Pulling One Over The Cocky Cajun


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Scene Title Pulling One Over The Cocky Cajun
Synopsis Ina enlists Rodericks help in winning the bet with Kain.
Date April 21, 2010

The Corinthian: Bar & Lounge

Situated on the uppermost floor of the building, the Corinthian Bar and Lounge boasts an arched ceiling whose many small, square panes of glass double as a huge skylight. Of course, the large and open room is also lit by a dozen half-dome chandeliers suspended from that double-height ceiling and several high wall sconces. Brass fixtures gleam in the warm light, while the room's scattered potted palms drink it in with their bladed foliage. A ring of doubled marble columns supports the weight of the skylight dome and defines the two sections of the room: that lofty open space in the center; the quieter, slightly darker and more private edges of the lounge.

The tables are elegant rectangles of fine black glass, the seating a mixture of russet-upholstered couches and comfortably-padded oaken chairs. Most of the floor is covered by carpet shaded in the reds and golds of autumn, save for a runner down the very center of the room which is colored the exact shade of purple found in wisteria blossoms. The bar food at the lounge is much like its decor: expensive and beautifully arranged; but unlike many such spendy places, it's also very good. So is the alcohol.

First day of 'vacation' means that before Ina ends up heading off to wherever Linderman is going to put her, seeing as Brooklyn is without power and Burlesque without any heat, there's a stop to be had in the bar at the Corinthian to partake of a celebratory drink. Slacks, cowl necked sweater and hair pulled back, she lifts a finger to signal the bartender and a blood orange martini is in the works for her.

The bar is slow, things grinding to a halt outside the door but that doesn't stop the floor manager from glancing around to those who are present and either braved the world to come here, or have been cocooned within the walls of the running business.

That or they work for the man that owns the place, as is the case of the man stepping into the bar. Looking a little out of place, with his Rolling Stones T-shirt is visible under a black leather jacket, and his ratty jeans. The scruffy blonde pre-cog, scans the room carefully, spotting a familiar associate already seated there. The tip of his tongue touches the inside of his upper lip as he considers if he should bother her.

Leaning back to glance back where he came from, jaw shifting back and forth in thought, Roderick decides why the hell not. Silver decked fingers brush through his already tousled hair, before he starts moving towards Ina. There is a reason he's doing so… he was the one that painted her death. It was one of those things that bothers him, when he knows the faces in the paintings, so there is some relief to see her sitting there.

He plants a hand on the bar and hops himself onto a stool next to her, flashing her a bright smile. "Looking lovely there Ina." The syllables of her name pronounced individually, "I heard what happened. Doing alright then? Only a few nicks and scratches?"

Man from the elevator, the other Linderman Employee. "Roderick" She'd looked him up afterward. Out comes a hand to be taken by him and shaken firmly. "I see you've heard. Just a few scratches, nothing that won't heal real quick. Could have been much worse. It's my understanding that Mr. Alton is recovering well and fine from the altercation but won't be visiting any of Mister Linderman's properties any time soon. And how does this cold foreboding day find you" There's another gesture towards the bartender, indicating Roderick. "A drink for him" On her of course. Only fair seeing as he's been wrist deep in her blood not long ago. "My poor suit though"

The hand is taken briefly, Roderick's mouth pulling into a bit of a smirk. Though he's not about to pass up free alcohol, so he turns to the tender. "A Tetley? Thanks mate." Turning his stool to face, her, an elbow resting on the bars slick surface.

"Course I heard about the whole sodding thing. Some things are kind of hard to hide around the office." Not that there is really an office, but word travels… sometimes. "Don't you know how all us goons like to stand around the water cooler and have a bit of a chat." That statement is followed by another bright smug grin, to show that he's joking.

"And my day is just fine, cold as bloody hell, but fine." Roderick offers the answer in a bright tone. "I should be askin' you the same. You've have a hell of a month so far. Startin' to wish for the warm Nevada sun, yet?"

"I started longing for the Nevada sun the day after I was shot Roderick. And not all of us stand around the cooler. Some of us don't have time to gossip about last nights episode of Lost" She politely points out to him. "But then, I'm not… what do they call them. Lindergoons? Lindergoons" Such a dis-affectionate name.

"I'm afraid I won't be around for a bit though, so you'll have to rescue other damsels from elevators with shoulder wounds. How are you these days? I hope that today finds you well enough"

"Ouch." Roderick says, a hand to his heart. "That cut deep." Though his light tone states otherwise. "And we don't talk about Lost. Well, Kainy boy might." That tooth grin is flashed again, before his beer arrives. He lifts it to her in thanks, before taking a deep drink from it. This time he states much more seriously, "But we are the hired muscle…" Not that Roderick has a lot of muscles compared to most of the goons, but he's quick on his feet. "…so we need to know what goes down."

