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Scene Title Promotions
Synopsis Elaine has some good news to share, but sometimes Robyn makes it a little hard to stay excited.
Date June 2, 2019

Cresting Wave Apartments, Elaine's Apartment

She could have picked a nice restaurant and just gone that route, but Elaine liked to cook. It took her mind off of things and it meant she had some sense of control over what was going on. So instead of inviting Robyn to a nice restaurant, she found herself draining some pasta while sauce was bubbling away on the stove. She kept an ear out for the door, making sure to keep everything from burning at the same time.

Stepping away from the kitchen, she moves to the table, setting it up for two. Thankfully, she’d managed to get Robyn away for a night—tricky given her new role as a mother.

Tricky because the situation is so unique - Robyn finds herself unwilling to venture too far from home for fear less of what Matthew might get in to, and more out worry that leaving him alone could damage the trust she's trying to build up. But she'd made sure he was extra okay with her heading out for part of the night, and now here she was.

Knuckles dance against the wood in a light ¾ beat as she waits, leaning wearily against the door as she listens for Elaine. Between her ongoing SESA investigations and now raising a child she is beat, and it shows.

The knock at the door draws her attention and Elaine moves briefly to the kitchen to remove the pot of sauce before she heads to the door. When she answers the door, she’s dressed somewhat formally. Either she dressed up for this meal or she never changed from work: a simple green silk dress, tied at the waist, with black heels, rose gold drop earrings and a matching necklace.

She offers a bit of a smile, although there’s the slightest hint of trepidation there. “Hey,” she says, stepping out of the way to allow passage. “Sorry for being a bit vague.”

"What?" Robyn blinks, looking at Elaine's formal dress - a stark comparison to how Robyn Quinn has actually chosen to dress DOWN for once. No frilly black dresses, no impossibly fashionable jackets, no posh, glittery gown. Tonight, Robyn Quinn is wearing a slightly too small t-shirt with a barely buttoned shirt over it, a choker, jeans, and more eyeliner than she cares to admit - possibly to draw attention from the circles under her eyes.

It almost looks like a blast from the past, Robyn Quinn of 2010 stepping into the present out of nowhere. "No worries," she remarks with a smile as she steps in and almost immediately makes her way to the couch.

“You look great,” Elaine says, her smile warming. “I just wanted a chance to have dinner and hang out with you for a little bit.” She pauses. “I have a few things I wanted to talk about, too, but… nothing bad, I promise. Good things. New things. Old things…”

She disappears into the kitchen for a moment, returning with two plates of pasta which she sets on the table near the couch and moves to pour two glasses of wine. “I know we’ve both been busy, but this is a bit of a celebration.”

"A celebration?" Robyn looks as confused as she does tired for a long moment, head tilting to the side. She gladly takes the glass of wine, no hesitation in taking a long sip of it as she sinks a bit into the couch. The glass is held close as Robyn looks down into it, before letting out a long sigh.

"I feel like every time we get together lately involves food and news," she offers with a chuckle afterwards, looking up at Elaine as she threads a strand of hair behind her ear. "We need to fix that. Desperately. Even if I don't have much free time anymore."

“Well, it looks like we’re going to have a lot of difficulty seeing each other at this rate,” Elaine chuckles. “We’re celebrating my promotion.” She takes her glass of wine and raises it a little. “Mm, should’ve gotten champagne, that would be fancier.” She takes a sip from her glass before she looks back to Robyn.

“I’m Head Curator of the Yamagato Fellowship. That means I get to organize events and exhibits, hire staff, plan parties… and none of the actual administrative work. There’s someone else handling that, so I can focus on the actual artifacts and the people who want to see them. This is…” She bites on her lower lip. “This is like the top of the professional food chain. I don’t think it gets much better than this for me.”

The way Robyn freezes halfway through a sip of her wine is almost like someone actually froze her in time. After a moment she blinks, slowly lowering the glass form her lips and placing back on the table. "Holy shit," she says quietly, stareing ahead for a long moment before she looks up to Elaine.

"That's amazing, 'Lainey. I- that's basically your dream come true, isn't it? Short of- I guess actually being there when they dig them up." Slowly, she rises up to her feet, turning to face the polygot as a sly smirk forms on her face. "'Bout time they realise what they've got, if y' ask me. Congrats, hon."

