Puff Piece


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Scene Title Puff Piece
Synopsis A week later, the Kelly Twins interview Adelaide about the events following her 'coming out' during the Suresh Center opening.
Date August 16, 2009

Suresh Center: Conference Room

Now that a few days have passed since the Suresh Center opened its doors and Adelaide Xylander opened her mouth and told the world she was Evolved. That wasn't the name she gave, of course, but Hope and Faith Kelly are not journalists for nothing. A little bit of digging and they found the real last name and the real phone number for the woman who has since been forced to register as an Evolved. The twins set up an interview at that very Center (at least it should be safe inside, right?) in order to conduct an interview and snap some more shots of the activist, when she isn't getting shoes thrown at her.

The twins had managed to get a conference room that was open, so that they can interview Adelaide without any interruption or distractions. As they wait, Faith doodles on a notepad. spirals and peacock feathers and birds and moons all entwined across the page. She glances up at her twin. "What'd Morris say about this piece? Does he even care?" she asks, regarding the city editor.

"Puff piece." he said. After the headlines from the week prior, the murmur has died down regarding the Suresh Center and the the boss has seemed to have lost interest. Of course, he'll keep the stories flowing. Somewhere deep in the recesses of the Life section. Even Adelaide who caused quite the ruckus the last time, doesn't necessarily register a feature story. It's just the story that he would send them to. No matter. A story means a byline, even if no one reads it. She gets out her voice recorder and gets it all set up as they wait for Xylander to show up.

The two had managed to ferret her slip-up out. Adelaide had given her mother's maiden name, Naimarc, without a thought. But these two reporters had found her slip up., she hadn't fudge the address or the number where she could be reached- she just hadn't given them out to the public- the last thing she wanted was to be attacked physically or need to be under the governement's protection. She strolled through the doors and flopped into the chair- a typical late teens, maybe early 20s young woman. "Hello." she said with enthusiasm that could melt polar ice.

"Hi, Ms. Xylander," bubbles Faith, reaching across the table with her hand out to shake the other's hand. "I'm Faith and this is my sister Hope." Like it's not obvious they're sisters, let alone twins. "I know it's easy to mix us up, but just think Faith, Photorapher, and you can keep us straight." The photographer in question is a dressed in what one might consider shabby chic or bohemian today — flowy tank top, lots of beaded bracelets, a gauzey skirt and flip flops. Her long blond hair is pulled back by a leather headband.

Hope would shake Adelaide's hand next before they take a seat at the conference table. "Before we begin, I think we should find out if there's anything you'd rather not talk about. We're not looking for an expose here. Just something about you, since you recently were put in the spotlight." Hope sinks into the comfortable chair provided and leans back, setting the voice recorder on the table. "It was actually a rather brave thing you did last week."

Adelaide smiles. "Thanks. I don't think there is anything I can come up with off the bat, though if there is I'll just plead the fifth." she says settling in the chair. "And thanks. I felt someone needed to say something."

"And just in case you don't know journalese," Faith adds helpfully, "If you want to tell us something that you don't want in the story, you can say that is off the record. Just say when we're back on, too." The twins encourage this sort of conversation, where many journalists might not, because — well, more to blackmail people with, if they need to. Not that there's much to blackmail Adelaide with. She already told the world she's Evo. But maybe there's something else. "Is it okay if I snap candids while you chat? That way it's not just a boring 'say cheese' kind of picture."

With the preliminaries out of the way, Hope switches on the recorder and looks down at her nopepad. She's actually written nothing, but she'll use it if she thinks of a question while Adelaide is answering. "You've recently registered with Homeland Security as being Evolved. Can you tell me how that went for you? What the procedure was?" The fact that there is a procedure may not come as a shock to anyone, but Hope wants to get a first hand experience on record of how it all goes down.

Adelaide ughs.. "Paper work, blood testing.." she thinks. "I think there was some attempt to make me me trigger my ability/.." she rolls her eyes. "Like that worked… I sort of blocked it out to be honest."

"How'd they do that? What is your ability?" Faith asks. Though it's Hope's interview, this is how they often work — just a conversation among three people, then Hope gets to write up the article. She takes off her camera lens and fiddles with the settings, snapping a couple of test shots, then checking the display on the digital screen. Good to go.

"Maybe we can get a few pictures outside when we're done here" Hope asks as she turns to glance at her sister for a moment, something silent exchanging between the two. She makes a few scribbles on her notepad. Her attention back to Adelaide as she waits for the answer on if she knows what her ability is that her sister asked.

Thinks a few moment. The dark haired woman, who looks perhaps eighteen at most smiles. "I don't know honestly, I haven't found and kind of trip or trigger that calls it into use… at least not yet." Adelaide smiles glances at the camera with a warm smile. "It's not like its a 'flashy' power or anything. I think it's subtle.. or at least as subtle as one can be."

