Pride Takes A Beating


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Scene Title Pride Takes A Beating
Synopsis It seems that Rashad Evans isn't the only one who got his ass whipped this weekend.
Date May 25, 2009

Stumpy's Sports Bar

One would never know where Len finds these remote little places he goes to drink and watch sports. It's Memorial Day so typical everyone is off doing something fun, but Len never really goes off duty. So when he drinks, it's just a beer here and there as he likes to keep all his faculties in working order. He got the text from Agent Sawyer last night, followed by a type written report about the incident with Adam Monroe. Len immediately sent a text back with this address and the current time, which means he's waiting for her to arrive.

Stumpy owns this little establishment. And of course, this place looks like it might be owned by a guy named Stumpy. However, one would be suprised to find out how crowded it can be in the evening, expecially when the fights are on. Len has struck up a bit of a friendship with Stumpy and so on occasion when the place is dead, Len'll come visit with Stumpy and Stumpy will put on a replay of one of the games that Len might have missed. In this case, he's watching a replay of Saturday night's UFC. A couple of joes are swinging for the fences in order to knock the other one silly to win the bout.

"I told you not to tell me who won, Stumpy! Why you gotta keep ruining my enjoyment of these contests? I come in to watch and you tell me who wins!" He has a beer in his hand, bringing the bottle up to take a swallow.

Stumpy does not ask what Len does for a living, though he has noticed a few clandestined meetings take place here during the lulls of business. Len tips well, so Stumpy asks no questions.

Veronica comes in dressed for a day off and to fit in at a place like this on Memorial Day. No "agent chic" today but cut off shorts, flip flops, and a red tank top. Despite the flattering outfit that shows off her assets, she looks like crap. She moves like someone who just ran a marathon the day before — stiff and sore. Without a word, she slides into the chair beside Len, pushing the sunglasses off her face to glance up at the fight on the screen. Her lower lip is a bit swollen, and a strange thin half circle (the size of half a martini glass, precisely) curves up from that lip toward her cheek bone. Dark circles shadow beneath her eyes. No, it was not a good night for Vee.

Ironic that Len is currently watching two men beat each other's brains out on TV, and yet in comes Agent Sawyer, looking like she was recently doing the same.

"Agent Sawyer. Seems as if you owe me a few things. Namely a weapon, a tranq gun and your badge." He glances from her to the TV then back to her again. "You realize that these items could potential put us at risk now, right? With the right ability, you can be impersonated."

There's no — how are you feeling? Can I kiss your boo-boo better? or any of that sort of talk from Len. He actually does not look like he's in a very good mood at all. Perhaps even a tad look of disappointment in his eyes as he glances at the agent.

This is the 'you've been careless and it's time for your spanking' spiel

"I realize that," Veronica says with a bit of a petulant look. Add insult to injury, why don't you. "It's not like I intended for him to take them. And I wasn't even going maverick on you or anything — he found me. I made things worse trying to fight him, I admit, but I wasn't going to just let him walk away that easy…" Doesn't effort count for anything these days? She shakes her head. "Do what you need to. Alert all the agencies I'm no longer an agent and that anyone fitting my description using a badge isn't to be trusted." There's an edge of a challenge in her voice as she tilts her chin up — all a farce of course.

"You're done with Adam Monroe. Period. I understand that he sought you out, but I want you to stay away from him." He doesn't mention that he's about to pull every agent he has off of the Adam Monroe case. Everyone except one, who is about to be the cowboy's new best friend.

"This is not a reprimand. I don't think it needs to be that. But it looks like I need to handle this rascal myself. Understood?"

"How do I stay away from him if he stalks me?" Veronica says, looking a bit angry and also — to be honest — scared. She could have been killed last night and there wasn't much she could have done about it. "So what do I do the next time he pulls a gun on me… just let him shoot me? Or say 'I'm not allowed to play with you?'" She snorts derisively. "I won't go after him, I promise that much. But what if he comes to me again? He wanted names… I didn't give him any. Hugh's. Yours."

Len takes a closer look at her. "Looks like your biggest wound here is your pride, Agent Sawyer. Just let it go. I'm about to change that sum'bitch's focus. You have other fish to fry starting right now." He passes a folder in her direction. It contains information about any contact that any company agent has had with Magnes J. Varlane. Including recent news clippings from his recent spectacle in Japan. There's also an unmarked DVD, which when watched would have several news broadcasts of the event as well.

"I'm all for freedom of expression, but this fella here is causing far too much mischief for my liking. We need to reign him in a little. I'd like him on the team, as he has — spunk. Be nice to him, Agent Sawyer. Don't spook him." Stumpy is behind the bar, watching the fights, oblivious to the conversation taking place.

Talk of Adam Monroe has been dropped. For now.

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