“I mean, it’s a dream come true. It’s almost unrealistic… but the position needed to be filled and it’s been vacant a number of months now… I imagine they couldn’t find a qualified candidate externally so they decided to look internally. That would be the logical conclusion. Ms. Nakamura and I addressed the fact that I was, in some ways, woefully unqualified for this position. Part of the solution is that I’m going to get my Masters in History.”

Elaine doesn’t look quite as happy as a promotion might make her. “Logically, the company could work around training me because they need someone dedicated who enjoys the work. On paper I’m a terrible choice. Personality and drive? Sure, I’m great.”

"And on paper, I should've been laughed out of SESA at best, put in jail at worst." Robyn reaches down at takes Elaine's hands, staring into the other's eyes. "Unqualified is a load of horse shit, both you and I know it. It's great that they're going to send you back to school, but you are perfect for that job in every way. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, okay?"

The name Nakamura will forever elicit a sour response from Robyn, wrinkling her nose at the mention of Kimiko. "At least Ms. Nakamura seems to be a better decision maker than her brother was. Is. However the hell that works with time travellers." Her shoulders rise in a small shrug, and she nods. "Alright, so it's a celebration! What kind of party do you want to have?"

There’s a hesitation, as if Elaine isn’t sure she wants to continue with what she is about to say. She sets the glass of wine down. “I… I mean, uh, I know you’ve mentioned it in the past… but how much do you know about the Company?” She hadn’t meant to spring the question so suddenly, but the whole situation made her nervous. She didn’t know what to expect… so she went with ripping the band-aid off and getting it over with.

“The Company?” Robyn wrinkles her nose like she just sniffed something bordering on foul, and turns back to reclaim her wine glass. “Not much,” she responds flatly. “Someone like Magnes might know more than I do.”

A long sip of her wine. “I know they were the basis for how SESA handles some things. I know that they hurt a lot of people, but also probably kept quite a few evos safe. I know that most of them are assholes. I know most anything else that was talked about in Albany.” There’s a long moment of silence, and then another sip of wine.

“I think my mom may have been working for them.”

Elaine wasn’t expecting the last bit. That certainly had her attention. “Your mom?” Given the information she was given regarding her own mother, however, it was less surprising than she thought. “Okay, that’s an odd turn of events then.” She takes in a deep breath. “So… something kind of fell in my lap.”

Here, she would have shown the address book to Robyn, but instead she had locked it away somewhere safe—if Richard had been right that the Company destroyed most of the information about itself, she might want to keep it locked up until she could return it to Kimiko Nakamura. Instead, she folds her hands in her lap and continues.

“Ms. Nakamura told me our paths were more intertwined than we both thought and handed me her father’s address book from the 1980’s. Weird, right? The weird part was actually the part where my mother’s name was in there.”

“Yes, my mother. The artist! I’m sure you remember her. Richard came across mention of her in stuff he shouldn’t have been digging up.” There’s a hint of bitterness in Robyn’s voice, and it doesn’t seem aimed at Richard. But then Elaine brings up her mother as well, and a husky, stifled laugh rings out from her.

“Who knows , maybe our parents dated too! While working for the Company.” She lowers an even glare at Elaine, and then sighs. “Sorry. I just… Ive has a lot of time to think about this, and it doesn’t sit well. Donna Dunlap, who worked for the Institute and the Company knew her too. It’s a rabbit hole I’m scared to go down.”

Shaking her head, she throws back the rest of her wine. “Maybe consider stopping there before you learn anything you don’t want to.” Which is advice Robyn herself certainly won’t be taking.

“Your mother didn’t seem like the type to be mixed up with the Company, but I’m clearly starting to lose track of how innocent people are or aren’t,” Elaine shakes her head a little bit. “I know it’s a rabbit hole but sometimes you’ve got to go down the hole to see Wonderland, learn a bit about yourself in the process.”

There’s a bit of a laugh as Robyn mentions stopping there. “You know, Richard gave me the same bullshit speech, as if somehow I was not going to fully question what was going on and I’d be ‘safe’. Nothing about my life has been safe for years, I’d rather know what’s going on and what I might expect coming my way than sit in the dark waiting for the worst.” She looks down at her wine glass, then picks it up and takes a sip.

“There were kanji next to her name and the other names in that address book. They mean ‘mystery, secret’. The names other than my mother’s were Jared Harrison and Delilah’s father, I think. So basically, the symbol’s there to indicate that they aren’t from our timeline. People got switched, the Company tried to hide the dopplegangers by altering memories and fitting them into the lives of their counterpart. So that… that was my mom. My average, uncomplicated mother.”

