his officer on purpose to piss him off. She's just unaware of the protocol. "I was walking and we were attacked. The person who was with me couldn't see and she fired her gun. I got hit. Friendly fire. It should all be in the report they took when I was awake" Her right hand rests on her left arm, carefully watching the man. Distrust swimming in her blue eyes.

William inclines his head a little bit. "It seems you get in a lot of trouble, Abigail." He comments softly, slowly bringing the pen down to set it on the table. "Jordan Baxter rescued you from some.. Unsavory characters, if I am correct?" The Captain lounges comfortably in his large office chair, not minding if he doesn't look as professional as possible. He leans on the arm of the chair, peering at her intently.

"People covet what I can do Officer. The unsavory.. were Sylar and the asian man. I've met both in the past. Christmas Eve for the former, the church for the latter. One likes to play with his food before he eats it, the other just wants my faith. Your officer did, after he distracted the two and caused them to run. After that, things are a little blurry. But i'm thankful none the less that he was there. God works in mysterious way" She's trying very hard no to be intimidated by William. "I could take that water now, if it's still offered"

"No, it's not." William says crisply, giving her a very serious look. Though after a moment he cracks a smile. "Of course." Scooting back in his chair, he bends down to go to the tiny fridge under his desk. A bottle of water is retrieved and slid across the table at the woman. "Sylar." He repeats cleanly, "So you're saying Sylar, the infamous serial killer, the man responsible for…" His hands spread as if to indicate 'everything' "Is in league with this Asian?"

"I've only seen them once together. New years eve. Whether they're in league or not, I don't know. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Sylar was by himself Christmas eve." She leans forward, taking the bottle and transfer's it to her other hand, twisting open the cap with her good hand. "what i'm saying is that, the man, that night, with the Asian, was Sylar. That's all i'm saying. I'm not going to make assumptions. That's your job sir, not mine"

"I am quite aware what my job is Abigail, thank you." William says quickly, narrowing his brows a bit at her. "Did they speak to each other? Were they aware of each other? How did they interact with the other?" The Captain asks, leaning forward in his chair now, interested.

"They were with each other, the Asian man asked Sylar if he needed to be the one who killed us. They acted like.. a guy intent on taking a second try at stealing my faith Sir. Beyond that, I was terrified. For me and the person I was with. I don't like what the Asian man can do. It scares me. And I don't like running into Sylar either. It means I have something he wants" Abby sips from the water, wetting her tongue. "I think they were toying with us, for fun"

William nods, leaning across the desk fully, his hand stretching across to go for hers. He attempts to give her hand a gentle squeeze before retreating back into his seat. "So obviously they work together." He murmurs, bringing his hand up to his chin. "This is.." He gives a light humm. "The Asian man obviously knows you, Abigail, how is that? He targeted you at the church, yet he left you alive. Why would he do that?"

Abigail flinches at the touch on her hand, pulling it back, water left on the desk, back to lay against her arm. "I don't like to be touched, please don't. Please respect that. I don't need comfort, I've had enough comfort the last few days from my roommates and friends. But thank you. As for the church. You assume they were targeting me. Everyone assumes they were targeting me. Witness's, everyone. even the cops, yet I'm the one that was pinned under a pew, not stabbed and shot and dying on the floor. Did that occur at all? Or maybe, once more, they were toying with us? I got attacked, because I ran. It's what i've been told to do if he shows up, if Sylar shows up. But you can't run from the dark"

His hand comes back and he gives a little nod. "Fair enough." Though at the over explanation of why she shouldn't be touched he can't help but roll his eyes a little. "From the reports I've heard, your.. Fiancee? Tried to protect you and was badly wounded because of it. His brother.. teleported elsewhere." The pen is picked up again. "Usually, Abigail. Men like this don't overly harm the person they are after, they hurt who that person loves." His pen waves a little bit as if he was a teacher explaining something to children. "Had you ever seen the Asian man from the church, before that incident? Or anyone you suspect works with him?"

'See and that's what got Brian hurt. He told them I was his Fiancee. I'm not. I'm really not. Brian is someone who … I don't know how to say what he is to me. But he's .. just a friend. A friend who got hurt because he was with me and wanting to apologize for being an ass when he didn't have to be and wanting to protect me. And he got hurt not because I'm a loved one, he got hurt because Wu-long like to play with his prey when it amuses him. because I didn't have an answer they wanted. Yes, I saw him once before. There was an incident in South Harlem. There was a guy shot, and girl on a scooter ran over a dead guy. I saw him there too. I really don't know who he works with" She reaches for the water bottle again, to hold something in her hand. "He's nasty, he's deadly. He can turn you into shadow and make you whole again under things and in things. He can blind you with it, he can block out sound with it. He's a nightmare, like Sylar, and … I don't think I know more than that. Not any more than you already likely know. I don't get kept in loops. Just enough from people like Elisabeth who don't want to see me with my head popped open on the Sunday paper. Enough that I can run the opposite direction.

