Priority Targets


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Scene Title Priority Targets
Synopsis At 50,000 feet, Adam gives Cardinal his assignments.
Date May 10, 2009

Jet Cockpit, 50,000 Feet

The luxurious vessel soars through the air, and here in the overly complicated cockpit - Jake's gone to take a piss. At the moment things are more or less on automatic, however, so Cardinal's admittedly limited (but expanding!) avionic knowledge is sufficient to make sure they don't suddenly take a nose-dive into the middle of the Rockies or something. He's relaxed back in a seat, dark aviator's glasses slid over his face, legs stretched out a bit and hands folded over his chest as the watches the clouds ripple past with a rather contented expression.

Adam heads into the cockpit with a folder under his arm. He glances out the window and says, "You know, I don't know that I've ever been in a cockpit before." he sits down in the pilot's chair across from the other man, "Perhaps I should learn to fly one day." he says thoughtfully. After a moment he turns back towards Cardinal, "Enjoying yourself?"

"Mmhm. It really is peaceful up here," admits Cardinal contemplatively, "Having some issues getting my license, though, since it's hard for me to do classes during the day. Oh. The name's Richard Montenegro, by the way, at least that's what the ID I'm using right now says, so I don't get arrested."

Adam nods, "Montenegro, beautiful countryside." he says absently and opens the folder. "I have for you three missions on this trip." he says, "Though, they essentially are all located in the same place. For two pieces, you will be on your own, for the third, I'd like you to get with Lita." he pauses, "I do hope you are as good as you say you are, this will be difficult."

"The graffiti artist… was surprised to see her on board," Cardinal muses aloud, "Only met her twice, but, she's a li'l spitfire. I like her. What's she do?" He snorts, then, "I'm the best, Monroe."

Adam mms at the question, "I suppose that would be up to her to tell you. Mostly causes trouble and fights the man, but I think she'll be useful for you in the third phase…or second, I don't know how you think about things." he pulls some photos out of the folder, they are of a business building with some clear Japanese influence. The photos themselves don't look like anything special, perhaps even just off the internet. There are some pictures of the interior, but that's more limited, "This," he says, "Is the Yamagato Corporate building. This is where you shall find your first two targets."

As the photos are produced, Cardinal reaches over to accept them to look them over. "Convenient," he murmurs, "Could be possible to take them both in one fell swoop, then… what're the targets? If it's anything too… large, or alive, it'll be more difficult."

Adam shakes his head, "Neither should be large or alive." he says, "But I don't know their locations." he pauses, "The first is simple. I want Kaito Nakaruma's rolodex or whatever it is he uses…a day planner, a.." he looks thoughtful, "A personal data assistant…that's what they call them, yes? Kaito Nakamura may have the names, numbers and locations of some elder company employees." he pauses, "I would presume these are in his office…the second.." he frowns, "The second is a piece of a formula. It is extremely important. Consider this your primary target, if we leave Japan with nothing else…It's location.." he shrugs, "That's why I've put you on the payroll…it could be anywhere, but my money is some sort of safe in Kaito's office."

"The PDA could be tricky, if he keeps it on him," Cardinal's lips purse in a slight frown, fingers drumming over the edge of the photos as he studies them, then setting them down on his knee. A brow quirks upwards, then, "Mm. Mathematical or chemical formula? Not that I know shit about either, really."

Adam nods, "It's possible. On the other hand, he or his secretary must certainly keep /something/ in the office." at the question of the formula, "To be honest…I don't know. Bio-chemical, perhaps? It has something to do with genetics. Not really something I've ever studied personally. I only know what it does. Here's where you might ask what it does to which I can only say it is..important." he pauses, "Oh, and it's not a virus or anything if that worries you."

"The thought crossed my mind," Cardinal replies rather dryly to the other man's words, "I'll take your word for it, though." A look back down to the pictures, and he frowns, "Okay. If it's in a safe, I can find it, cracking it should be interesting - been awhile since I had to brute force a safe, but I can do it. I presume you can get me any equipment I might need, once I've done initial recon?"

Adam considers, "Within reason. I've some loose contacts in Japan, some are old, some are new and thus untested. But unless you're going to end up asking for some state of the art military technology, I imagine I can procure it."

"Yeah, I'm not going to need anything like that," admits the thief with a shake of his head, "I'm not one've those James Bond cutting-edge technology sorts, I just might need some basics. Alright, so that's two — what's the third?"

Adam nods and pulls out some more pictures of another building, "This is the building that houses the Yamagato Fellowship." he says, "Obviously something funded by the Nakamuras." he leans back in his seat now that his folder is out of pictures and in fact hands the folder over to Cardinal, "Among the interesting things inside is a collection of artifacts that were once owned by a Takezo Kensai." there are some pictures in the folder of some of the artifacts. Some armor, some odd weapons and so forth, "I want it." he says, "I want it all. This is where Lita should be of some help to you. If she wants to spray paint the walls or something afterwards, I've no problems with that." he frowns thoughtfully, "I don't think you'll encounter anyone in either of these missions save for the odd security guard. It's up to you how you deal with them, but I would prefer no one's killed."

"Samurai armor…" The pad of Cardinal's thumb taps to the edge of the photograph, his brow furrowing, "…it'll either succeed, or you've owned this shit before." That's an odd statement.

Adam arches a brow, "Sorry chap, not sure I understand."

"Hm? Oh, nothing." Cardinal shakes his head, brushing aside whatever thought he had, "It's a lot, so, it'll be tricky — but if Lita has some skills that can help out, then we might be able to pull it off. Assuming a worse-case scenario that we can't get all of it, any priorities?"

Adam looks thoughtfully through the photos. He's quiet for some moments as he considers this carefully and finally says, "The armor and masks. But I'd hope to have all of fit." he nods, "Well, you'll discuss all that with her. I'll be informing her of her involvement after I talk with some others.."

"I think I can just about guarantee success on this one, at least, Monroe," Cardinal says with a slight nod, glancing back over his shoulder, "I'll talk to Lita. The others'll be more… touch and go, but I can probably manage something."
Adam arches a brow thoughtfully, "Oh…I hope you don't misunderstand. You'll be doing these alone, save with Lita. Everyone else has other jobs and priorities to do, if that's what you meant."

"No, no, I got that," Cardinal replies with a shake of his head, "I meant the other assignments— this formula and the day planner? I don't need anybody for those, just possibly some gear. I presume everyone else will be doing wetwork or something, preferably well away from me."

Adam smiles, "Wetwork." he's quiet again for some moments, "Such an interesting term for such bad things." he tilts his head some and says, "Well, they'll be doing all sorts of things. It shouldn't be anywhere where you are."

"Sounds good," Cardinal replies with a shake of his head, leaning back a bit and sweeping his gaze over the cockpit. No red lights, everything steady, good, good, auto-pilot's going along just fine. "Mind you, getting all this shit out of the country might be tricky, but not impossible."

Adam reaches over and claps Cardinal on the shoulder, "Oh, I'm sure we'll find a way." he says as he stands from his seat, leaving the folder and the pictures behind, "I should make sure I talk with some others so everyone knows what's expected of them by the time we land."

"I can probably conceal the majority of it all the way through customs, if there's not too much shit in the Kensai exhibit," Cardinal shrugs that clapped shoulder, before crooking over an easy smile, "Well, enjoy the wet bar, Monroe."

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