Prisons And Promises


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Scene Title Prisons and Promises
Synopsis Alexander and Melissa talk in the Den about Moab, healers, and cute butts.
Date March 4, 2010

The Den

Melissa is a busy, busy bee today, though it looks as though she just got in. Her boots still have traces of moisture from the snow, after all. But she's taken the time to tie a black surgical mask around her neck, so it'll be easy to pull it up to hide from GERMS if any sick people show up. But all she's doing right now is taking a can of lysol and a rag to everything.

Helpful Alex is helpful. "You look like the Frito Bandito, woman," he says, as he comes in. He's got supplies, in the form of canned goods. And atop the milk crate of goodies, a little cookbook entitled 'A Man, A Can, A Plan'. For serious.

Melissa glances over and she grins. "Not yet, but I might if anyone shows up who's sick. No way am I catching that flu." She points to a table, "You can put that down over there. And thanks. More supplies are always an awesome thing."

"I'm biased. I get stuck down here, I wanna be able to eat what there is," says Alex, somberly. He's using his actual hands, rather than his mystical mouse powers. "And no problem. I… was Moab, for you?" His tone is hesitant, and the question is utterly out of the blue.

Melissa smiles a bit. "Yeah, well, I agree with you there. And I want anyone else who's stuck here to have plenty to eat. Which is why I've been bringing in a little bit every day. It adds up." The question has her pausing, then sitting down in a chair. "Well it wasn't a walk in the park…but I didn't get tossed in a hole by myself, so it was better for me than it was for some. Still, I hated it. Which is why I work so hard to try to keep anyone else out of places like that. No one should be forced into a cell just because they could hurt someone. It's like tossing every registered gun owner in jail."

Alexander rolls his eyes. "Yeah, pretty much. Enough to turn me into one of those crazy bunker survivalists, considering that the government really has been out to get me."

"At least you had the benefit of someone changing your face so you didn't have to hide quite so hard. Speaking of…Would the guy who did that be willing to work with the Ferry?" Melissa asks.

The redhead's expression darkens into real grief. "He did work for the Ferry. Humanis First killed him. He was the old mayor's son. Doctor Bianco."

Melissa frowns. "But…you just got your face changed back," she says, sounding confused.

"That was someone else, and he works on an individual favors basis. Also, this isn't permanent. I have to get it renewed, as it were," Alex explains. He wanders over to the fridge, pulls out a can of cola, and pops it open. "I'll ask him, though, next I see him."

Melissa cocks her head. "He can't change faces permanently? How long does it last? And is it an illusion, or actual…face sculpting or whatever?"

He touches his cheekbone, absently. "Actual facesculpting. I guess it just reverts. Like polyjuice potion, or something."

Melissa's lips twitch. "Uh oh. Closet potter fan?" she teases. She sobers quickly though. "Heard of anyone besides this Eve who's gotten sick?"

"No one I know. Not yet," says Alex, as he drops into a seat by the little table. "What do you do? What's your day job?"

"Actually, I just got a day job a few days ago. Gonna be managing this club that's opening soon. Called Tartarus," Melissa says, stretching her legs out, crossed at the ankles. "Figure it's minimum exposure, and I have to have something to do. This place doesn't keep me busy all day every day, yanno?"

He nods, slouching down comfortably. "What….what do you do for fun, these days?" By his tone, fun's sort of an alien concept. Enlighten me, earth people.

Melissa looks amused. "Fun? Mmm…Well, earlier I tried to go have fun in the snow, but that went to shit. Some guy went nuts and scared a little girl, another kid took a header into a wall, and the cops were called. But mostly…I hang out with people," Not friends, people. Odd choice of words, "and I love dancing." Her lips curve into a slightly smug smile, and for a moment it looks as though she's remembering something pleasant. "And I drive men with cute asses a little crazy."

'Indeed, you do," Alexander agrees, expression gone amused and sphinxish.

Melissa laughs. "Honey, I was meanin' guys who like girls. Though you do have a cute little hiney. But thank you."

He chuckles at that, amused. "Thank you," he says, simple.

Melissa laughs. "I've told you that before. Didn't I give it a little pat one time in Lucy's even?"

"It never gets old, darlin'," Alex retorts, without even a beat's hesitation.

Melissa grins and nods. "Okay, you got me there. But speakin' of…how's things going with you'n the guy you're diggin' on?"

The telekine looks a little uncertain. "You've met him, now, I remember. I….haven't done anything, really. Things've been rocky and weird, and I'm afraid to see. Also, he's hypersensitive about that wound in his face."

Melissa blinks. "Teo? Dude. Even with that he's hot. Just like…turn the lights off and jump him. Tempt him." She grins impishly. "Temptation…mmm…wonderful thing."

"I don't know if he wants me any more," Alex is increasingly shy….and there's a blush rising on his cheeks. Which is painfully obvious, considering that coloring.

Melissa gives him a sympathetic look, and she scoots her chair over towards him so she can pat his shoulder comfortingly. "If he doesn't, he's nuts. Maybe…well, if he's hypersensitive about his face, maybe it's more an issue with him and not with you. Has he tried to find a healer? I ran into one earlier. Maybe she can take care of the wound so things can get back to normal? Or someone like her anyway?"

Alexander blinks at her. "You did? I don't know if he has. I assume so. Might be somethin' fucked up where a healer can't help. I'll ask him." He smiles wanly at the gesture, but the nervousness is still evident.

Melissa nods. "The boy I mentioned who took a header into a wall? He was knocked out, bleeding, and I'm pretty sure his ribs were cracked or something. She put a hand on him and then he just…popped up and ran off. I'll see if I can track her down, so if he's interested, you can introduce them."

'What did she look like?" He's sitting up now, peering at her.

"Brunette, about my height. Long hair. Pretty, but not in a glam sorta way," Melissa describes.

Alexander worries at his lip. "Not one I know. That I can think of…." he trails off, rises to pace, nervously. No more caffeine for you.

Melissa watches him pacing. "I'll do what I can to find her, I promise. No one should have to feel uncomfortable about themselves."

Alexander turns to look at her over his shoulder. "Thank you," he says, and there's real relief in his voice.

Melissa stands and moves over towards him, offering him a comforting hug. "Hey, anything I can do to help, I will. I don't care what it takes."

He's lean and wiry in her grip, and that close, he smells of frankincense and myrrh, a smoky, pleasant scent. Mutely, he rests his chin on her shoulder for a moment, like a tired dog.

Melissa rubs his back, trying to be as soothing as she can. "So…What can I do to cheer you up tonight? Can take you to a strip club, let you slip some cash into some itty bitty undies? Get you drunk? Hell, I would even try to not suck horribly at cards if you wanted to do that."

He chuckles, and doesn't withdraw. "No. Don't get me drunk. I've no tolerance, none at all. I tend to destroy things, when I'm drunk. I should go on home, go to bed. Something about this winter weather makes me want to sleep all the damn time."

Melissa laughs softly. "I don't have much of a tolerence either. But yeah, go bundle up in bed. Ooh, bundle up in bed with some hot cocoa!"

"I'm sure we've got some," Alex says, musingly, as he considers it. "I'll go see."

Melissa smiles and nods, and even gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Take some from here if you need to. And cheer up, hmm? Please?"

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