Protecting The Beautiful People


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Scene Title Protecting The Beautiful People
Synopsis Liz calls on Nash to try and look into the shooting outside of Old Lucy's.
Date February 5, 2010

The only up side to traveling on the government's dime is that she doesn't have to fly commercial just for a weekend home. And that's all this is, right? A weekend home. Elisabeth was even good — she's wearing the exoskeleton uniform, though she only wore it on the plane and back to her apartment. There are a number of things she needs to do this weekend that will require NOT wearing the damn thing, but keeping the batteries charged with motion is a good plan while she can. Before she even lands, she drops a text message to her old partner asking him to meet her. Nash — my apartment? I've got a dinner meeting tonight, but I need to talk to you about a case. Thanks, —Liz

She's puttering around her kitchen drawing up a grocery list when the doorbell rings, and she walks in the FRONTLINE uniform to open the door. "Hey there, you," she greets him with a sheepish grin. "I would have come to the precinct, but can you see the reaction to this get-up?"

Nash is dressed sharply, as he usually is. Suit, tie and nice shoes. He was looking down the hall at a blonde going back into her apartment when the door is opened. The text he received was surprising, as he didn't know that Liz was keeping tabs on NYPD cases. He smirks when she opens the door, "Harrison." He gives a low, flirting whistle. "I didn't know you shopped at some of those exotic stores that I tend to frequent. I think I saw this exact thing in the window next to the some whips and chains." He steps in and closes the door behind him and gives her place a look around. He hasn't been here before, so he takes a moment to scope the place out. "Nice place you got here, Harrison."

Closing the door behind him as he enters, Elisabeth chuckles softly. "Keep it up, I'll show you what this crazy suit can do," she tells him mildly, absolutely not serious. "C'mon in. Can I get you a drink? Coffee? Beer?" She clumps in heavy gear back toward the kitchen as she asks that, and takes a sip of her bottle of water.

Nash shakes his head at the offer of beer, "Water'll be fine." He finds a seat, getting comfortable, chuckling at her crack. "So, what case in particular are you wanting to discuss with me? Your text wasn't all that helpful, but I figured it oughta be important for you to be contact me about it." He crosses one of his legs over the other.

Bringing him a bottle of water into the living room, Liz looks serious. "The owner of Old Lucy's is a friend of mine," she tells him — just in case he'd forgotten that. "One of the girls was killed outside the bar. Did you see that come across? I was wondering if you knew who was handling the case…. and if there was any chance I could convince you to either… request it or at least keep an eye on it." Blue eyes flicker away from him and then back. "I'm… worried."

Nash pulls out his Blackberry and scrolls through some information. He's able to access information on the fly with it from NYPD and when he finds the case, he hrms, shaking his head. "It hasn't officially been assigned to anyone, though the ME has been out there and has done a bit of work on it already. I'll go in and see what's going on with it and if there's anything I can do to help. I don't think they'll have a problem with me looking into it if I request the case." He tucks the phone away and reaches for the water. "Thanks. What in particular has you worried about this case? Someone you know or do you think you know who's responsible? I'd hope you'd hand me that information, no matter what the source."

"Honestly, Nash…. " Elisabeth bites her lip. "First, I knew the girl. She was nice. And she's one of Abby's, so that makes me worry anyway. But in addition…. Abby's got a stalker. And if the stalker didn't know that Abby'd colored her hair, or if for some reason they thought it prudent to … I don't know. Let her know they're watching her? That gives me the willies."

Nash remembers Abby from that first night Liz took him to Old Lucy's. He continues to go there occasionally, so she's a familiar face to him. The concern that Elisabeth is displaying gives him pause, considering he can't recall in the short time they worked together, her being as concerned as this. "I promise I'll look into this. If you hear anything else, let me know and I'll do what I can." He leans forward, elbows on his knees as he watches her. "Look, try not to worry too much. I'l do what I can."

There's a bit of a nod, and Elisabeth says softly, "I don't know that her stalker has anything at all to do with this, Nash. It could just be random or personal to Tanya. It's not like Lucy's is in the best part of town, or has the best clientele — which is actually why I used to take cops that I trusted out there. To make sure Abby had at least half a good crowd." She smiles a little. "I don't want some of those guys at the precinct who'll just pooh-pooh her or treat her like she doesn't have reason to be concerned get the case. I trust you to do the best job ever."

Nash brushes his hands on his slacks and stands up, nodding. "Well, if you know the name of this stalker, you might let me have it. I'll take a look into it and see if there's anything connected. But, I'll take care of it, Harrison. I'll drop you a line if there's anything that I think you should be in the loop about." He gives her a solemn expression. "Try not to worry too much, alright? I'll do the best I can on this. I should be heading out, if I'm going to snag this case before they hand it out to someone."

Elisabeth smiles faintly. "The name of the stalker won't do you a damn bit of good. We've already got Homeland Security working that aspect. It's tied to the classified shit. If you look into this case and determine that it's not something specifically related to Tanya or random, that it was a message to Abby…. I'll give you all the intel I have, Chris. But I want you to look at it with cop eyes and disregard my paranoia for right now. I need objective eyes on this, because I can't be objective about Abby."

"So I noticed." He remembers her very stern warning that first day she introduced him to Abigail, then warned him to stay away from her. "Fair enough. If I find something out, you'll be the first to know. If I can't tie this particular to Tanya, then I'll expect you to give me everything you know." He walks towards the door, hand on the knob. "You're looking good these days, Harrison. Whatever it is you're doing, you seem to be in a much better place." He smiles. "Keep taking care of yourself and call me if you need me."

Her smile has a hint of the flirt to it, a sparkle of Liz before she went off to Russia. Before she saw all that she saw and grief tore her apart. "Why, Nash… I didn't know you cared." She winks at him and walks him out. "I'll look forward to hearing from you. Not just for work, either. I'll be back in town in a couple of weeks fulltime."

Nash just smirks at that and shrugs. "Well, you're a babe. At least better looking than Sanchez, so I have to take care of us beautiful people." He opens the door and nods. "Look forward to seeing you around." He dips his head and steps out of the apartment, closing the door behind him. He pauses for a moment outside the door before stepping off, down the stairs towards the lobby.

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