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Scene Title Purpose
Synopsis Angela and Kaylee head to Central Park's Turtle Pond to feed the ducks and discuss their commonalities.
Date October 21, 2009

Central Park — Turtle Pond

Central Park this time of year is a resplendent display of yellow, bronze and gold; the leaves have turned, scattered across once verdant green lawns and fill the autumn air with a symphony of rustling as the wind carries them under footbridges, over walkways and rippling along the surface of Turtle Pond where Angela Petrelli and Kaylee Anne Thatcher are feeding the ducks. The elder of the two women is dressed in a heavy fur coat — mink, to be precise — and a pair of leather gloves that accentuate the lengths of her long, dexterous fingers as she tears her stale loaf into smaller pieces and flicks them out across the water for the mallards to gobble up.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did for me," Angela is saying. "As I understand it, I might have died if Peter hadn't brought you to me. If there's anything the Petrelli family can do to repay your generosity, Miss Thatcher, I expect that you'll ask."

Bundled in her leather jacket, a ball cap shoved low on her head, Kaylee slowly shreds bread and tosses it at the noisy animals. A small smile touches her lips as she watches they ducks flock to the crumbs. She still doesn't look completely healthy, but she looks better. She's a bit nervous being out in the open like that, but she tries not to let it show.

Head turning a bit, she offers the older woman a much brighter smile. "Your welcome, Mrs. Petrelli. Though I should be thanking Peter as well.. helping you helped me." She glances out over the pond with a bit of a smirk. "After I did that I felt better. Much better." Looks down at the bread again she can't help but ask, "He tell you about my situation?" Her head turns towards a bit, so that she can look at Angela out of the corner of her eye.

"He may have," Angela admits, a smile crinkling at the corners of her aged mouth, "but I'd rather hear it from you." Despite having reached her mid-sixties, she's retained pride in her appearance and could easily pass for a woman ten years her junior thanks to her hairdresser and the faint traces of neutral-coloured makeup she wears on her thin lips and angular cheekbones. Blush breathes vitality into her face's otherwise austere and somewhat gaunt appearance, though there's nothing she can do to hide her wrinkles, the dark circles under her eyes or the age spots that freckle her skin beneath its powdery foundation.

"As I'm sure you've noticed, my son tends to with his heart instead of his head. Details, especially the important ones, sometimes have a habit of eluding him. You used to work for a former associate of mine?"

"Used too. Just before all this he called me something like a daughter to him." Kaylee confirms softly, she looks rather uncomfortable as she admits as well, "I also was there when he killed Susan Amman, course it was before I learned some of the truth about him." The young blonde shifts on the bench some and taking a deep breath. "Before he killed her she did something to me. Now I can't think well of him.. Be around him… Or anything without getting sick and possibly dying. Mrs. Amman charged me with learning the truth about him and to stop trusting him."

She can't even look at the older woman, her eyes stay on the shredding of bread, crumbs falling in her lap. "Peter said you might know someone that could see what she did, maybe fix it. That's part of why I did it… but when I got there…." Her voice trails off a bit as her head lifts and she tosses the crumbs at the water. "When I got there I realized that I needed to do this to give you a chance. Adam's hunting you all and you deserve a fighting chance. Not that I agree with what he's doing anymore. Obviously, the reason to put him away were sound, but when he's determined…" Her eyes widen a bit and she sighs. "Anyhow, yes. I worked for him and I am sorry for it. I'm learning that."

"Susan and I used to work for Adam, too," Angela tells Kaylee. "Don't feel as though you're the only one who's ever fallen for the facade, either. It took us years to realize that he wasn't the man we thought he was, and years more to come to terms with what we felt needed to be done." On the other side of the pond, a series of powerful wing beats propels an egret across the water's surface. Cameras flash, a small child squeezes his mother's hand to get her attention as he jerks a chubby finger in the bird's direction, but Angela does not so much as glance. Her focus remains on the ducks and the occasional plip of a fish rising to the surface to secure a mouthful of sodden bread before one of the mallards beats it to the morsel.

"I'll put in a good word for you with an old friend of mine," she continues. "Susan didn't use her ability very often, and when she did, it was always as a last resort. To the best of my knowledge, what happened to you isn't reversible, but if there's any cure to be found… well. We'll find it, won't we?"

"Thank you. Though… a part of me feels like I deserve what happened to me." Kaylee admits, more crumbs flying into the water. "Adam always was trying to keep me out of trouble." The smile returns a bit. "I'm good at getting into it." She gives a slow shrug of her shoulders, "Maybe it's a good thing that it isn't reversible. It'll keep me from going back." A hint of amusement makes it into her voice. "Though, I admit I feel kind of lost now. With him, I had purpose." She grimaces and corrects herself, "Or I thought I did. I don't know."

Angela's laughter is light and breathy in the cold, and produces a veil of fog that seeps past her pursed lips as she shakes her head and folds her bag of bread shut. "If it's purpose you're looking for, look no further." For the first time since they arrived at the water's edge, she turns her head to look over at Kaylee, the lower half of her face partially obscured by her coat's lush collar. Opulent pearl beads glimmer at her ears and around the slender column of her brittle neck. "Peter's a little old for a babysitter, I'm afraid, but I'd sleep better at night knowing that there's someone looking out for him. Someone I can trust. How would you feel about keeping an eye on my youngest for me?"

"Peter?" Kaylee asks with a bit of a chuckle. Her brow lift for a moment as she thinks on that. "I admit, he fascinates me. Kinda like a mystery of sorts," Or more the fact there is tortured voices in his head that caught her curiosity, but she doesn't mention that to his mother. That is the last thing she needs to hear. "I… can see what I can do to keep an eye on him." Her head turns to look at the matriarch of the Petrelli family, giving her a smile. "Course, locating him will be rough. When I met him he came by where I was staying, but I'll see what I can do."

Her smile fades a bit, "Do you have a plan on Adam? I'm not asking what it is… but I'd hate to have woken you up and given you back to your son's, only to have Adam get you." Kaylee's worry seems genuine, her blue eyes trailing over the womans features. "And some of the others? I mean, now you all know he's coming for you."

"You'd be surprised how powerful a tool forewarning can be," Angela says, reaching out to place one gloved hand at Kaylee's elbow. "I won't be caught on the steps of a courthouse after dark, and Adam's in for an unpleasant surprise if he thinks he can come for me in my home. You needn't worry." As she speaks, she begins guiding the younger woman down the gravel pathway that winds around the pond's perimeter through tall cattails and under the drooping boughs of a weeping willow. "Walk with me awhile, dear, and I'll tell you a story about a woman named Theresa…"

Letting the older woman guide her along, Kaylee states brightly. "I love a good story."

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