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Scene Title Puppysitting
Synopsis Kaylee approaches Abigail about watching the dogs, just in case she and Joseph get whisked away into the past.
Date September 14, 2010

Le Rivage: Abby's Apartment

Being where Peter is staying is a bit unnerving, more so then she thought it would be after recent events. Mainly, cause she still doesn't want to come face to face with her ex… which is an odd thought in her head. Kaylee is glancing around nervously as if expecting him to suddenly appear, but her reasons for being there were kinda important.

"I'm sorry for dropping in on you, like this," Kaylee says a touch sheepishly, glancing at the other blonde, as Abby is shutting the door. "And I don't really have a right to ask a favor, but…" She doesn't really beat around the bush too much, reaching into her front pocket to extracted a pair of keys on a silver ring. "Joseph and I need someone to watch the dogs, we're headed…" It's not really out of town is it. "we have to leave at some point and this is the first time we're leaving and not taken any of the dogs." Of course, the two have only ever gone one other place together, Boston to take some refugees.

Fingers fiddle nervously at the keys, not handing them over just yet, "Alicia is really no problem, despite her size. Missy is more of the problem child of the three with her chewing and Max… well, he scares easily, so just gotta be careful with him." A small smile tugs up at the corner of her mouth.

"I've taken care of Alicia before" She wasn't a stranger to the large behemoth. "The other two, well I'm sure they'll enjoy time with their littermates. When do you need me to start looking in on them?" Gun Hill. After last night, she wasn't so sure about Gun Hill, but then, she wasn't so sure of a great many things. "How long do you need me to look after them and should I be staying there, or just come over a couple times? I can't bring them all here" That and she didn't think peter or Robert might appreciate the influx of an already heavily pet populated apartment.

"Honestly, Abby, I don't have answers to most of that. Except, that they will probably be okay with being walked a couple times a day."

Kaylee studies Abby for a moment before asking. "Have you ever met a Hiro Nakamura?" That question alone might be an answer to her inability to give them. "He's got something in the works, so I won't know anything til it's time to go." Teeth catch at her lower lips for a moment, before she adds, "He took me back a few weeks ago to 1945 to wipe some memories from someone that… well… is still around today. He had memories of Odessa for one… she and a few others ended up going back there accidently and what they told this guy coulda screwed up now."

Hands spread a little, "He came to me again and he wants me to go back. Seems there are more people going back to try and change the past. Joseph is — I'm a little nervous with taking him with me, but — last time Hiro and I were attacked by another traveler. If.. this guy who had the memories wasn't a healer, I would of died." Kaylee gives Abby a sheepish look, before looking at the keys in her hands. "Freaked out Joseph." The keys are held out then. "So he doesn't want me to go without him."

"I make cinnamon buns now and then and set them out and they magically disappear in a blink of an eye. I know Hiro Nakamura. He's a good man, Magnes worships the ground he walks on. He has… Been witness to some things" This was the first she'd heard of anything involving time travel and the like, recently. "I can go over, take care of the animals and if I can't some days, there's folks I know and dog walkign services." Abigail holds her hands out for the key with a smile. "When should I start to worry, if you don't show back up, you and Joseph both? SO I know when to bring out the Calvary"

"I'll send a text." Kaylee grins, "I'm sure Hiro will let me do that at least." There isn't a whole lot of confidence in that statement. The keys are dropped in her hand with a relieved sigh. "You are a life saver, Abby. Seriously. The one with the blue — thingy there is the key to my apartment. I'll keep the food on the top of the fridge, so it's easy to find."

Her eyes linger on the keys for a moment, before she glances up. "I have no idea how long we will be gone. I mean… it may still be just me, it's up to Hiro if he'll even risk letting Joseph go."

Kaylee glances up at Abby, fingers tucking into the pockets o her own jeans. "I'm sure he'll let you know if he doesn't get to go. He won't be happy about that…" She trails off, glancing at the apartment around her. "If you could… don't tell Peter I'm doing this? Not — that I think he will really care." There is only a touch of bitterness there. "But I'd just rather him not know.

"But if.. he ever asks about me" — which Kaylee doubts, but hey never know — "just tell him I've moved on and found someone else?"

"If he asks" Abby nods, taking in the instructions, listening to Kaylee as she comments on the up in the air status regarding Joseph going with her. "Just.. be safe. Don't get hurt… and if you get hurt again just… just have Hiro bring you to me back when I could heal. You know I'll fix anyone"

"I'm more worried about Joseph, then me." Kaylee comments, with a sigh, "I think the network needs him around, but I'll try to do that. Tho… last time he tried to bring me back, we I ended up a week later then he told me I'd be."

There is a small smile, though it fades a bit at the edges, "Also, if anyone comes sniffing around my apartment while I'm gone, let Raith know? Last time I was gone, someone came around my apartment, but Joseph chased him off by lying about it being mine." Kaylee gives Abby a concerned look, as she continues to dole out the warnings, "And if there is a woman with an eyepath, black hair, looks about our age… Just run, or flame up… She's the one that almost killed me last time. She's… scary good.

"Like makes Raith look like a really old man, kinda scary."

Woman with eyepatch, dark hair, our age, run. "I got it. Don't worry." ABigail tries to offer a comforting smile. "Anythign else I need to know about the care and feeding of the furballs? There stuff for Missy to chew on or should I dig up some big ol rawhide bones for her?"