Robyn just sort of stares at Elaine. Not from our timeline. Her eye twitches, her hands moving to her hips. “ I should tell you that if Richard Ray, someone I consider a good friend but also a madman, is telling you step back, we’ll… maybe that’s a sign.”

After a moment, she shrugs. “But I didn’t listen to him either. Only earned me an existential nightmare and no level of certainty as to what I can do or sometimes who I even am.” This is a level of awareness Robyn rarely if ever shows, but here it is. “So if you want t’ see what’s in Wonderland, ‘Lainey? That’s going to be on you.”

Elaine shakes her head as she looks into her glass of wine. “I would love to be in a position to step back. I tried for a while, I guess. Doing translation work at Yamagato, working too hard, not thinking about things, not having a social life… it didn’t suit me. I want to be hanging out and having conversations with you, with friends, discussing how we’re going to help someone out with something or to protect ourselves… I want to be a part of things, not the collateral damage. I don’t want to be a liability. Hell, I learned that after you left me. Things had gone to shit and there was the war and I didn’t want to just feel helpless. I wanted to protect people, to do what I could.”

The wine is sipped, almost as if to try and calm herself down from the rapid train of thought she was spouting. “Anyway, I don’t think I have a choice about this rabbit hole. I either face it head on and know what’s coming or I ignore it and it catches me off guard and possibly screws me over later. Besides… my own boss sent me down this rabbit hole. She knew this meant something and she chose to share it with me. She knew there was more than just my mother’s name in her father’s address book.”

"Of course she did." Robyn's tone is still flat, and she barely manages to keep herself from rolling her eyes. "She's a Nakamura. Her brother didn't make a great case for them being sane." Furrowing her brow, she frowns. "How did she know she was your mother? It's… not like that would be public knowledge."

Crossing her arms, Robyn narrows her eyes. "How does she make that leap? Unless she had someone do some incredible detective work for her - or she has Company notes she didn't give you." Shaking her head, Robyn reaches down to take one of Elaine's hands. "I like it about as much as I like the idea of my mother working for the Company, 'Lainy."

“The whole conversation felt… it was a bit much. I haven’t had a lot of contact with Ms. Nakamura, just a small handful of times… I was far too low on the totem pole to really be of much significance.” Elaine shrugs a bit. “But then Kam Nisatta retires and for months nothing is done. So I get a promotion. Alright push that all aside. For someone who doesn’t know me, she did a lot of research. I’m not really one to hide information on myself but…” She shakes her head.

“I certainly don’t mention the name of my mother anywhere. The entry in the address book is just ‘R. Darrow’. That’s not even a first name. And there can be other Darrows in New York, I’m sure there could be. Why bring it up if it’s not a certain thing? But she was certain of this. She didn’t just stumble across this and think ‘Wow, neat, they have the same last name’.”

Robyn's frown only deepens. This time she actually does roll her eyes, scoffing out loud. "Goddamnit," she mutters. "Why does everything have to sound so…" Wrinkling her nose, she looks off to the side. "Conspiracy-y." Huffing out a breath, Robyn shakes her head. "I guess when the Company is involved it only makes sense. One of the last times I spoke to Richard, we got into a similar conversation. Something about…"

The whispers.

Immediately, Robyn feels the impulse to veer the conversation away. "Whatever this is, it sure as hell isn't coincidence. Coincidence is a chaos with a purpose - it doesn't exist. Not in our lives, anyway." She looks Elaine in the eyes, steadying her gaze again. "Please be careful, 'Lainey."

Elaine sighs. “Don’t worry, I’m going to be careful, I just… I’m kinda in the middle of the rabbit hole, Robyn. I can try and climb down but at some point I’m gonna fall into something.” She sets her glass down again. “Okay, I know you don’t like this conspiracy talk, but… there’s something wrong. I mean, with all this. There’s this huge feeling like I’m missing something because she just…”

The glass is once more stared at before she looks to Robyn. “Say you’re a Japanese national. You’re no-nonsense, business oriented, you speak Japanese natively but English fluently for business. You’re coming to give someone a promotion, someone you know speaks both Japanese and English fluently, someone you pointedly know has a gift for languages.” She picks up her glass, gesturing with it a bit. “Follow me so far?”

“You’ve met this person maybe once or twice. You aren’t super personally acquainted beyond mere formalities. You’ve read their resume. You’re impressed with their ability for language. So why, when you meet up with this individual, do you speak entirely in English? Why do you compliment her beyond just ‘you do a good job carry on’ and speak what sounds like poetry… but all still in English? I didn’t think it super weird at the time because it was all so fast and when I sat down and really thought about it, it just felt off.”

