Puck'd Up


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Scene Title Puck'd Up
Synopsis Juliet has the gall to call up Len and ask for a favor. Len then realized he has his own personal little trickster.
Date October 7, 2009

So. Jet is sitting on Len's bed in his house (because Len said he would be too busy to check his home at first!). And thus, the Possessor has made herself a duplicate key, made her a sandwich with a iced tea, and has seated herself on his bed with the Jerry Springer show on in the background but muted. It's like this she uses her cellphone to punch in Len's number, taking a quick bite of her sandwich before chewing and swallowing. Oh, and she is in a different female, this one has red hair, same age though.

Back at Fort Hero, Len has spent the day calling places that have appeared on his credit card and making arrangements to return a few items that he knows he will not need. He'll keep the cover house furnished with some of the gear that Juliet bought, but some of the more unncessary items will be returned. Because he's such a spoil sport, he's already made a call to Xiulan and told her he will need her services as he has a tattoo to remove. At least it doesn't sting as much as it did the previous day, but he can feel the impression on his back even if it's just psychological. His new Blackberry vibrates and rattles across the desk as he reaches for it and without even checking it, he lifts it towards his ear. "Denton."

"Len…" comes the purr of an unknown female's voice, but it's soon known. "Len… it's Juliet, how are you?" A shred of amusement on her end as she takes a piece of lettuce from her sandwich as she begins to shred it through her fingers. "Do you miss me yet?"

Kind of like the way you miss a tooth once it's extracted. You know something was there, but it's gone now. It's a mild annoyance, but in the end you know there's a reason for that tooth to be missing. "Maybe soon, Juliet. Maybe soon." Len is already typing a request to have this call traced, though he's not entirely certain what he'll do when he gets the answer he wants. It'll take a few minutes for them to process it. "Not pining away for another meeting, are you?" He asks as he leans back in his chair after sending the request.

Jet inhales deep through her nose, holding in the air before it's exhaled. "Perhaps not the type of meeting you think I want, Len. A friend of mine was hurt by Humanis First, a Fed, and the Mayor's son was killed by them. I want to know some information about them, Len. In return I'll give you something. We can barter." While she waits for his reply, a bite of her sandwich is taken, and chewed before chased with a drink of her tea.

Interesting. She plays her little games with him, and then wants a favor from him. She must have something worth while in order for her to want to even attempt to barter with him. "'Friad you already owe me big time, Jules. I'm still dealing with the mess you left me. The tattoo was a nice touch, by the way." Len runs his tongue across his teeth, then curiosity gets the better of him, "What is it you think you have that I want?"

Jet gives a husky little chuckle, "I don't. You may not want anything with me. Just offering." A shifting of the phone as she stands now, holding her plate and glass in her hand as she moves towards the kitchen. "And please. I did not hurt you Len. You were worthless anyway as far as possessing goes. I did my job, and you bought my a diamond ring for my efforts. You act as if I killed your puppy."

"Well, I don't have a puppy." Len seems to have his own little Puck. "I'm already looking into the Humanis First, at least I was until I was sidetracked." The finger pointing is definitely accusatory. When you lose nearly a week due to being possessed, work doesn't get done. "What is it you think you can do that we haven't already tried?" As he's stated before, if Emile Danko could have been captured, it would have been done already.

"Side tracked indeed," come her soft words. "I need to know if they have ability supressing drugs, Len. None of my contacts know this. And what is it I think I can do? Do you -really- want a reminder?" A chuckle from her at this, "We should meet for coffee and muffins. We can talk more in person." She is a piece of work.

"Coffee sounds nice, but I'm thinking that teleconferencing might be our 'thing'. Let's just stick to that for now." Len pulls up some information on his screen. "To be honest, I'm not entirely certain on the suppression of drugs. I need to make a few inquiries." In fact, the FBI agent she's referring to would probably know better than he if they use any ability suppression. "I think you're in a much better position to find that information out than I am." Too bad they killed 'Doug' as Juliet could have used his body to try and get close. Hindsight and all.

"I would rather have coffee with you." There is a grin in her voice at this as she turns on his faucet and begins to wash off her dishes, in his sink, cleaning them well. "I'm not going to possess you again Len, if that's what you are frightened of. Meet me for coffee, and I'll give you my birth name, then you can pull all the files you want on me. Or something else." A beat, "Moab can supress the abilities, I just need to know if Humanis First has access to them. Do they test for evolved with new recruits, et cetera."

Len mulls around the idea before he finally answers. As expected, the call is coming from the location of his safehouse, which isn't so safe anymore it seems. He's too far away to deal with her at the moment. "Tell me who sent you after me and maybe I'll have some answers for you." Maybe.

A soft laugh from her at this as she begins to dry off his dishes. "I don't have to tell you Len, you already know." The plate is dried, then the glass is dried before they are put back into his rack. "Let's do this the other way. What could you possibly want from me in exchange for your information? I would understand your hesitancy if you supported Humanis First, but apparently you don't, so what's the problem?"

"The problem is that you don't get without giving, darling. And I think you know who I want and since you seem to have direct contact with him, then I would love nothing more than for you to possess him and bring him to me. But we both know you aren't going to do that, so it seems we're at a stand still." Something red begins to flash on Len's screen, and at the same time his phone registers a received message and an incoming call. "Look, it seems I need to check something out. Keep your phone handy, and if I come up with something, perhaps I'll be in touch. And some men will be coming by to retrieve a few of the items you so kindly purchased for me." He doesn't tell her she needs to leave, however.

A frown to her lips at his words then, "Fine. Have you had any calls from the sex change clinic yet?" A flash of a grin into the phone as Jet dries off her hands with the towel, "And no, I won't give you him. I don't work that way. Perhaps when you give me that coffee and muffins, in person, we'll chat a little bit more. And do stay in touch, I would hate to come track you down to know what you know." A breath from her at this, "Anyway, I'm going to bed. See you around, love."

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