Protective Services


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Scene Title Protective Services
Synopsis Len works to keep his promise to Bella, and offers Wendy some protection from Humanis First.
Date October 27, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

"-guy //jumps out the window and falls to his death. The guy watching, heads back to the bar and orders a scotch and the bartender looks to superman and he says 'superman you are one mean drunk" Johns leaning back in the chair beside the bed, arms across his chest and one leg angled across his knee at his ankle. Laughter drifts out of the room. Wendy's sitting on up in bed, a coldstone bowl of ice cream in her bandaged hand carefully, the other a spoon that she's nibbling from the half consumed bowl. She's looking far better than she had when they brought her in and rumor is that a few more days, she'll be sent home. Hair up in a ponytail makes the bandages that swath her left ear all the more visible.

Having Law Enforcement officials come in to the hospital to see Wendy Hunter in the last few days is probably not an uncommon sight. When Len flashes his HomeSec badge, he's greeted with a nod, a double take, and a point towards her room. He exchanges that information with a smile and a 'thank you very much' in a Texas drawl. As he walks towards the door, he peers his head inside and asks. "Wendy Hunter?" Once he assertains that he's in the right room, the rest of his body follows as he holds up his badge. "I'm Len Denton, from Homeland Security. I have a few questions for you. I understand that you've answered a ton of questions, and I promise that my questions will not be the same as those asked before." He notices the other in the room, then adds. "It's something you may prefer privacy for."

No one from Homeland had popped up yet. Takes a moment for laughter to die down at the appearance of an unknown at the door, and another few for Henry to look at Wendy as if waiting for permission to leave.

Permission that is granted with a nod to her oldest brother. "Agent Denton, I'll answer everything I can about what happened. I don't know if anything will help, but you never know. hey, Henry can you see when they're gonna give me my next pain meds?" Provide her brother an excuse as he rises from the chair, offering his hand to shake Len's. "Henry Hunter. You behave now Fishy" Thrown over his shoulder to his sister. "Don't break the lawman" That just earns him a roll of the eyes from Wendy.

"Please, Agent Denton, sit. Ask away"

"Len." he insists to all, as he shakes hands with Henry, then takes the offered seat as everyone clears out of the room. He doesn't have a notepad or anything to record the session. "To make you aware, nothing confidential has been reported to me, but I had a meeting with Dr. Isabella Sheridan who does some consulting for us. She mentioned she was concerned about your well being and I wanted to stop by in person to make sure that you were being properly taken care of."

Another person who wants to see that she's being taken care of. "Bella? She's a friend. Good friend" God, poor Bella. "She must be going through hell again, she was worried the first time. I can only imagine now" Wendy is oblivious to the trials and tribulations of her psychiatric professional friend. "They're treating me far better than Humanis First did and I'm expected to recover very well, in the near future" Wendy shifts in bed, angling her right more towards him than her other side.

"You can tell Bella that i'll be home soon enough but she might want to hold off bringing libations and getting drunk with me again"

"She's had her own troubles in recent weeks, but that's about as much as I can say on the matter. What I'd like to offer you is protection. Under her care, at a remote facility at least until this Humanis First threat has been taken care of. I don't need an answer right away, but I think that not only will you feel safer in our facility, I think that you could be of assistance to Dr. Sheridan, and even to us as we try to take care of the threat that Humanis First." Len leans back in the chair, pulling his card from his shirt pocket and places on her nightstand. "I'm not saying you need to hide from these people, but caution might be in order."

That brings about a puzzled look, everything he's said and the business card is taken from her nightstand and glanced at, turning this way, that way. "Len" Using the name requested. "Last I checked, Bella's a psychiatrist, not a plastic surgeon. I already have my own shrink who's been in here twice." brows in need a good waxing furrow ever so gently downwards as the fingers of her good hand run along the edge of the small piece of cardstock. "I already had someone else come in and offer help, protection and the like. A Leonard Maxwell. What is Bella doing that I could even assist in, because unless it's painting the walls of this remote facility with murals or… advice on how good hunter communication stock is going…" She's curious, oh so curious, but wary as she glances over to the cowboy.

Len's grin could either be comforting or disconcerting. "I understand the confusion. What I'd like to do is have her come down and talk to you and perhaps pitch her idea. If you decide to help her out, then the protection would be provided by Homeland Security. I'm not entirely sure this.. Leonard Maxwell has the resources that we do. Since Humanis First has taken a distinct interest in you, I would not be surprised to have them take another shot at trying to get their hands on you." As evil as it may sound, Len is only playing the fear card for her own good. Fact is, he truly believes that Danko will try to grab Wendy Hunter again, especially with the ability that she has. Len's research has shown that Wendy is quite the party girl, so providing her protection in exchange for her participation in Bella's Refrain research seems like an even trade.

"All I am asking is that you consider it. Talk to Doc Sheridan ans then make a decision. It's entirely up to you. My only stake in this is to assist the Doc and to try to help keep you safe."

Distinct interest might be pushing it. "Bill Dean is dead, so I've been told. The guy who made a run for me twice. He - I think - only wanted me to tell him what he could do, that he was evolved. A projective empath. I won't need protecting from him and last I knew, Emile Danko - the one who took me from Mr. Dean and his lovely terrorist daughter, is nursing a few wounds he was getting while I was being pilfered from him."

The card is slipped back to the nightstand but it's given more consideration than Leonardo's. It's homeland after all. They could just swoop down and declare protective custody. "While I'm unsure about needing protection which my parents are inevitably going to ram down my throat, I promise Len that of all people, I will listen to Bella and seriously consider what she has to say. She's a friend with a very level head. I'd be an idiot to not listen and consider"

And with that, Len stands. "That's all I ask. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best, Wendy Hunter. You have my number if you need anything." And as quickly as he arrived, Len Denton makes his way out of the hospital room and plucks his cell phone from his belt. "It seems to be up to you now." he says, before he places his phone back and exits the building.

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