"It's not that I don't like it," Robyn replies with a scoffing laugh. "I love it. It beats having the transdimensional counterpart of a dead co-worker trail me, an intern, and a newbie around at work." Not really - she is relishing the bizarreness of their case, but this is still somehow more satisfying. A smirk, once that hints of… sharp edge of sort forms on Robyn's face. "But I've also seen how deep these rabbit holes can go. Hell, so have you. We've time traveled, for Christ sake."

Looking down at her wine glass, her smirk becomes more pronounced. "Where's the wine? I think we're due for more."

Elaine seems unnerved for a moment at the reaction she sees from Robyn, but she gets to her feet to go collect the bottle of wine—she should have known better than to leave it in the kitchen honestly. Returning with it, she pours both of them another glass.

“I just… I want to know where to expect an arrow to be flying at me from, you know? I want to know which crazy thing we’ve encountered is the right thing to expect to face next. I can handle things, I just need to know they’re coming.” She rubs her face, then takes her glass for a good swig.

"Oh, hon. What kind of nonsense has Richard been filling your head with?" Meant as a playful sort of jab, of course - Robyn has more respect for Richard than to take pot shots behind his back when she could do it to his face. "It's never going to come from anywhere you expect. Imean, look at this!" The situation that is. "A blind shot across the bow."

She shrugs again, sipping from her wine. "Listen. What you've got - and I've got - it gives us a leg up information wise, that's for sure. Don't let that liull you into a false sense of security, though." She points to her face - to her eyes. "That's how you end up getting hurt."

“I dunno, Richard put a lot of things into perspective.” Elaine takes another swig of her wine. “And I’m not saying I’m even falling into a false sense of security. It’s more the opposite… I want to know where it’s coming at so I can shoot back.” Her hand grips tighter around the wine glass in her hand, but thankfully not the kind of pressure that would shatter it—good glasses, at least.

“If I’m going to be looking into any rabbit holes, I want to know you’ve got my back—and that it might be something a little more dangerous than say, emotional stuff. What I’m saying is I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that I can trust you. That you have my back.”

"So, paranoia, then?" The smirk returns. "It's hard to find a median, sometimes." A sip of wine, a drop wiped from her lips. "Buy in ain't cheap, either. But sure, we'll do some detective work on the down low. It'll be like old times. Maybe we'll dig up some shit neither of us ever wanted to know about our parents instead of government conspiracies this time." She gives a short, nonchalant shrug. Sure, why not.

The smirk doesn't fall as one hand rises up with a flourish, fingers placed under Elaine's chin. It's a bit of an odd choice, since Robyn can't tilt Elaine's head up to her - Elaine being so much taller proves vexing once again. Instead, fingers slip to Elaine's cheek, where two tap gently against her cheek.

"I will walk down to the end, with you, if you will come all the way down with me." The words are spoken with a bit of a melodic gate - likely song lyrics, knowing Robyn. "Besides, I like dangerous. I just try not to advertise it much."

“Good. Because if I can’t trust you, who can I trust?”

It’s an interesting question, especially since Elaine has no answer to that. Richard’s proven helpful and he could help in a pinch, there was always anyone associated with the Ferrymen, people she might have worked with during the war… but those weren’t the kind of people she would know to run to in a panic. She pauses.

“I mean, I guess there’s Magnes. He’s got his priorities focused a little differently these days but if I ever called him for help I imagine he would.”

And really, for all she knew, Magnes could have met the version of her mother was originally from their plane. At least Magnes could understand the weirdness that was her mother being from somewhere else. Especially what with his Elaine. She doesn’t like that line of reasoning too much, so she switches her train of thought.

“Anyway, do you think she ever found out about who she was? She and my dad both died during the bomb but… I would have thought if she found out that she would have acted funny or something, something I’d remember. She and my dad were either really good actors or were just ordinary because that’s what I remember, a super ordinary life.”

"I don't think anyone would have let her find out who she was," is a gravely spoken response from Robyn, releasing Elaine's hand and moving to sit back down on the couch, legs crossed. YOu think either of our parents were that good of actors?" She takes her eyes off Elaine, staring ahead for a moment.

