Primatech Paper Facility
Owner Formerly the Company
Employees None
Hours of Operation N/A
Current Status Abandoned
People Come Here For… ???

Purified in a sense, all that once marked this building as a storage facility for Primatech Paper has been burned up or off, leaving a sooty but still structurally sound shell. The red brick walls of this derelict storage facility are spraypainted with numerous length of old and faded graffiti on the outside. Smashed windows and vacant parking lots show all the telltale signs of abandonment and disuse.

Despite it's decrepit nature, small groupings of furniture have been pulled in from the outside to the spacious and open floors of thw facility, from ratty old couches to mismatched tables and chairs in some sort of makeshift living space that gives the impression of transient use, not permanent shelter. Being scavenged, it could be assumed to belong to any number of homeless gangs or groups who might use the space as shelter from the elements.



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