Putting Off The Paperwork


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Scene Title Putting Off The Paperwork
Synopsis Elisabeth really doesn't want to fill out this set of paperwork. Missing/reported dead Feds create a lot of the stuff.
Date March 30, 2009

NYPD HQ Women's Locker Room

This is one of those Monday mornings that …. 'Monday' just doesn't even begin to cover how bad it gets. Elisabeth is in the women's locker room hanging up her coat and getting ready to face what comes next. It's early, but not that early… and she's procrastinating a little. Even brought her own heavily sweetened latte in with her so she wasn't heading straight for the caffeine machine yet. She sits on the bench and rehearses what she's got to do next. When the door opens, she looks up and greets Kay with merely, "Hey."

"Hey," Kay greets, shrugging off her coat and hanging it in her locker. She moves to stand in front of the other woman. "How's your lip? Did you talk to Harvard yet?" It's really none of her business, but Kay will let Liz tell her so.

"I did," Elisabeth replies mildly. "Reported it, named names, got spat on by three uniforms the next day for being a rat…" She sighs and rolls her eyes. "IA's handling it from here." She shrugs, and hesitates. "Kay… sit a minute? I have to go out there and do some… stuff… that I really don't want to yet."

Kay folds her arms over her chest, relaxing her posture. "I drove in from my parents. Been sitting in the car all morning. You got something you want to talk about?" Dark brows lift, expression conveying more concern than before.

With a sigh, Elisabeth looks at her. "How well you know Ivanov?" she asks quietly.

Kay nods her head slowly. "Yeah." The detective's mind flashes back to the awful scene she, Demsky and Ivanov walked into while investigating the Kazimir Volken murders, where she was kidnapped. It flashes back to the abandoned hospital where she was kept, and Ivanov freeing her. "Yeah, I know Felix."

Crap… Elisabeth gestures Kay to sit down, and it's clear the word is not good. "I'm on my upstairs to go fill out a missing persons report… because I don't have a body to back up the report that he's dead. But … a confidential informant called me over the weekend to tell me he'd come across Felix's dead body on Staten, Kay." Her tone is gentle. "I have no reason to doubt the information. I retrieved Felix's glasses from the site where he said the body had been when he'd seen it. He said it had a lot of… water damage, there was no doubt who it was and that he was dead."

The detective topples backward, bumping her head dully against the locker bank behind her before catching herself. "Felix is…" Kay's mouth drops open and she covers it with one hand, bracing herself against the lockers with the other. "Oh my God." Breathe, Damaris. "Do… do we know how he died?"

Liz watches her worriedly and she says quietly, "Someone put a few bullets in him and dumped him in the river." She shoves a hand through her blonde hair. "I'm sorry, Kay. I …. " She sighs heavily, looking down. "I think he was following up on the Beauchamp case, but I was tied up here at the precinct filling out paperwork on the Chinatown ambush, you know? He managed to get 'em to let him leave that night, and … it had to be sometime that night or the next morning, I'd guess. He was in the water long enough to be…. " Gross.

"Whole fuckin' world's going to hell," Kay decides with a scowl. She shakes her head furiously, expression hardening. "I can't deal with this right now. I need to work." Bury herself in it. "Keep me informed, Harrison."

There's a sigh and Elisabeth says, "Yep. If I hear anything else," she promises quietly. "See ya later, Kay." And she too heads out, to file her report.

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