Promise of Lessons


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Scene Title Promise of Lessons
Synopsis Molly seeks out a new piano teacher, and decides to play a little Yente.
Date October 13, 2010

Le Rivage

Apartment #202

Angela had suggested that Molly get a hobby. Molly decided to take piano lessons, she heard and read about this teacher who was suppose to be very good and so.. here she is at the apartment door, knocking. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a flowery shirt and her brown cowboy boots. She holds a messenger bag and looks up at the number of the door, head tilting to the side, her high ponytail falling to the side and blonde hair falls into her eyes. She holds a notebook in her hand as well and waits for the piano instructor to come to the door. She hopes the lady is home.

After Molly knocks on the door, she'll notice something. A sound coming from inside the apartment. It's in a decent enough area that the girl shouldn't be concerned. But what she hears is strange. Humming? Singing! Frank Sinatra from the sound of it. Or maybe Michael Buble - yes that must be it. Oh I just haven't met you….
"…yet." The door opens on the last word, and Marjorie sung the last word. "Well hello!" Marjorie says. She's cheerful enough, wearing a shor-sleeved dress with a little collar, and a nice small crystal flower charm around her neck. She smiles, her lips painted bright red. "Can I help you, dear?" The apartment smells of good things. Of pies, of cupcakes, of everything a child's dreams might be.

"I said love, love, love, love."
Molly sings softly and she grins up at Marjorie. "Hi! I heard you give piano lessons?" she grins brightly and the smell of all those sweets in there.. OMG. She wants in! "My guardian said I should find a hobby and she has this grand Steinway at home and so I thought.. why not piano?" she holds her hand out. "Molly Walker, pleased to meet you." She likes the lady already, she has good taste in music.

Marjorie laughs a little, stepping back. "Well please, come in. You have a much prettier singing voice than I do though - I'm already jealous!" She closes the door easily behind Molly, locking the deadbolt and the two little chain locks and the kick lock. Well it is New York, nothing wrong with being safe, right? "Come in, please, have a seat. I'm Marjorie, but the fliers should have said that part. I had my son design them though, so I don't know that they had everything they needed. Apparently the address was right."
The foyer empties into the living room with comfortable couches, a flat-panel hung up on the wall, flowers and shelves with knick-knacks and candles. There is an open island-bar to the kitchen, and on it are three raised covered dishes. One has a pie, one has cookies, and the other has cupcakes. To the right is the dining room. The piano, simple but efficient, sits in the living room, though Molly is steared toward the dining room. "Would you like something to eat? I have all sorts of goodies - I'm a baker partially - but I have crackers and the like as well.

And it keeps getting better. "Thanks!" Molly doesn't figure herself to be much of a singer but the compliment was nice to hear. The teen strides forward and takes a look around the place. Very nice and then she's placed before the motherload of happiness and success in the eyes of a teenager. "Holy Mother of God.."

She quickly nods her head. "I'd love to have a cupcake and one cookie please! I love baking too, I bake for dad all the time. When he's around." She shrugs lightly and goes to take a seat at a table. "You're son designed the fliers? Well they look great!" she's excited about all of this already.

Marjorie laughs, a deep, yet light chuckle from her throat. "I'll be sure to tell him, he'll love to hear a girl complimenting his work. He'll probably fall apart in blushes and studders." Marjorie gestures for Molly to sit while she goes to the kitchen. One of the cases is lifted, and a single cookie removed. The heavy glass top is returned to it's place, and Marjorie goes for the cupcakes. "I have, what are these again? I made them this morning and I can't hardly remember - oh! Spiced pumpkin walnut and creme or Nutella hazelnut," She says, waiting for Molly's answer. "Baking is an important skill, don't let anyone tell you different. Up until I moved last month, I'd been baking cupcakes five days a week for…gosh, it must have been 11 years. Milk too, Molly?"

"Nuetella hazelnut and milk please!" Molly says and looks at the sweets with big eyes. "How long have you been playing piano?" she asks with a tilt of her head. Ms. Walker looks around the apartment. "I've always wanted to try but I just never did. Guess this is the perfect age to start?"

"All of my life," Marjorie explains, breezily. She pours a tall glass of milk and brings both the plate and the glass to sit in front of Molly. The woman settles across the table from the girl. "My brother was a professional conductor and a pianist, he taught me. And you're at quite a fine age to start, I should say. It's really nice, really warming to the heart to see a young woman like yourself interested in the piano. It's really the most versitile instrument, and one of the most respectable."

"I've been listening to Moonlight Sonata for about a week. It's so pretty. Why don't you play for an orchestra or like a band?? You would totally rock with your baking skills too." She says and then she digs into the sweets. AMAZING! "So good!" Molly gobbles the cookie and then the cupcake up and then takes a sip of milk. "Can I have the recipe of the cupcakes? I'd love to surprise Angela."

"I don't really have one, to be honest. I'll try and write one down," Marjorie promises Molly with a happy smile. She folds her arms comfortably on the table. "But I don't play for an orchestra or a band because the work would mean I would have to travel, and it's usaully very hard work to find at that. Besides, it's not my only passion. I bake for the new dessert bar in town part-time, and I also run a candle-making shop online. So I have a lot of hats that I wear, and I prefer it that way."
She nods, looking down at the table for a moment. "So Moonlight Sonata is not a terribly difficult one. While we'll have to start teaching you notes and excersizes first, we should be able to move into that quickly enough. What else are you hoping to learn?"

Molly beams at the older woman and nods her head. "I want to learn everything you can teach me!" she says with a bright smile, she's very excited for this. "When you finally want to kick me out from learning from you, that's when I'll stop." She sage nods, she's going to be taking this quite seriously. "How much are the lessons? I have to let my dad know." He'll like that she's taking piano. She has two hobbies now.. shooting at the range.. and piano! Well balanced human being! Yeah!

"Well," Marjorie says, lifting a finger to pause Molly. She rises, going into one of the bedrooms. There is a thunk. "Oh sugar sticks…I told him to pick these up off the floor…" She grabs a bit of paper from her son's printer and comes back ot the table, sliding the form across the glass top toward Molly. "It's all there. You and your father will need to fill it out - and I'll have to meet your father too, of course. Just to make sure that I'm not causing a rift at home or something."

"Okay awesome!" Molly looks down at the paper and then puts the papers in her messenger bag which is laying on the floor. "This will be so much fun. My dad will love you. Are you single?" she asks with a raised eyebrow, she wants daddy to date! He seems lonely! "Just curious!" She assures the nice lady.

Marjorie's big green eyes get a little bigger at the question. Not shock, not distaste, but just a bit of surprise. "Single? I suppose I am, yes." That's all she says to that, figuring it's enough for the girl. It answered her question. Nothing else to be said for it, right?
"My phone number is on the paper there. You or your father can call me and set up a schedule and a time to meet. Hopefully we can get you started this week. I think you'll really enjoy it, Molly."

"Awesome!" Molly jumps into the air and grabs her bag. "I hate to eat and run! But I have to run." She says and begins to make her way to the door. "My dad will call you! Promise! And I'll tell him to bring his appetite!" Because isn't it true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well Molly thinks that this woman's food can make Matt fall in love easy.

Marjorie laguhs a little, nodding. She rises to walk Molly to the door. "Well that sounds excellent. I'll make sure to have some more nutella cupcakes ready for when you come by." She promises. The door is opened for the young girl. "Thank you again for coming, Molly. I really look forward to hearing from you."

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