"You know his name?" William asks, shocked, his eyes going wide. "And we've been calling him, 'the Asian' this whole time?" A pad of paper is quickly scribbled on with that pen. His ability is also written down hastily. "An answer? He was trying to get an answer out of you?" William asks, nigh excitedly. It's like it's Christmas all over again. "What answer was he trying to get out of you Abigail? Why would you estimate he thought you a likely candidate to get his answer from?"

"I don't know what answer. He never asked me. That's just it. I can't give you what I don't know Officer. As for why. You know why. The same reason Sylar keeps going for me. God's gift. I run across many people during the day. Maybe he thought that I had healed someone and knew something. Same as your certain that I know things. Things that can save people" Abby shakes her head, blonde hair shifting across her sweater. "I'm also fairly easy to find. normally" God, is she ever easy to find. She'd have to start changing that.

"Then how do you know he had something to ask?" A flash of agitation wipes across William's face, though he quickly masks it. "You do know things Abigail. You're telling me so much right now, you really should stop doubting yourself. Cooperate with me, you are giving me a lot to work with. How do you know his name?"

'Because the teleporter was near me before they left. He said that all they had wanted to do was ask a question. That's how I know" The water's put back on the desk edge as Abby rises, having had enough of sitting, needing to get up, walk around, expend energy. "I know his name because it was told to me. So I'd have a name to go with the face. Because ignorance isn't bliss. I only just found out his name. He was the Asian up until the last attack."

William can't help but roll his eyes again. He leans forward and stare at his desk for just a moment. "Granted. I would like to know how the name was told to you, Abigail? Who told you the name?" The Captain asks, a little exasperation in his voice.

"Elisabeth" Because it's the only safe name that she can give. "Why are you being like this? One minute your.. scowling at me, and bored, then ambivalent, the next your thrilled and now your back to… disliking something I said." Abby studies him before she motions to his pad of paper. "They're a group. One of theirs was hurt the other day. To the point that they came asking. Instead of taking me. There's a teleporter, Wu-long, Sylar, there's a blonde, and then Eileen. She's the youngest. Aviation telepathy. Sylar, he has Telekinetics, lasers of a kind, he can assume people's identities, He can go… it's not invisible, it's like… there's something moving, a shimmer, but you can see through him. The blonde can stop time. People or rooms. There's another, his name is Ethan. He pretends to be Russian sometimes and has the access to GPS tracing. They tracked me once, when I healed him. He wasn't there. There's another, a man, blonde. I've never seen him." she's walking during this all, massaging her temples as if that might wring out something. "I don't know where I was, they teleported me into the house to heal"

Eyes go wide once again, then he frowns deeply. "You're lying." William says firmly. "You talk about your faith all the time, I was under the impression that lying was a sin. Who really told you the name of this Asian?" The man asks, peering intently at her now. All of this is written down swiftly as she tells of the different names and abilities. "Elisabeth, is not your source. Don't lie to me. How do you know all this?"

"It's not lying when you tell the truth" Abby fires back. "She's only one. I'm a faith healer. I can work god's miracles. I haven't survived this long without various different people watching out for me. I had a fed. Felix Ivanov who was my get out of jail free card, if I had to disappear. I have elisabeth, I have.. I had.. people. I heal, they come help me if I need it. I don't ask questions, I just do it and leave, Sleep for a day and go to work, church, sleep, eat. I've given you more than what was able to give Ivanov"

William sighs softly. "Then indulge me, Abigail. How did Elisabeth find out the name of this Wu-Long? How does she know the name of this, Ethan, or Eileen? Wouldn't that be the type of thing she would report to me?" The Captain asks softly, bringing his pen to his lips once again.

"I'm not Elisabeth and I'm not telepathic. I don't ask questions. I met Elisabeth through Ivanov and Officer Trask at the Nite Owl. I used to work there. They saw me with a broken nose and they wanted to make sure that I wasn't being beat up by a boyfriend. I fixed Elisabeth, when she said she'd gone back to the force, so you could have her whole, and useful. That's how she found out about me. Ivanov came to the bar and put two and two together when I had a nose splint one day and not one the next a few days after I got hurt. How she got it, I don't know. Maybe Ivanov. But you have everything I know about them.

