Production Time


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Scene Title Production Time
Synopsis The bits and pieces for the FRONTLINE commercial are being done. Paul's there to say his bit, but Abby comes to apologize and back out.
Date May 27, 2009

Sound stage somewhere

It's Production Night! Doesn't matter that it's day, people in the biz call it 'production night' anyway, because it usually means that they're here long into the night. The scene? A television studio, same as any other generic television studio in America. On set? A few different color backdrops have been set up, each lit by several huge, free-standing lights and refelcted by a few side screens. Currently a man stands there, staring into the camera as he speaks. "I was wounded giving my all for my country in Afghanistan, protecting American freedoms. Every American should have the right to do the same, to serve their country with honor and dignity and protect the citizens from all foreign and domestic dangers. I support the FRONTLINE ACT." Tracy can be found standing nearby, arms folded as she watches in silence - flinching when the director beside her howls "CUTTTT!"

She's late. The bus over having been long and annoying and .. and it wouldn't matter in the end anyways because she was about to piss off someone in the presidents office. Abby's in clean jeans and a blouse, messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She's supposed to be here, so they let her in. Thumbs hooked into her pockets she shuffles silently through the people that are there, looking for Tracy. The woman is going to hate her but.. what can she do?

Paul has arrived on time, to the second, he is in his suit, and it looks like he's already been to the makeup room by the way the lighting hits his features, he is perfectly pressed and prepared, and waits patiently for the others involved.

"Thank you, Private Matthews." Tracy says, standing up to shake his hand as he comes down. The man's a little teary eyed - probably from the lighting. He wears his uniform with a purple heart pinned to it, and looks about 12. He's perfect. He nods, they exchange words and Tracy turns to greet Abby - Matthews pointly watching her go. "Abby! So glad you could make it." She doesn't offer her hand for a shake, but she has a bright smile across her features at seeing the other woman. "Mister Heart is just over here, have you met him?"

"I've met Mr. Heart" It was a late night, and he'd been the lawyer for a friend. That the man's not doing a double take with Tracy doesn't surprise her. He shouldn't be expected to remember everyone. "I Uhh, can I talk to you, Ms. Strauss?"

Paul smiles and nods to Abby as she approaches, then takes a step back when she asks to talk to Tracy in private.

Very well tended, narrow eyebrows lift a little in surprise at Abby's request. It must be nerves about being on screen. "Why yes, of course." She says, gesturing to a small, private corner that doesn't seem particularly traveled. "I apologize for being unable to have a proper office here, but we all must make sacrifices," she jokes with a bit of a smile to hopefully lighten things.

In the meantime? Private Matthews makes his way beside Paul, folding his arms and watching Tracy and Abby walk away with a low whistle. "I love this gig, man. I wish I could do more of these."

Thin fingers run through her hair, a glance to Paul and the Private before she looks up to Tracy, shoulders hunched inwards. "I uh, I have to pull out Ms. Strauss. I thank you greatly for this opportunity, but things have come up and I need to politely excuse myself from this. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you till now, I was busy but… " Blue eyes search out the Blonde's, waiting for either the blast to come or .. who knows what else. "I'm.. very sorry"

Paul looks at Mathews, "You mean none of that stuff was real? You sure turn it on and off pretty quickly" He smiles softly and does enjoy the view of the two blondes for a moment or two.

No, Tracy Strauss does not explode. There is a look of distress on her face, but already her mind is working with this - dealing with this, trying to turn this somehow and figure out what to do next. Thank goodness her mind can work on one thing while her lips work on another. "Is everything alright, Miss Beauchamp? If it is the television that makes you nervous, we might be able to make you more comfortable."

Matthews and Paul, in the meantime, seem to be enjoying the show. "Oh no, it's all very real. I'm just saying, I'd love to have more hot blondes come up to me at my job and ask me to be on TV to speak about somethign I believe in. You know, while getting to hang around said hot blondes."

"No Ms. Strauss, nothing is alright, doesn't have to do with being on Television" She'd be nervous and wringing her hands if she was. "Just something's happened, and I'm not what you need anymore" The hot REDHEAD beside the hot blonde looks apologetic, her thumbs still hooked into her jean pockets. Damn her and her need to tell people bad news face to face.
Tracy has partially disconnected.