"But my days? Me? Good." Sorta, kind of if you ignore the blackouts, but Roderick doesn't voice that. "Savin' the damsels, as you say. And I could use a break from it, the pay is crap and you end up diggin' blood from under your fingernails for a while after." He wiggles fingers of one hand in her direction, though how he knows he has blood under there would be a miracle since the nails are painted with chipped black. A hint of color on them where the paints haven't come off from washing.

"Though I will admit a highlight was helping at the park. This sodding snow makes it hard for a man to go out and have a good time." Roderick glances over his shoulder, watching the room.

"Depends upon your impression of what a good time might be. I find it's our own little world here right now. You can find a good time here easily. Good food, entertainment, people." There's a glance to Roderick then a grin. "You have friend Roderick?" Now she pronounces all of his syllables, with a sly grin.

The question throws him off and Roderick, his head turns back and he stares at her for a moment. "Well… yeah… sorta…" The painter seems a bit flustered at it. "Not… friend in that sense of the word." Nails scrape along his jaw looking a touch thoughtful.

"Not exactly the best business for makin' friends now is it?" Roderick's brows lift a bit as he gives her a knowing look. "Most of the people I consider mates, wouldn't hesitate to shoot my sorry arse of need me." That easy grin of his slides back across his lips, his tall glass of Tetley beer lifted again. "Kinda always been like that. What about you?"

Roderick gives her a once over before asking, "You miss popularity?"

"I wasn't asking about that kind of friend Roderick" Though she does widen the grin at that. "I am, but welcome to New York and a blizzard, make it hard to find a man. But, that is derailing the topic train. Tell me Roderick, you want to help me win a bet against Kain?" One shapely brow is arched and a conspiratorial grin is on her face. "Half the bet, will be yours, an easy five K"

Brows quirk upward and he gives her a suspicious look, a small little smile on Roderick's lips. "Oh… now you dun it. Gone and piqued my curiosity." The glass is set on the bar top and eyes narrow, as he leans over, both elbows resting on the bar now, he head tilting a bit as his listening. "What sort of bet are we talkin' here, Ina?" The idea of pulling one over his fellow goon has some appeal to it, even if it might get him punched.

All in the name of good fun after all.

"Mister Kain has bet that Logan's best dancer can out earn me on the stage by fifty percent, if I take to it for one night. Ten grand riding on the bet" Ina leans in, one elbow on the bar, voices hushed. "I told him that I'll out earn that dancer on that night. Now obviously the club isn't open, but when it does, I'm of a mind to pack that place and win this bet and short Mister Kain by ten grand. Even if that means inquiring to those I know who might have friends who would stop by a place like that, with a little cash incentive to put in my jar, and some for themselves, if you get my drift"

Listening, Roderick runs a thumb, encircled with a silver band engraved with Celtic knotting, over the stubble of his chin, thoughtful. When she's done, Roderick grins wickedly. "Oh, that is good, Missus Anderson." He sounds impressed by that plan. He straightens on this stool and gives her offer some serious thought, tongue playing along the back of this teeth.

"I know some blokes." He says after a moment, a firm nod of his head, glass scooped up again. Though John Logan might not like a lot of thieves in one spot. Though he can also ask around the group itself. " Shouldn't be to hard to find a good size group of people willin' to pull a little trick on ol' Kainy boy."

"Can't let the Cajun get big in his britches" Ina agree's. "I'll make it worth their while to come play looky loo, no touch, to ensure that I win" Ina's martini and Rodericks tetley is delivered. "I have no qualms about ensuring victory within the bounds of the engagement and there was no stipulation that it couldn't be funded by my own money. Mind you, they'll be asked to give some to the others as well, but.." But obviously, she's to win the night.

The new glass of beer is lifted to her and his brows shift upward as Roderick grins toothily, "Shall we toast to your inevitable victory? Cause from the sounds of it, that pretty little head of yours has a rather brilliant plan cooked up."

"Kain is going to wish he didn't play." Roderick sounds certain of this. "That or think twice before playing with you."

Ina lifts her blood red martini, clinking it against his beer glass with a cheerful little sound. "If I have to spend my winning doing it, it'll worth it" Ina smiles at Roderick. "Besides, I grew up in Vegas, you don't make a bet you know you can't win and I may loathe my mother but it doens't mean I didn't learn a thing or two before she left. Cheers Roderick!"

"Cheers, Ina." Roderick gives her an amused smirk before taking a deep drink from the beer. There is a chuckle from the Brit as he added with a sideways glance, "Remind me never to get you cross."

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