"You're not telling me everything you know." He says with a tad of frustration in his voice. "You don't trust me, fine. You've been through a lot, I understand. But I need your full cooperation, so please, Abigail. Tell me what you're not telling me. Please." He urges, leaning back once again, placing his pen down.

"of course i don't trust you! I had to register. You threatened to arrest me! Turn me over to Homesec. You don't accept that maybe, just maybe, I am a faith healer and not evolved. You scared me to death in the back of a cop car when all I did was take away your wounds!" Abby's also feeling frustrated. "What do you want me to tell you? That I have my finger on the pulse of the underworld of evolved? That everyone who I heal, spills their mind to me? They don't. I don't know what you you want!"

"You are an Evolved." William retorts. "Maybe God gives us those abilities. But this 'faith healer'.." He gives a little shrug. "I did some research Abigail. Don't you find it odd, that you are the only one in recorded history who only has to pray and touch someone for them to be healed. There are records of entire churches remaining awake all night, people with the 'gift of healing', just praying." He gives a pointed glance to the girl. "I'm sorry you got scared."

"I am not evolved" She shouts back at him, the constant pressing getting to her. She regrets it, the moment she says it in that tone. "Faith healing" it's a moment or two, calming. "Faith healing. I've seen it done, I know what I do. I make whole what was rent. It doesn't matter if i'm surrounded by atheists, or by those who disbelieve, I lay my hands, I pray, I ask god and he answers. Call it what you like, but don't insult me and my faith because you don't .." Abby shakes her head, moving to the chair to gather her things.

"I don't insult your faith, Abigail. You do that." William says cleanly, pushing his chair back. "I'm not an atheist." The man brings up one elbow and places it on the desk, watching Abby a little boredly. "Please, don't shout in my office."

"Then I'll get out of your office, unless I'm being arrested, and if so, I need to call a lawyer" Abby's jaw is tight, grabbing her jacket and her purse with her good side.

"You're not being arrested." William says, rolling his head to the side. "But you are killing people by not cooperating with me. I don't know who you're protecting, why you are hiding things from me. But I guarantee you that these evil men, these demons will continue to kill and sin unless you cooperate with me. You don't have to like me, you just need to know that." Standing up crisply the man looks down at her. "We are the good guys."

"I'm protecting myself Officer. Because if I can't do that, then I can't be there, when someone tries to "blow a gas main" and save the people who sacrifice themselves for others. When they blow up a club, and there's more injured people than medical supplies. When there's people who are dying from radiation that they can't recover from without gods help, or little girls who are dying of cancer and they've never done anything wrong. Or SCOUT officers, who get hurt in the line of duty and need to get back out to protect us. Don't lay deaths at my feet Harvard. Don't your dare, not till you've stood on a sidewalk and watched a person near death and have to decide whether I ask god to help them, and end up with people at my door begging me to heal others, or walk away and let them pass away into the night. You lay those deaths at their feet. At the ones who's go around and plant the bombs, or whatever it is in a persons body that makes them sick, or the person who fires that bullet. I have enough guilt, for the ones I can't save. But i'm out there, and I'm using his gift and I'm healing your officers, and the innocents, and maybe the not so innocent, and that should be enough" She's shaking at the end, quivering like some tightly wound bow. "And I don't ask for anything in return. Have a good morning Harvard. I'll be fine without your brother's attention"

"If you aren't the most self righteous person I've ever met." William says softly, tucking his thumbs into his belt. "You don't consider for a moment that your thoughts may be flawed? That since I am a Cop, and I put you in a car, I am a disbeliever and there is no way I can have something valuable to say? No, Abigail. Don't you dare, come at me with that!" He shoots back, narrowing his eyes. "I put my life on the line every day for people like you. I've been shot, countless times, and I've made decisions that have unintentionally killed good men." William says, a little moisture coming down his lip.

"And I don't complain like you are. I'm trying to make a difference Abigail, I'm trying to make the world safe for people like you. So you don't have these traumatic experiences. But your only defense is that you're a good person and don't have to answer my questions because!" The man slowly calms, going to step behind his desk. "Pride comes before the fall, Abigail. That's in your book."

"An I'm trying to erase a little more pain, before god calls me forth. I never said you were an unbeliever officer, just said you didn't believe what I believe" She turns then, shifting things to open the door. "God will judge me, when it's my time. Not you. Till then, you have my number. If a SCOUT officer, any officer gets shot, call me. Or send Elisabeth. I extend to you, what I extend to everyone. Gods work, free of charge. Even if I don't like you" It's the back of her head, all honey blonde as she goes out the door, closing it behind her.

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