Paul shakes his head, "She is OK, I don't know…she doesn't pop out as anything special to me, she almost looks familiar." He shrugs, "So where exactly did she find you? Are you planning on joining frontline yourself?"

Crap, crap, crap! That's what's going through Tracy's head while she speaks in much kinder tones to Abby. "Well of course I understand, if you're unable. Is there anything I can possibly do to help?" Should have made her sign a contract. So maybe Tracy is a little cold, but it's one of the many reasons that she's wonderful at what she does.

"Me? No, I'm not Evolved. But it seems like a good idea to me, would have been nice if someone could shoot fireballs at the enemy when we were over there." The boy rocks back and forth on his heels, watching the women. "Doesn't stand out? I got to get out here more often. Miss Strauss flew me out here, I'm from Iowa origionally." Of course. And his favorite food must be apple pie, and his favorite holiday must be the 4th of July. BUt not because it's patriotic, that's too obvious. Probably because he likes the fireworks. "I wish dames like that were 'ordinary' back home."

"Can you give me back my ability? Cause if so, then, I'll sit in front of the camera. You needed Abigail of the healing ability. I'm Abigail of the no ability" Is she serious? "Thank you, for the opportunity Ms. Strauss. Really. I guess it's just not the time"

Paul chuckles softly, and shakes his head, "I guess it is all a matter of taste really, are you sure you would want a woman like that? She's awfully high maintenance."

Wait, what? That makes Tracy's doublespeak sort of shudder to a halt. "You…lost your ability? How? I'm so sorry, Abby." Apparently some people like their abilities. Hey, Tracy is learning. "But…Abby, I didn't ask you here for your ability. You healed people, it's true. But you made the choice to heal those people. It's your good nature, your kind soul that I wanted." Yes, she doesn't want you for your ability!

"Hell no." Comes Matthes response with a little chuckle. "I'd just want to take her out for a night. Try her out, see how she, ya know. Fits. Ah, men. Just when you think they can't get any more vulgar.

Yes Ms. Strauss, some people do like their ability. There are people who love their ability even. But Abigail's doing double looks too. She thought they'd wanted.. evolved people to lend their name to it. "I can't. I'm not in any shape to be endorsing anything Ms. Strauss. Really. I'm very sorry. Maybe another time, if there's ever another time" The younger red head takes a couple steps back, distancing herself from the blonde. "I thank you again, for this opportunity. It's.. It was appreciated"

It is like the sudden rolling in of a storm cloud as Paul turns on the Iowa private, dark an terrible to behold, "That is no way to talk about a lady" He says slow, and measured speech, "And no way to act as a representative of the President of the United States"

Well that being done, Tracy's back in spin mode, wracking her brain for ideas. "Of course, Miss Beauchamp. If there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to let me know." And with that, she turns back to Paul and Matthews. Oh god, now the laywer's going all schitzo again. "Please excuse me." She says hurridly to Abby, rushing over to Paul and setting a hand on his arm, nodding with a few words to scared Private Matthews, who is happy to go. "Mister Heart." She says, turning her eyes up to him. "Are you ready for your close up, as they say?"

Abigail nods, sure that that offer is just a show. She doesn't seem the woman to actually care. She's like Jessica, but with less killing. Much less killing. A glance over to Paul as Tracy heads over there. He does look scary, she forgot about that thing.. with the light, that he seems to be able to do. Abigail's standing there, wanting to catch a glimpse of what's being done.

Paul snaps back when Tracy approached, watching the private retreat he smiles softly, "Is everything OK with her?" He nods toward Abby

Tracy lowers her hand from the lawyer when she's sure he won't go ape-shit on the private. A glance and a hopeful smile are given back toward Abby. "I'm afraid I really couldn't say. But please," She gestures to a seat near the filming area. They're setting up another backdrop color for Paul and preparing his lighting. "Have you prepared your statement?"

Paul nods and withdraws the statement from his pocket, offering it to her. "I put a few words together, I don't know exactly what you are looking for though."

But she doesn't reach to take the paper, instead she just gives Paul a bit of a wider smile, as if to try and encourage him. "I'd really appreciate it if you could go ahead and read it to me. Your delivery matters just as much as the words themselves."