Faith nods to Hope, setting the camera down and leaning back in her seat. She listens to Adelaide answer and yet not answer the questions she asked. She'll let her sister do the talking for now. She picks up her own notebook and begins to doodle once more. It's held so that Adelaide can't see it, but if Hope looks over, she might see a little caricature of Adelaide beginning to form on the paper.

Glancing over at her sister's doodles, Hope doesn't give any sort of response. She's seen them before. When Adelaide mentions something about subtle, Hope gives an inquisitive look. "Subtle, as in? I mean if you've no clue what you might be able to do what makes you think it's being subtle." She's really not being combative, but it's a curious question. More like she's asking for Adelaide to expound on her comment.

Adelaide thinks. "Its more like. I haven't been able to solidify what I /can/ do. So the goverment asking me 'what can you do we need this for our records' doesn't help me at all."

Faith raises a brow and scribbles something on the note pad, angling it toward her sister. What did they write her power down as on her card? the scribble reads. The artistic twin has horrible handwriting for someone who can draw photo-realistically. She gets up after that, putting her pad face down and heading to the little water cooler in the corner. She gets three styrofoam cups of water and begins to fill them as the others talk.

Hope makes a face. The government always takes the easy way out. "Did they offer to test you? I've heard that occasionally they would be willing to run a few test on you to see if they can figure it out? You said you thought they tried to trigger it. What exactly did they do that brings you to that conclusion?" She looks down at the notepad and nods to her sister.

Adelaide thinks. "Well it mostly 'how'd you use your power in the past'? Kind of questions and I had to be honest with them.. its like in flashes it doesn't… it isn't clear how I make it work.. or what I do… I think it's kind of like visions or something.. but thats about all I know."

One cup, two cup, three. Faith brings them back, walking carefully so as not to spill and sets one in front of Adelaide and another in front of her sister. "What do you see?" she asks, helpfully. What would Hope do without her, really? She sits back in the comfortable high-backed swivel chair, picking up her notepad and doodling once more.

Adelaide thinks. "It depends. Idon't know.. sometimes I think its peoples memories, or what they think happened sicne over time memories fade, emotions fade.."

Looking curious at that answer, Hope wonders aloud. "And did you tell the government that information?" It's a question, none the less. "That type of ability would be useful to them." Considering Adelaide's history though, Hope doubts they could just snatch her up without someone with alot of money asking alot of questions.

Adelaide thinks. "Well I told them truthfully.. "I think." she says. she frowns. "But its not like I control what I see so I wouldn't be any use to them.. I don't I jsut get glimspes.. like trailers.. and sometimes really bad and not clear trailers."

"Did you shock any of your friends or family, when they saw it on the news?" Faith asks, piping up again after her trek to the water cooler. "Or did they already know you were Evolved? Anything changed for you since then?"

Adelaide shakes her head. "No nothing's changed and to be honest my family's-my immediate family- is dead, and my realitives are only after me for money- which I am not giving them. Don't have any one except myself. I wish that'd that'd change? If you guys know anyone looking for date- point them in my direction, male or female." she says with a smirk. "And yes you can print that…"

"Let's switch gears for a moment. Tell me.." Hope starts as she glances over at her sister for a moment. Seems they had discussed a few lines of questioning before they arrived. ".. what prompted you to get up in front of a very rowdy and opinionated crowd and to tell them what you were. To speak from the heart as you did that day."

Adelaide says, "I don't know I just did." she says. "My mother was a doctor and a public speaker I gess I learned.""

"Do you regret it now?" Faith asks. "After having to register and deal with the government, and now everyone knows your business. I mean, any wish to go back in time and not get up on that stage?"

Adelaide laughs. "Nope. Not a chance." she grins. "Not a chance. I wouldn't change it. I love the stage and I love the people. I want to make a difference. If anything I am going to earn several P.h.D's, in several fields of medicine."

Hope reaches over and flips off the recorder and gives Adelaide a smile. "Well, I think that'll about do it. I think we have enough for what we need. I appreciate you taking the time to come out and let us ask a few questions." She starts putting things into her sister's camera case. "Do you mind a few pictures outside?" She also looks towards her sister, who's the photographer.

Adelaide shakes her head. "Not at all. A few pictures might help me get recognized and if anything I'd rather be famous for trying to make a difference, than for just going along like a lamb to slaughter."

"Right." Faith stands up and picks up her camera. The pictures will include a few artistic angles, Adelaide standing with the center looming up behind her, another with a far-off look in her eyes (Faith can already see the caption, something about her ability and envisioning other people's memories), the sun creating a halo behind the woman's head, perhaps to bring to mind thoughts of saints and martyrs, those who have fought and sacrificed themselves for a cause.

After the twins have said farewell to Adelaide, Faith nods to Hope. "Yep. Puff piece. I hate it when Morris is right, don't you?"

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