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Scene Title Priveleged
Synopsis Adam takes legal action.
Date April 27, 2009

Paul Heart's Legal Offices

Mr. Heart's office is exactly what you would expect from a New England born and educated Lawyer from old money. Very classy and posh. The desk is likely older then anyone on the planet, with maybe one exception. Law books fill a large glass fronted cabinent to one side, and a pair of large leather chairs are opposite his desk for clients. The chairs look like the kind you could relax and fall asleep in. The desk is neat and organized a few papers adorn it but those that do look like they are exactly where they are supposed to be. When his newest client arrives for thier appointment, the secretary shows them in almost immediately, and Mr. Heart rises from behind his desk, offering a hand.

Adam had sat patiently for the few seconds he waited in the waiting room, taking note of the place quietly before he stood and was led into the office. He is a smiling man, polite and affable as he takes the hand and shakes it heartily, "Hello Mr. Heart, thank you for seeing me. My name is Adam Monroe." he says casually and then moves to sit. "I'm glad you could see me. I was hoping to retain your services."

Paul nods as he shakes the hand, then takes his own seat only once Adam sits down, he projects an air of quiet confidence. His hands coming together and steepling slightly for a moment. If Adam is sharp, and we all know he is, he might suspect he is already using his power to effect how others see him, in a casual way. "Mr. Monroe, I am pleased to finally meet you, tell me just what can I do for you?"

Adam crosses one leg over the other and crosses his hands in his lap as he studies the other gentleman. He is thoughtful and careful. He pauses, "Just so I know, anything we say in this meeting is priveleged, yes?"

Paul nods "Yes, completly Privledged" He smiles softly, "There are still a few protected rights in this country." He leans back and settles in to hear what Mr. Monroe has to say.

Adam nods, apparently relaxing for a moment before he leans forward, "Well, Mr. Heart, I plan to kill a lot of people and cause a lot of destruction." he licks his lips, "Perhaps you are familiar with an entity known as 'The Company'. If not, it is an agency which is responsible for capturing, monitoring and keeping evolved secret. It is largely responsible, along with Daniel Linderman for the Linderman act." he pauses, "I plan to destroy this company along with all components of it, which include Daniel Linderman." he pauses, "Also, I may have killed a couple Company agents yesterday."

Paul nods slowly, he doesn't seemed shocked by all of this, in fact he barely bats an eye. "Well I am not here to judge your motives or your actions. I assume you are looking to retain my services because you are afraid something might link the evidence of your action to yourself?"

Adam nods, "Well, in case it comes up." he pauses, "I've noticed you've been quite the champion for Evolved rights. I thought making sure that, legally, this is all protected and defended would be right up your alley."

Paul nods, "I can promise you will get a fair trial, and that I will do everything I can to keep you out of jail. I can not promise you will get off, a lot of that depends on how stupid and sloppy you have been in the murders." He shrugs, "I have no love for the Linderman act, it is the first steps to a new autszwitch in my opinion."

Adam mms, "You don't know the half of it friend." he says, "They already have level 5…a private prison of hidden Evolved they deem too dangerous for society." he shrugs his shoulder a bit, "Piece by piece." he says.

Paul nods, "There have been rumors, I have been looking over it. So tell me Mr. Monroe, are you a registered evolved?

Adam chuckles, "No." he says in response, "No…but they know who I am. You might call me the company's most wanted."

Paul nods, "Is there a particular defense you wish to take? What exactly are your goals if they bring action against you?

Adam shrugs, "I don't know…I suppose to try and get as much publicity as possible…they shrink from the light, Mr. Heart. I need to make sure that the threat of the truth keeps them frozen."

Paul nods, "So you wish this to go to a very public trial then?

Adam nods, "If it comes to that. I also want to give you data and information that is to go to certain people in case of my…imprisonment or disappearance or…what have you. Insurance, if you will."

Paul says, "Ahh yes, you are afraid they will kill you to silence you?"

Adam chuckles, "In their dreams…." he pauses, "But it never hurts to have insurance." He stands and says, "I will be contacting you with the details of my insurance policies along with a list of names I may ask you to defend for various things in the future." he nods, "Talk to you soon, Mr. Heart."

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