Paul doesn't reach for the paper, he instead takes a seat up at the stage, he doesn't care if the cameras are rolling or not, and as for the lights, well he takes care of that himself. He takes on a professional yet open and trusting stance, the neighbor who is always there to help you. When he speaks it is softly, but with strength and purpose. "My Name is Paul Heart, like many of you, I was there on November 8th, less then a mile from the blast. I know the power of the Evolved, and the fear that that power brings. But we have to remember, that this, like any other tool can be used for good and evil, and that the people with these powers are people with all the mortal failings and strengths. When terrorists and criminals have these powers, it begs that the only people who can stop them, are those with powers themselves, we /need/ Frontline to protect us, to stand as a ray of hope in these troubled time. " As he ends a spot like picks him out and the floor light dim, making him almost glow in the dark.

Of course, a few of the lighting guys get really confused. Tracy, in the meantime, crosses her arms as she watches the man speak. She looks pensive, thoughtful, and critical. Some things he says she doesn't necessarily care for, but it's his spot, and none of it can really be argued with. When he's finished, she gives a nice smile for him. "That sounds wonderful. We'll get the cameras up, and get that on film and get you out of here as fast as possible."
Paul steps down and raises an eyebrow, ignoring the confused looks his eyes are on Tracy, "Is there anything you would change?"

Abigail frowns, slightly, but after hearing Paul, away from the get up she starts to pick her way, over wires and words and the like, heading for the door.

Tracy tilts her head just so to the side as she considers him. "Yes." She finally answers, more concerned with the commercial than for his feelings. Well, she's not conerned for his feelings. "Perhaps it might be prudent not to refer to evolved as 'tools'. I'm sure you can see how that might be an issue."

Paul crosses his hands behind the back, and nods slowly, "What would you have me say instead?" He smiles a little, looking very open.

Tracy is rather surprised he's being so receptive, but she really does appreciate it. That doesn't mean she's not expecting him to explode upon her eventually, but she's going to get this done, and she's going to get this done right. It's what she does. "Perhaps you might cut it out altogether, and say simply that The People with these powers are people with mortal failings and strengths?"

Paul hmmms softly, and nods, "Were there any other suggestions you had?"

And she shakes her head, giving him the go ahead. "No, it sounds good to me. Was there anything you wanted to add or subtract for it before we do the first take?" She asks, much to the director's displeasure, who is almost pouncing to get the reel run and done.

Paul shakes his head, "Not if you don't have anything, I am prepped and ready."

A few signals are given, a few nods and a few calls are given to quiet the area. It all seems very unprofessional, very rushed, but soon it's quiet and the lights are set - even if Paul intends to adjust the lighting to his own. They'll at least earn their paycheck. The man behind the camera holds up three fingers. Then two. Then one. Then a thumbs-up to Paul to go.

Paul smiles softly as the cameras lock onto his face, his expression professional and open. "My Name is Paul Heart, like many of you, I was there on November 8th, less then a mile from the blast. I know the power of the Evolved, and the fear that that power brings. But we have to remember that the people with these powers are people with all the mortal failings and strengths. When terrorists and criminals have these powers, it begs that the only people who can stop them, are those with powers themselves, we /need/ Frontline to protect us, to stand as a ray of hope in these troubled time." As the cameras fade out the lights dim, leaving only him radiating light in the darkness.

"Cutttt!" The director screeches, and all the lights flip back on. One of the first things Paul will see is a smiling Tracy walking up on stage toward him, offering a hand. "I think that went fine, Mister Heart. Thank you so much."

Paul smiles, taking Tracy's hand, "No problem Miss Strauss, if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask"

Tracy nods, letting her hand fall to her side once the handshake is finished. "Well then, I think we have everything that we need. You're free to go, and of course, you have our gratitude. If you have any questions or anything, give me a call. I gave you my card, right?"

Paul nods, "You did, and I am sure you have mine. We will meet again I am sure miss Strauss… the other lady not participating after all?"

To that, Tracy shakes her head. "I'm afraid not. But don't worry - the ad will come out just fine." Someone calls her name from behind her and she gives Paul a nod of her head. "Please excuse me." ANd she turns, walking toward the sound of the voice.

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