"I can believe my mom might have been, but… why? Why keep all of that from me? I never met your mom, but…" She looks up at Elaine. "Why? If anything, a young girl is more likely to understand that kind of insanity, even if she thinks it's a fairy tale." Her lips purse. "Donna Dunlap, one of the Company-turned-Institute people… she knew my mother too. Who knows who knew yours. I only knew because a coworker told me. His ability lets him see those connections."

“Richard made a joke about how I was half-alien. It was just a joke but there’s a certain truth to it…my mother’s still my mother but she’s got a whole story of what her life was like before she was just… my mother. I always thought I was the most exciting thing to happen to her. The most extraordinary.” Elaine nods slowly. “I know there’s not really an option or a way to know, but I wish I knew where she was from. She might have had family.”

She shakes her head. “That’s all wishful thinking.”

“Is it?” Robyn’s smirk returns as she looks Elaine in the eyes. “Give it some time. Maybe something else will present itself to us!” She spreads her ha s our in front of her, chuckling . “Or have you forgotten how fucked our lives are? I’m sure Richard is already looking into it. Maybe you could talk to some of the other people in that address book.”

Clicking her tongue, Robyn looks to the pasta she has t yet taken a bite out of. “I’m about t o seconds from knocking on the head of SESA’s door, if can find a moment between the cas I’m working and Matthew.” That, however , is definitely wishful thinking. “Anyway, sounds like a big day. Promotion and a mystery. Lord, it’s 2011 again.”

“It doesn’t hurt to look up people in the book, I suppose. I wonder if any of those addresses still exist now. Maybe Delilah knows more, maybe she can tell me. At the very least, at least she can commiserate. Big day, yeah, big day indeed.” Elaine looks back over. “Well, if you ever need to go out and do something on your own, let me know. I can come over and hang with the kid.”

Robyn lets out a bit of a snort as she falls backward to the couch. “He doesn’t need a babysitter. He can take care of himself. Sounds like he was doing plenty of that before I came along anyway.” Shaking her head, she sinks down into it a bit more. “He needs to know he isn’t trapped. That he can trust me. that’s why I don’t like leaving him for long.”

Crossing her arms, she looks up at the ceiling. “I mean I’d kill anyone who tries to mess with him too. But there’s more to this than just being his guardian.” How did they end up on this again? “But… I mean I guess having you watch him might breed trust. Or make him feel like he’s being observed. It’s hard to figure it out.”

“It’s hard to tell with children. I don’t know him well enough to say either way… but he does need to know that he can trust you… and that you can trust him. Trust goes both ways. You let it be one sided and…”

Elaine certainly doesn’t have to talk to Robyn about one-sided trust.

“Anyway, food’s getting cold if you’re still interested in eating.” Her attention moves to the food but it’s clear it’s just an excuse not to be talking about matters of trust, even if they don’t involve her. It’s still a tiny bit of a tough issue and one she doesn’t usually address, even alone.

Robyn gives Elaine a bit of a look at that comment, before she finally sits down and begins to eat. Discussions of trust will have to wait for another day, anyway, since Robyn has no intention of engaging that particular topic in any way beyond relating to Matthew - and the way she almost seems ignorantly dismissive of how Elaine trails off might speak more volumes than she intends for it to:

What trust issues?

Instead, she just looks back up at her ex-fiance, once again girlfriend with a wide, almost doting smile. "You know I always liked your cooking," is less of a deflection than it comes off as. "I guess there's just a lot going on today." A roll of her eyes. "Like every day, it seems like. I'm truly happy for you, though, Elaine. I think this is going to be great, f'r you, because your great for it." The promotion, that is.

Maybe the silence says enough. Maybe they’ll never get to that conversation. Odds weren’t in their favor. Instead, Elaine smiles back at Robyn. She’ll focus on the present. “It’s always easy to cook when there’s someone adoring what you make. I don’t think you’ve ever complained about anything I’ve made.” She takes a bite of her pasta. “I think this will be great, and I’m going to make the most of it. A job like this is too good not to work for.”

Robyn’s smile twists into a smirk as she props her feet up on whatever’s nearby and sinks into the couch a bit more. “You’re too good for this place,” Robyn notes with her fork held aloft. “So it’s about time they recognized that. You could’ve flourished anywhere. SESA, Raytech,hell, even Praxis.” Dangerous words to speak within Yamagato, perhaps. “They’re lucky to have you.”

The fork dives back into her food, taking another bite as her grin widens. “You should come by the studio. It’s almost ready for a soft opening. I might even record a song to christen it.”

