Putting Affairs In Order


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Scene Title Putting Affairs in Order
Synopsis She's got people to take care of before she possibly doesn't come back. She's cooking for one, and telling the other that he's special in her life.
Date March 31, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment

Monday mornings suck. Yesterday more than most. Elisabeth spent much of the weekend away from her apartment, though she did call Alec on Saturday and ask to reschedule their date. When she finally came in late Monday night, she called him up and invited him to coffee to make up for Saturday. And she proceeded to pretty much not sleep Monday night, spending the whole night baking and cooking. When she opens the door to Alec on Tuesday morning, she looks tired but okay. Aside from the now-healing bruise on her left cheekbone and a bit of a cut on her lip below it. "Hey," she greets with a genuine smile.

Alec grins back at her and moves to kiss her… he stops then, dodges about, and eventually lands a kiss on the /unbruised/ cheek. "You keep this up and it's going to get hard to find places on your naked body I can nibble lick and love on without fear of causeing you pain." he points out, closing the door behind him. "It's a real consern."

Elisabeth chuckles softly. "Yeah, it's definitely getting to be a problem, isn't it?" She sighs heavily and just hugs him tightly. "It'll be less of a problem soon, I hope," she admits. Soon… tonight's the raid on the federal prison. She got today off, supposedly to deal with some personal things, but she's not sure how tonight's going to go. "Sorry about Saturday."

Alec waves away her worries, "It's okay, I only made the butterfly cut chicken marsala. I took it to work and gave it to my boss. Incidentally I got a raise." he winks, "Kidding. I have a little left over if you like, or if you feel like motivating me I might be convinced to make it again."

Now she looks really regretful, though there's sadness in her expression. "I would like that. It wasn't …." Elisabeth shrugs a bit. "A friend of mine was killed in the line of duty. I just couldn't really work up a smile for you, Alec. I needed to deal with … cop stuff. You know?"

Alec's expression falls, "I'm sorry babe." he says with actual feeling, something like confusion flickering behind his eyes for a fraction of a second. Huh. Didn't see sincerity coming out of that. "Anything I can do to make it better? All I really have to offer is food, amazing sex, and romantic comedies piled high with ice cream and sinfully calorific chocolate desserts. I'd offer to hurt someone but I'm a total wuss."

The chuckle that she offers him is quiet, and she tugs him lightly into the kitchen with her. "Food, amazing sex… romantic comedies. Nothing wrong with those offerings," Elisabeth replies easily. In truth, his offerings are the reason she likes him. He reminds her of Norton when things like this happen — they both concern themselves with what will help her through, whether it's just their presence or something more. Now that he's stepping into the kitchen, he can get a glimpse of what she's been up to over the past several hours. A pan of lasagne is cooling on the stove. A shepherd's pie is wrapped and ready to go in the freezer. And what might be a whole roasted chicken is sitting on a cutting board ready to be wrapped. There are also blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins, and a crockpot that may be full of soup. "C'mon, have some coffee with me. The amazing sex can come before I slip out of here to take food to my friend's roommate. He's… not doing so hot. He probably won't even let me in, but…" She shrugs.

Alec nods his head, "Whatever I can do to help… though I have to admit, the fact that amazing sex /is/ one of the things I can do to help does make me all warm and fuzzy inside, like I ate a kitten." he heads over to commandere a coffee mug and have a seat.

Elisabeth laughs at him, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "So tell me how your weekend went," she says as she gets to wrapping up the cooked chicken pieces for freezing.

Oh I followed you around forever and a day, watched you enter the home of someone I now suspect was the 'wealthy friend' that originally wished my services and whom I know under a ridiculously moronic false name while having a conversation with myself about the pros and cons of coming out of the closet to you about how I could single handedly have everyone you know and care for thrown into a deep dark prison for assiting a so called terrorist group. And I cooked chicken marsala which didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I should watch how much wine I put in that sauce, little heavy handed there. "Oh you know, the usual." Alec says with a small smile, "Did math. Stop a staple fight between the children I must police in my firm. Brow beat a messenger into taking a job she deserved but didn't believe she could do in the hopes it shows her she's more worthwhile then she things. Um… Oh yeah, and I bought the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection online. Insomniac remember? I love that cartoon and I hope it'll fill the hours for a bit. Plus who doesn't love an imaginary tiger from time to time?"

