Prospective Pet Parent


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Scene Title Prospective Pet Parent
Synopsis Rami comes to adopt a pet, but Pam doesn't think it's a good idea.
Date November 16, 2008

Greenwich Village

A Local Animal Shelter.

After dinner hours at the animal shelter mean people with nine to five jobs start stopping by with pets that need some care. Pam's been fairly busy, but there's presently a lull. Enough of one that she's been able to take a dog out to get in some quality play time.

Once upon a time, a shrink told Rami that he should get a pet, but he didn't remember until just a few hours ago when one of those exceedingly tragic commercials from the SPCA came on the television. So he's made his way down to the shelter to at least have a look.
The tall, thin man of Arabian descent pushes open the door and steps inside. He appears to be a well put together man in a casual suit and dress shirt, though his clothes lack the formality of a tie. "Excuse me, I'm considering adopting an animal." He speaks with a crisp, British accent.

Pam glances over at Rami; she stands up, opens the dog's cage, and starts ushering it back inside. "What sort of animal?" she inquires with a big smile, because people adopting animals make her very happy. "Cat? Dog? Active? Younger, older?"

Rami chuckles and holds up a hand, an indication for her to slow down. "Well, that's what I need some help with. I've never chosen a pet before and I want to find one that may fit my lifestyle. If you haven't any animals here that would fit, I'd be happy to leave my information. I'm not in any rush."

Pam locks the cage door after one last pat to the skinny mutt's head and nods. "Right, right. Sorry 'bout that. Well, how big's your living space?"

"Oh…I'd say above average for one person. But only by a bit. It's a condo, so there's no yard. Which is why I was thinking a cat would be appropriate, or perhaps a small dog. But, as sometimes my work keeps me away from home, I'm not certain a dog would be happy." Rami steps further into the shelter and looks around, then glances back to Pam.

Animals everywhere. A little noisy, even. Pam nods. "A cat sounds like it would be better, than. Are you home every day?"

"Yes, but if I wasn't, I do have a neighbor who would check in on it. I've done it for her cats on occasion." A slight buzzing sound emits from Rami's jacket pocket. He pulls out a Bluetooth and checks something, then tucks it away again.

Pam glances at the Bluetooth for a moment, but returns her attention fully to him immediately after. "Alright, a cat sounds good. People recommend having two to keep each other company. I'm thinking you might be a bit busy for kittens."

"Hm? Yes. I can't give a kitten the attention it needs while it's growing. But I do want a socialized cat. I've heard that some shelter animals can be maladjusted." Rami returns his attention fully to Pam.

"We have some of those," Pam says, gesturing for him to follow as she goes down the rows. "There's a cute calico, she's very sweet. She had an ear infection that's mostly cleared up now. Maybe a week more of droplets."

Rami straightens the collar on his shirt and follows Pam down. "What kind of pets do you have yourself? If…I'm not being intrusive." He looks around at the cages as they pass. Somehow, it reminds him of work.

"I have two cats," Pam tells him, coming to a halt by a calico's cage. "Would you like to see her? I'd love a dog, but I don't have the space for one." And she's not sure if pets are even allowed in her building.

"Do you know her history? That is, how she came to be here?" Rami squats by the calico's cage and peers inward with interest, head slightly tilted as he examines the creature.

"Her owners were moving," Pam explains, "And they didn't have room for her at their new place. That's the story, anyway." The calico mews when she's close, so she undoes the cage door and pulls it out, checking the cat's ear. It looks a little crusty, but she did say it'd been infected.

Rami leans down and comes face to face with the cat. He doesn't say anything at first, nor move to touch it. He just examines it with a thoughtful, pensive gaze. As if analyzing the pet's quality by look alone. "If she didn't work out, could I bring her back and try another?"

"Er," says Pam, looking a little puzzled. The calico mews at Rami, wiggling a paw at him. "I suppose," she says. "Though it might be better to just pick one you're more… sure you like."

"Well, you know animals," Rami's tone is kind. He smiles, "…she might hate my place. She might get distressed or hide constantly. An environment like that is not helpful for either of us."

Pam nods slowly, looking somewhat reassured, though not entirely. She offers the calico to Rami. "Hold her?"

Rami looks like he's not quite sure how to take the cat. But he figures it out after a moment. "I'm…not certain it likes me. It feels very tense." He smiles somewhat sheepishly, then looks down into the animal's face. He doesn't seem like a natural.

Pam nods, turning to ease the cat back into the cage. "Maybe let's see about another one," she tells him. "Keep walking? Maybe someone will catch your eye."

"I'm…sorry. I'm a man absorbed in his work. I haven't developed a connection to animals." Rami tries to wipe the cat hair off his suit, but gives up after a moment.

Pam purses her lips briefly. Awkward. "What is it you do, Mister…?"
"Ah, Hollingwood. Rami Hollingwood." He rolls the 'r.' "I'm in government." From the way he says that, he's not about to elaborate.

"Oh," says Pam. She's starting to look a little lost. "So what made you decide to adopt a companion, Mister Hollingwood?"

"A friend of mine suggested it. He said I don't relax enough. There's those studies, you know, that say people with pets are less stressed." Rami puts his hands into his pockets and peers into the various cages.

Pam nods, trailing along. "It's true," she tells him. "I suppose they have to like animals first, though."

"Oh, I do. I'm just not accustomed to them." Rami looks back to Pam. "You're not convinced a pet is right for me, are you?" One eyebrow raises. His smile is polite.

Pam clears her throat gently. "Not entirely? I think you should try to… find one that you're more… enthusiastic about? We probably just haven't seen the right one yet."

"As I said," says Rami. He motions with a hand, "I'm willing to wait and come back later if the right animal doesn't present itself."

Pam tucks an errant lock of hair behind her ear, nodding. She turns to keep walking. "Well, there might be someone —- oh. Freddie. He's pretty lazy." And orange. And kind of huge, like maybe he ate another, smaller cat.

Rami chuckles. "Oh? Wouldn't a cat that large have health problems?" He's curious though, and checks the line of cages for said gigantic cat.

"He's big-boned?" Pam ventures. She slides a hand between the cage bars to ruffle its ears. "But he could stand a diet, yes." The cat yawns, eyes flicking to Rami. Pam looks briefly thoughtful before sayind, "I think he likes you."

"Because he yawned at me?" Rami chuckles. "Well, if that's as active as he gets, at least he wouldn't miss me when I'm not at home."

"No, I… alright. I suppose that's silly. But it was just a feeling I got," Pam says, shrugging a little. "Do you like him, or shall we keep looking?"

"You know, maybe I should wait. Perhaps get a fish, see how that goes. Work up from there." No, Rami is not emanating 'care,' that's for certain.

"Fish can be very soothing," Pam replies with a smile, relaxing slightly.

"Well, thank you for your time, miss." Rami reaches into his wallet and pulls out two twenties. He hands them to her. "Consider it a donation. I'm sorry I couldn't give one of these creatures a good home."
You applaud Pam.

Pam takes the cash and nods slowly. "Maybe you'll change your mind," she ventures after a moment. "Thank you."
"Perhaps I will. But I think I need to consider more closely what kind of animal would work with my lifestyle. And what temperament would work with me." Rami inclines his head to her and tucks his wallet away. "Have a good evening."

"You, too," Pamela tells him. "Take care."

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