Protective Puppeteer


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Scene Title Protective Puppeteer
Synopsis One of the supers of Gun Hill confronts one of its residents about some problems she's been having.
Date July 16, 2010

Gun Hill: Magnes's Apartment

There comes a knocking upon the door of apartment five-oh-five of Gun Hill, a solid rock of Eric Doyle's knuckles against the wood before they draw back. The man looks far more serious than normal, none of the usual kids or puppies lingering about him and his bumblingly affable manner set aside for something rather more businesslike.

Heading in from the kitchen, Elaine makes her way to the door. Her limping is mostly gone, and her pace is pretty quick. "Coming!" She calls before promptly opening the door, rather cheerfully. At least, for the moment. This is an improvement.

"Hey, Elaine." A tenative sort of half-smile is forced as she answers the door, and Doyle cranes his neck to look inside, "Is, uh, Magnes in? Not that it matters, I, uh— " He spreads his hands slightly before him, "— I'm here to see you, actually. About the…" A glance left, a glance right, and he brings his brows up, "Maybe we should go inside?"

Giving a small nod, Elaine steps out of the way to let Doyle step inside. "Come on in. If you've got a cell phone, though, take out the battery." Yep, new rules. Just in case. "Magnes is out, he should be back soon, though."

"Take out the cell phone battery?" A bemused look at her as Doyle pauses just inside, giving her a curious look at the statement, "Why?"

"Magnes' rules." Elaine rubs her neck a little. "We're being careful. Spies and stuff. Sounds paranoid, but… it's kinda true."

"Uh… huh." Doyle regards her for a moment with a brow upraised, and then he's calmly pulling out his phone and digging his thumbnail under the edge of the battery to remove it. "So that… that kind of relates to why I'm up here, actually, Elaine…"

"Oh?" Elaine raises a bit of an eyebrow, then nods a little. "You can have a seat if you want." She gestures to the couch, just in case he might want to. She herself moves to sit down. "What's up?"

The phone - and battery - are tucked back into a pocket as Doyle walks along over to the couch, dropping back with a muffled grunt-sigh as he leans back, resting one arm on the arm of the couch. "So, I talked to Sable earlier, about the… ah… little incident with your stalker?" Brows raise, regarding her steadily, "How long has this been going on?"

"Ah," Elaine frowns a little bit. "It's not been terribly long. Maybe two weeks? He's only really just become a little more dangerous. He's been calling a few times in the last week…"

"Given that Sable's arm is broken, I'd say that counts as dangerous," Eric notes a bit dryly, "Especially since she tells me he's Evolved…" He brings a hand up to rub against his face, "Look. Elaine. I know you want to - deal with your own problems yourself, I mean, I, I get that…" A flick of his fingers towards her, "…but so long as you're living here, your problems aren't just your problems. There's a lot of people here who're in danger if we get attention drawn to the place. Not just you and Magnes and your friends, but, hell, even the kids could be in danger. Why didn't you tell us? I mean, I'm, I'm not here just to take in rent and get air conditioners fixed, you know, I'm here to take care of all of you, and protect all of you."

Elaine looks sheepish. "Honestly? I didn't think it would get this bad. It's only been a few days since he got violent." She frowns a little bit. "And it's not like I really expected him to come find me in the first place. But I'd be grateful for any help. I didn't know he'd even really found his way here at all." She frowns and looks down a bit.

Doyle exhales a rough snort of breath to that, leaning a little forward, "Yeah, well, you should've come to us the second it did get violent. I mean - shit - if after that little fight last night, he went to the cops about being stabbed, and they raid this place? They could just… take the kids away, shuffle them off into foster care or something." He frowns, "We'll help deal with this guy, but you gotta remember, Elaine…" He smiles wanly, hands spreading, "…you're not the only one at risk here. Shit like this happens, you have to tell us, so we can protect everybody."

Elaine leans back, shaking her head a little. "I…" She frowns, looking down a little bit. "I'm sorry, I don't want to bring trouble here. I mean I…" It's clear that whatever is going on in her head, she's unsure what to do.

A hand lifts up, Doyle's head shaking a little. "Alright, look, before you start doing that whole… teenaged self-incrimination thing… you fucked up, you know it, promise you'll let us know if there's any danger in the future and we'll work to fix the problem. I'm just telling you what to do next time, okay?" He looks at her seriously, "Now. Do you got a— picture of this guy, or a good description?"

"I'm usually not trouble." Elaine mutters, but rubs her neck again. "Yeah, I'll be careful." She glances back over. "Well, uh, no picture." She does, however, proceed to give a description of James Nelson. "I know he knows I'm here, but he seems to try to get me alone. I don't think he wants to risk a lot of people seeing."
A little pad's produced, and a pen, and Doyle scribbles down the description. "Yeah, well, I'll give this to the guys who're supposed to be watching the building," he murmurs, "So they can keep an eye out for the scumbag. Sable said he's Evolved?" Brows lift, as he looks back up to her.

"I don't know. He never really seemed anything particular when I was with him. I wasn't with Sable when he actually attacked so I couldn't get you details, so I'd guess maybe he's only recently discovered it." Elaine nods a little bit.

"Well, whatever he can do, I can handle it if I have to," Eric mutters… of course, he doesn't exactly look like he's capable of dealing with dangerous stalkers, but maybe appearances can be deceiving. Or maybe his ego's almost as big as his waist size. "Okay. If he shows up here, or you find out anything else…" He trails off, giving her a pointed look.
Storylines> Take Me Where I Have To Go> Quinn says, "Man, that Peyton/Logan scene was really nice."

Elaine winces. "I know. I'll tell you if I find out anything else or if he shows up." She gives a little bit of a nod.

"Now…" Doyle brings the pen he'd used to rub against his temple, and he gives her a pained look, smiling slightly as if hoping she'll tell him something's a joke, "…why exactly did I have to disassemble my phone when I came in?"

"Eh, well, Magnes has some… friends that like to spy on him. He's just being a little extra careful to make sure if we talk about anything sensitive he won't be able to spy on us." Elaine looks a bit awkward. "I dunno how it works. You'd have to ask Magnes about that."

"Uh huh." A steady look, and then Doyle closes his eyes, sliding the pen back behind his ear, "Right, well… tell him I'll be by to ask about his, uh, friends, alright?" The puppeteer struggles up to his feet with a grunt, "Alright. I should go find Colette and make sure security has this description… be careful, alright?"

Elaine nods a little. "I'm trying. Thanks for looking out, anyways. I'm really sorry." She murmurs, letting out a deep breath. "I'll be as careful as I can."

At that, Doyle offers a wry smile over. "Just… remember that you're not alone here, Elaine," he says quietly, turning to head for the door, "We've all got problems and old boogeymen. We don't have to deal with them alone, though."

"Just used to having to deal with things on my own." Elaine gives a nod. "I'll remember that. Thanks."

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