Put Her Down


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Scene Title Put Her Down
Synopsis A discussion about Elle and what to do with her.
Date April 14, 2019

Abigail's Brownstone

"Norton!" Abigails daughter is with her today, back at the house, something about she has the sniffles and they won't let her stay lest she infect everyone at the daycare. Forget that with one touch, Abigail's pretty much told them they're screwed in the head if they think her daughter is sick, but, rules are rules. Through the front door some comes, Natalie on hip, figuring it was safe to keep her daughter around here, and frankly she can't stand to be away from her children. "I'm back"

Trask chuckles and heard that Natalie was coming, he has made a special breakfast chocolate chip pancakes with bacon smile and a gum drop nose and a pair of kielbasha sausage eyes is already on the table.

"Norton?!" It's called out once more but then there's the smell from the kitchen. right. kitchen. no surprise. Shoes off, jackets squared away and there's a two foot something barreling into the kitchen to see who's there. Because Abby's frequently got strays showing up. "Where is everyone else? They head over to Dorchester?" More dry cleaning in hand, her uniforms, are hung up on a hook on a door that leads to the basement so it can be put away. "I swear Norton your just cooking endlessly. You trying to make up for something?"

Trask says, "I love to cook…I know I never advertised it, but it is one of my passions, its how I work things out, balancing a little kitchen chemistry set."

"I guess I just never saw that side of you" The blonde answers, helping her daughter up onto her booster seat, letting the little girl admire the setup before destroying it to make it into bite sized pieces for the girl. "What's the news from Dorchester. Anything? Elle have anything to enlighten as to the plan?"
Trask says, "I haven't heard a plan yet…outside of the one to take Elle out on the town tomorrow. What updates you got for me?" He offers Nat some blue berry syrup"

"I have nothing. They're all busy holed up and talking" Abby answers, producing a manila envelope from her purse and laying it on the counter near him. She'd eaten already before fetching her daughter from daycare. "They'll tell me, if I'm needed, for now, there's your new ID's and you can legally drive now" She's sure of that. 'For now i'm keeping my plate clean just in case. Till I get get told otherwise. The hospital will call me if there's something important. "I presume that you and Elle will keep a really low profile when out there?"

Trask smiles and takes the envelope looking inside, he smiles at the name on the id "Gerard Harris" he says shakeing his head, "Well I guess that is fitting. Yes we will not draw attention."

Gerard Harris" That brings a faint smile to the womans face. "memories hmm" Natalie's all over the blueberry syrup, quietly gnoshing away. 'So where are you taking her in the end?"

Trask says, "Well I figured A bike ride, followed by a visit to the beach to teach swimming. Then back here to clean up….and…well I am not sure…I don't know how she plans to dress…and I don't want her to feel uncomfortable."

You say, "Just ask her what she wants to go out and eat at. Dress from there. That's all" Abigail answers back. "There's a phone book, easily done, if you want some place fancy, you might want to ask Cat or Elisabeth. I don't tend to go out to some place fancy" because she prefers to be home, with Deckard or the children. Because she's a Stepford wife. She prefers to cook it herself."

Trask smiles, "I asked her already…she wants to be surprised…do you know what she bought at the mall, clothing wise? Normally I try to cook for my dates but well….I take it she wants something traditional." He actually looks flustered.

"Not allowed to tell" Abby steals a bite of Natalie's pancakes with a smile on her face. "You should be safe with a restaurant with table cloths, instead of paper or plastic table coverings"

Trask nods, "I am debating between a movie or a broadway show…do they even have Broadway any more…or like…off Broadway…or" He sighs and leans on the Fridge

"You could always take her out around Greenwich. There's plenty of small places where they put on shows and bands play. I have a computer on the second floor that you can use to look and there's some cards in the envelope"

Trask nods, "I will see what I can find," He smiles and heads over to Ruffle Nat's hair, "I need to talk to Liz too…"

The little girl giggles, offering some words that are partly unintelligible but ultimately goes back to her pancake. "Probably. but you have a vehicle now to drive, and you know how to get there"

Trask takes a good deep breadth. "Why am I doing this?

"The thing, with Elle?" Abigails head tilts to the side, looking over at the negator.

Trask nods, "Yeah….The thing with Elle."

"Because you have an inherent need like me Norton, to fix the broken things" Natalie's just playing now and so the blonde takes the plate away.

Trask says, "I….don't know if she is playing me…or if she really is serious…if she is serious…then she deserves this, if she is playing me, the only way to find out is calling her bluff."

"If you want I can see what Gabriel knows about her" Abigail offers. "I don't know whether they want Gabriel to know who's here or not, but I can find out from him, about her"

Trask says, "There is a good chance I am going to have to put a bullet in her pretty little head before we go back. If I do…I want her last memories to be good ones, I want her not to have any regrets in her life, anything left undone." Trask does put his hands over Nat's ears when he says that.

Shock runs through the woman, lips tightening. Trasks hands are removed from her daughters head as she picks the little girl up. "WHy don't you go up to your room li-li and go pick out one of your dolls to take to Grandpaw's okay? I'll be back in a moment Norton" Abigails not happy and it shows, especially when she gets her daughter up the stairs safely, gate across the top and returns back to the kitchen.