"I'll write up some instructions and leave them on the counter." Kaylee seems satisfied that Abby knows the dangers, giving a small nod of her head. "Missy… has a rawhide, but…" Her head rocks back and forth in an so so manner. "She still gnaws on the legs of my table chairs when she is upset with me." A small smile tugging up on one side of her lips.

Kaylee seems much more relaxed, now that the well being of the dogs was taken care of. "I'm not the only one doing this, I mean… where I'm going, it is just me, but… whatever is happening. Is happening across time, people working to change events." There is a grimace as she continues. "Colette, Eilene and Elaine… a couple others are going."

There is a soft huff from Kaylee, before she smiles at Abby, though it's a nervous one. "It's gonna be an adventure."

"You ever thought of just, going to like Home depot adn buying her a two by four to chew on Kaylee?" Practical abby. If the fog likes to chew on table legs, buy her her own table leg. "There's that many of you?" Elaine, Colette… Eileen. "Maybe y'all need to make a list of who all is going since there's some pretty important folks who are going, so that if y'all do have something disappear, we're not left wondering where in time you got stranded."

"I only know who was there at the meeting," Kaylee lifts her hands and makes a writing motions of one against the other, glancing around for anything nearby. "You got pen and paper? I can write the names down." Brows tick up a bit in a questioning manner.

While she waits for that answer, Kaylee glances back to Abby, "We met in a room full of strings. Big ol' web of strings, with photos and news clippings."

"That sounds like an interesting room. Doctor Ray had that, in the library when Phoenix used to be based in the library" What had happened to that? Away from the kitchen area, off towards her purse to drag out a pen and notebook to start taking the name of who all will be involved that Kaylee knows, in the jaunts to the past to fix things. "Really though, if you need healing, tell Hiro to take you to me, back when. If you gotta tamper with my memories, that's fine. I don't mind, not in the name of healing you."

The mention of Edward Ray peaks the telepath's interest. "Really? My dad — er, Ray — did things like that too?" Curious. Always learning new things about a man who was never in her life.

Giving a little shake of her head, closing her eyes for a moment, hands resting on her hips as Kaylee shifts her mind back to main subject, which is not her father. "Anyhow…" Eyes open and focus on the pad in Abigail's hand. "The people that were there… Elaine, Colette, Eileen, Jaiden and…" Eyes narrow and she looks away trying to remember the name of that last person. It takes a moment, before it click. "Monica."

Kaylee looks back to Abigail with a small smile. "So if people go missing, chances are it's cause of Hiro."

"The lord love Hiro and his ability. Be gentle on him, he's… he's a man who has a world on his shoulder and does the best that he can. If you see him again" Well obviously Kaylee was going to see him again. "Give him my love and let him know that I'll set out some cinnamon buns for him this week. Tell he's doing good and that… wait, is this… younger chubbier not so good english Hiro or… really serious katana weilding Hiro?"

"There… is more then one?" There is a touch of amusement in Kaylee's tone, "Only one I've dealt with is the trench coat mafia Hiro…. or serious katana wielding Hiro." A smile tugs up on one corner. "The chubbier one I've only seen in a painting in Cat's memories.

"I'll tell him, tho," Kaylee assures.

"That Hiro. Yes, there's more than one. I've met em both. Tell him Odessa's still alive, that I tried. Speaking of her. If you see her, get the heck away from her" ABigail glances at the time with a wrinkle of her nose. "I gotta head off to city hall. I got paper and permits to file. The bar will not be a bar, in the strictest sort of sense and now that I finally settled on something, I need to get moving on it"

The notepad is flipped close, cocking her head at Kaylee. "Know any bakers?"

"Don't know any bakers, sorry." Brows furrow, but Kaylee doesn't question Abby, she only gives a slow nod. "But yeah, I have to get to work anyhow. The bookstore is getting a shipment and my boss isn't able to input the new stuff into the laptop." There is a little good natured roll of her eyes and grin, before she steps towards the door.

"Thanks again for the assist. I'll let Joseph know, make sure he knows to contact you, if he gets denied. Or else I'll text you." Kaylee's shoulder lift in a small shrug and she smiles a bit. "I can't decide if I hope it goes one way or the other. Either way… I'll see you when I get back from where ever, I'm going."

"Tell lydia I say hello and give Gabriel and Huruma and the kittens my love as well" Abby it seems, is still in the know about who is who. She walks Kaylee to the door, so she can let her out. "If you end up meeting any bakers send em my way, I make have a job for them" She grins to the telepath, for once being mercifully mentally silent and at the threshold, pauses so she can wrap her arms around Kaylee, give that oft kept back touch that she only does for certain people. "Be safe, protect Joseph, but above all, come back to us"

The other blonde returns the hug, something Kaylee doesn't really give away lightly as well. There is a hint of amusement in her words. "Hey, you know me, I'll do whatever I can to protect Joseph. Especially, now that… well…" She lets go of the woman, cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Not to hard to figure out that 'well'. "Either way, I'm sure we'll be watching out for each other. Or… I'll let him think he is." A mischievous grin stretches Kaylee's lips.

A hand is lifted in farewell and the telepath starts down the hall, away from her friend and with one less worry.

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