“I think someone is a little biased,” Elaine says with a grin. “But I’ll take the compliment. It’s good to be acknowledged for my work… I definitely work hard at it. It’s something I take seriously, it’s a job I feel I’m called to, in a way.” She takes a bite before looking back to Robyn.

“I will happily come by anytime you want. Especially if it means hearing a new song. I love you getting back into music—I honestly think it’s something that really works for you. You’re good at it and you’ve always seemed happy doing it. Happier than anything else.”

There's a scoff, followed by some stilted laughter as Robyn raises one finger to Elaine. "One!" she states with a strange, firm enthusiasm. "One song. Don't mistake this for something more. It won't even be released. It's more to test the equipment and make sure it's up to my standards anyway."

Waving a hand back and forth, she eats another bite of pasta before looking ahead. "Jolene has all the last music I ever made. Good place to end it, really, and good hands for it to be in. I know she plays it on the radio sometimes. "Anyway, don't get used to it. Even if I wanted to, I doubt I have time to mount a comeback anymore." A small shrug. No big loss to her, clearly.

“I’ve learned to take whatever victory I can with you, no matter how small. You’re a tough one to make ground with,” Elaine teases, but looks serious. “Music doesn’t have to be something that ends. You don’t need to make a comeback, you don’t need to make a big deal of of it. You make it your hobby, you make it a passion, but you don’t gotta take it more serious than that. I made my passion, my hobby into something. I don’t mean translating—I could translate anywhere. But I love history, I’ve loved it since I was a kid, it probably saved me from the first bomb. My life was just fine with it as a passion, as a pet project. I chose to make it more but there was nothing wrong with keeping it as something I dabbled in because I liked it.”

She puts a hand on Robyn’s arm. “So don’t think it has to be something big. Make music because you love music, and whatever will follow… will follow.”

Robyn continues to stare ahead through Elaine's microspeech, setting aside her plate as she listens and nods in accordance - not the fake kind of nod someone gives out of courtesy, but seemly actual, thoughtful nodding along. Lips quirk side to side as she considers, falling silent as Elaine finishes up. Thinking about her own memories, the memories she had seen in her visions, the music she had created last year, and the anecdotes told to her by those from other timelines, she eventually reaches a conclusion, sitting up straighter in her seat.


That's it. That's all she says, before returning to her food - of that she seems appreciative at least.

The simple reply was enough to stun Elaine, at least a little bit. Unsure what to think, she tries to distract herself with a bite of pasta. She spends maybe a full minute in silence trying to think up what she wants to say in response to that. She wants to argue, to convince Robyn that music was still her thing. She wants to say so much, but she doesn’t. She clears her throat just slightly.

“I respect your decision.”

No affirmation or acknowledgement of that comes from Robyn, having simply returned to her food. She had already been forming counter arguments, having been full expecting Elaine to argue - that the studio is her way of keeping her connection to music. When no attempt at rebuttal comes, Robyn is just as lost for the moment as Elaine is, letting the silence between them entrench itself that much deeper.

Instead she eats in silence, though whatever else is playing in the back of her mind must be entertaining, judging from the grin that's creeping across her face.

There was still some residual tension in the air, at least on Elaine’s part, so when she caught that grin there was a hesitation and a frown. Pasta is once again used as an excuse for distracted attention, but there was only so much pasta left in the bowl. There was only so much distracting that could be done. She lets it go in silence for two more bites before she looks at Robyn intently.

“What’s with that look?” She asks, trying not to sound as if she were annoyed by it.

Pulled from her little reverie, Robyn's smirk only widens as she looks over towards Elaine. "Just thinking of something," she replies. "Something I saw, once. The music talk made me think 'bout it. A good thing, mostly."

Her smirk slips a bit, before returning with a different feel and tone to it - almost more predatory. "Dunno how you'd feel about the rest that goes with it." A hand is held out in front of her, the way she used to do when she would be manipulating lights - but, predictably, nothing happens.

"How do you feel 'bout breaking curfew, 'Lainey? I think I wanna go out tonight, have a night on the town like we used to."

“As long as I get to work in the morning…” Elaine doesn’t want to dampen the suggestion with work, but work is a lot of her life now. “They make coffee and energy drinks and caffeine pills for a reason. Let’s do it.”

There’s something about her tone that makes the redhead unsure if she means one of her memories or the memories of someone else. It’s enough to make her distinctly uncomfortable, so she doesn’t follow that train of thought nor make it leave the station. “It’ll be nice for things to be like they used to be.”

One can only hope.

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