"What in the good lords name, makes you think about even doing such a thing and even saying it in my home? You think taking her for a bike ride, a swim and dinner with a show will make it okay"

Trask says, "No….I don't. And I don't want to do it. I hate the idea, and that's the problem. I think I am going soft. Six months ago I wouldn't have blinked about doing it. I was a cold blooded heartless terrorist. Now…." He sighs and looks up stairs, "I am sorry…I shouldn't have said anything in front of her. And no I don't think it will make things better…but…I have to do something."

"Why?" It's a simple question. "Why do you feel the need to shoot two bullets into her head?" Abigail's in the center of her kitchen, arms crossed, feet planted apart,.

Trask says, "If we go back…and she takes the knowledge from here, and uses it to destroy this future, destroy everything you have done." He sighs, Helena would understand, or Teo, or Cat…in fact they are prolly already planning it. "I…I just can't bring myself to think of doing it though. I … I think I may have lost my edge."

"Have you thought about a fucking telepath Norton?" Abigail asks. "Or a persuasionist? Someone who can alter memories. Good Lord, why is everyone's answer always shoot firs,t think of alternatives later" Abigail's use of a swear word is a pretty big clue to her opinion on the matter as she unwinds her arms and snatches up Natalie's plate to scrape the remains into the disposal. "Life is sacred. Don't take it away unless you have to and in this instance, Norton Trask. Elle's life isn't that disposable"

Trask says, "In my world you can't just pick up the phone and call a telepath, in my world its a lot harder and cut and dried, in my world its kill or be killed…its one mistake and your dead. Like when I had you at gun point unsure if you were you…or had been replaced by Sylar. Do I like my world? No…do I like my methods? No Do I like the number of friends I had to bury? No but…..apparently we did something right…because the world I see now is…so much more then I could ever have dreamed of…and…I can't risk losing what you have, no matter the cost. If I have to go back just to die to bring this about it is worth it. I just….I can't see Elle as disposable, and it scares me that I can't….."

"News flash Norton, right now, your not in 2009. Your in 2019 and here, you can just open a phone book to telepaths, and all sorts of abilities. People who have had immense training" She remembers that night and Alexander and Teo, very well. "And by virtue of you all being here, and knowing That in and of itself, changes this in the past. did that occur to you? That knowing what happens, means that it may or may not happen at all? That your Cameron might night exist now?" The plate is rinses under hot water and then soap applied. "Is it bad to think of other means other than point blank execution? Because I surely don't think so and think that it makes you a better person not a softer person"

Trask says, "So it is better to change her…to rewrite her personality and shape her to whatever we want, instead of allowing her to live and die as herself, with her own free will? Because I can tell you that that is horrifying to me. I would rather die then be made into someone elses image."

"No Norton. Remove what she knows of the future. That's all. You can't change who she is. you could try, but even thats.. " Horrifying. "That's as bad as shooting her in the head"

Trask says, "Worse actually….but what are we if not the sum of our memories? And where do we draw the line, why remove just the knowledge of the future, why not remove her indoctrination into the company of evil? No that is a slippery slope, one used by /them/ not by us. I……" He sighs and shakes his head, "I can't see that happening….any more then I want to see a bullet in her head. I feel responsible for her…and ….despite myself, and despite Helena's assessment, I kind of like her. Not like I love Liz…but…more like a little sister I never had."

"As it stands Norton, if it was up to me. I'd remove this entire adventure here, from all of your memories, if, when, we're able to send you back. Helena, Isabelle, Alexander, Lucrezia, everyone. But it's not up to me. It's up to the group at Dorchester who are deciding your fate. But if you choose to go ahead and just outright shoot her, then you can remove yourself from my home. And she can stay. I'll talk to Gabriel. I'll find out what she's like, he's the only one I know who's had run ins with the company. Maybe he'll know her. "

Trask says, "Tell me Abby…if I was going to shoot her…would I be talking about it….would I be thinking about it? Or would I have already done it. I'm not going to shoot her…and…that means…that I am going to risk all of this, all of you, on the life of one little girl who wants to kill us all."

"I don't know Norton. I was never exactly close to you. We never talked much. You only stuck your nose in my life maybe a handful of times. And no, that doesn't mean your risking all of it on a woman who wants to kill us all. We don't even know it. Maybe Norton, she was just doing her job. Like you when you were out on the street working. I'm not going to argue it. You won't shoot her in the head, then fine, bring it up with the Dorchester group" the plate is dried, put away in the cupboards. "But don't try to show her a good time just because you feel sorry for her and because you think you might have to put a bullet into her head. she's a big girl. She can accept the consequences of her actions. She's not exactly defenseless"
Trask says, "And if I want to show her a good time…because I want to see her happy?"

You say, "Then do it. But make sure that when your sitting across the table from her Norton, that your not thinking about how your gonna put two bullets in her head while saying sorry at the same time. Have a good time yourself. Lord in Heaven I can't believe I'm discussing this""

Trask nods, "I will try….I am sorry Abby…I shouldn't have said anything to you…but I am not sure there is anyone else I could have talked to about this.

"I'll talk to Gabriel. I'll figure something out. We'll figure something out. But if I didn't have some modicum of faith in the woman, I wouldn't have her in my house"

Trask smiles, "I will try to have a little faith myself.

You say, "Life back then would have been a lot better if everyone had faith then" Abby answers. "Lemme go see if Gabriel's at the precinct or whether he's out in the city. I'll get back to you before the date""

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