Elisabeth quirks a brow at him and laughs softly. If or when she ever learns that he follows her around, she'll be forced to wonder about the fact that he's voyeur enough to also watch her spend the weekend at Norton Trask's apartment or walk in the park hand-in-hand with the man while they talk about seemingly serious or unserious matters or sit near one of the surviving fountains while Liz cries for her dead friend. She keeps her men somewhat separate because it's just… weird… to think of them in the same space at the same time. Maybe she'll even wonder if he's a complete sociopath, if he feels nothing. "I think I could use an imaginary tiger lately. Hell, a real and invisible one would be nice too. It'd be nice to be a menace to certain people in the precinct lately," she says with a laugh. As she wraps up the chicken and sets it on top of the wrapped shepherd's pie to start on wrapping the lasagne, she hesitates and then looks at him. "Hey… I wanted to ask you to do me a favor, if you wouldn't mind."

Alec sips the coffee and nods, "Anything in my power gorgeous." he says with a soft smile.

Elisabeth stops what she's doing and comes around the counter. Her blue eyes are serious. "I might have to go out of town on short notice. I don't have any plants," as he already knows — she keeps hours that are far too long for green things to survive, "but I was hoping you might pick up my mail for me if I get called up. So it doesn't pile up in the box if I don't have time to put in a hold request." Tonight could… get somewhat ugly. And she's starting to prep for the fact that… well… hitting a federal prison could just get her flat-out killed. So now she's got letters to leave in certain places to say things, and a safe deposit box to have handled. Things like that. Covering all her bases. "I could leave you the mailbox key."

Alec nods his head, "Absolutely. I'm pretty much stuck in the city for at least another two years with these project, so assuming you're not gone that long? I'll get your mail. Though if there's any porn that comes in I'm gonna watch it and rag you mercilessly when you get back." he warns with another sip of the coffee.

There's a smirk and Elisabeth reaches out to take his coffee, setting the cup on the counter. It's not remotely sexual, what she does next. It's not for the first time — she's generally very affectionate with him, not just dragging him in for sex though it's a big part of their relationship — but it's perhaps the first time it's ever been somewhat of a serious overtone. She leans down and kisses him tenderly, the kind of kiss that you give a man you care about in a more than casual way. He's become her friend, though he's not a confidante about the secrets of her life. "Thank you," she whispers softly. And then she looks at him. "And in case something happens to me in the line of duty…. I want to say something. And it's not going to come with strings, cuz I just … don't do strings, Alec. I like having you in my life. And I really hope that you stick around for a long, long time. Maybe even those whole two years."

Alec blinks. There's a softening around his eyes and he looks away, a sheepish expression with a slight blush covering his face, "See, now you're gonna make me sputter and be all unmanly. I'm already the one that doesn't kick ass between the two of us, you start saying sweet things and I may as well just grow a pair of boobs." inwardly he kicks himself. Faking a smile and a soft expression you can do, a blush you cannot. That was real. It bothers him. Alot. He starts to gather up all his 'girly parts' what other people call emotion, and begins to stuff them away. Bad feelings. Bad. No daylight for you. "I have no intention of going anywhere, and if you think you can get away from me by doing something stupid thing again. I'm an engineer, I can find a solution to any problem, and don't think I couldn't find a way into hell to give you a proper spanking for dying. I could!" so there!

With a laugh, Liz comments, "Well… you told me." And then, since she can tell she threw him, she grins wickedly. "Now that the mushy stuff's out of the way… you promised me amazing sex." And she gives him an entirely different kind of kiss this time.

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