Putting On A Show


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Scene Title Putting On A Show
Synopsis In order to not blow Hugh's cover, there's a little acting needed. Hiro gets a front seat, and some questions about his Sword.
Date February 17, 2009

Staten Island - Docks

He's supposed to be pretending to be bewildered. And honestly, at the moment, Hugh is not pretending. The Scot steps off one of the rickety little vessels that run from island to island. He's dressed like he's desperately poor, but not entirely down at heels. Armed, though not blatantly. Stepping on to the docks, he doesn't seem to have any particular destination in mind. No helpful concierge here, huh? He takes enough paces forward to get out of the flow of traffic, and glances around, trying to asssess his surroundings.

Minea was present already, having gotten off on a different boat. No fancy clothes for her. A craving for Chinese food had brought her here, after confineing herself to Primatech for the last week and some to get a familiar feeling with her soon to be new place of employ. Jeans, shirt, leather jacket, armed as well. She's not looking anything like your simpering damsel or even a target like some others might here. She keeps her eyes out as usual, glancing here and there. Habitual. Not looking for anyone specific, more just.. keeping an eye out. This is a less than friendly island now.

Traffic is a cinematographer's plaything sometimes. Sure, cars come and go, and obscure vision briefly as they pass. Quite by mistake as a couple of cars cruise on past, an Asian man in black with what looks like a sword on his back is visible on the opposite side of the street, observing the boats that ferry people to Staten Island now. Two cars later, that man is gone. Vanished. The smoke and mirrors accident of natural traffic movement provides the brain enough distraction to doubt he might've even been there in the first place.

But Hiro Nakamura has come here. He's simply relocated himself and is in a less conspicuous spot. Even in this relatively lawless place, he'd rather not have just anyone see him with a sword in the open. It'll draw attention. And it's not like ditching the sword is an option.

Hugh is rambling, hands in pockets, expression both vacant and pensive at once. The ruddy brow is furrowed in thought, though he's still obviously keeping an eye on what's around him. He starts to make his way slowly towards the path inland, pausing only to ask a half-blind beggar for suggestions as to a flophouse.

Idly, Minea glances over to the half blind beggar and his new temporary moon in orbit that is Hugh. No second looks for this agent. "Wickham?" Surprised to see the scottsman, that's for sure. She pulls a hand out of a pocket, jutting her chin at him an a welcoming gesture.

It's at this point that Hiro walks as if he has a purpose out from an alley, down the sidewalk, and directly into the Chinese restaurant. It being America, it's not really a Chinese restaurant so much as Pan-Asian Derivative restaurant. But he's not here to criticize cultural misconceptions.

Not here but five minutes, and….blown. Not in a good way. Hugh rounds on Minea, quickly, all but putting a hand over her mouth to shut her up. "Not here," he says, and jerks his chin at the alley Hiro more or less just emerged from.

Not good. No complaint from the brunette, just a nod that's somewhat hindered by his hand over her mouth, but Minea moves none the less to the alley. Her hand instinctively reaching for her waist but stops abruptly.

"The short line is this - I'm here to impersonate a dead terrorist. We're hoping his mates don't know he's a late parrot," Hugh says, crisply. "If you see me here, you don't know me, and my name isn't Hugh Wickham," He's taken his hand away from her mouth, quickly. "What're you doing here?"

"Chinese food. I needed a break from you know where" Recognition flickers across the woman's face. "English accent…" Her tongue darts out to wet her lips. "Whats the name of the person your supposed to impersonate?" She's got a sinking suspicion now, especially when up close and in darker settings. "But if I see you, I don't know you. What name are you going by and is it anything I can help with?"

"Drake Leeds. Seems some of those bastards didn't die at the bridge," Hugh says, voice still clipped. "I don't know. Goodman set me on this. Might ask him, next you see him. I'd not mind having a friendly face at my back."

"About.. your size, he spoke with an English accent, or at least, for the whole five seconds that I saw him…" She's not about to explain why, just licks her lips again. "I'm not official yet. But, I can play just as well while I'm here. I really did come for the Chinese food. I had a safe house out here." There's a glance to the alley mouth. "Wrap your arm around me, I'll play, like you were propositioning me. We can get a room somewhere later, and i can sneak out. That'll fix anything suspicious" Well he HAD been asking where the flop house is. Minea's quick to adjust her clothing to look like Hugh had felt her up a bit, even swiping her finger across her lips to smudge off some of her lipstick and smear it along his lower lip, just a little. If he lets her.

Of course he does. Nothing like a good cover story, right? "You're a love," he says, somewhat mollified, even as he drapes an arm around her in a way that'd incense his Bollywood beauty, were she to see it.

His bollywood beauty, if Minea has her way, is never going to see this. Unless it goes into whatever her hangers on are going to write in their reports. Out of the alleyway they come spilling, a smitten and calculating look on her face. Like some alleyway floozy who knows she's going to be getting a job tonight. "Chinese handsome. You can buy me dinner then we can go find a room" She purr's for the benefit of those looking, guiding him towards the Chinese restaurant.

"But of course, m'dear," he says, with a vulpine, insinuating smile. Letting her lead the way to admire the view, as it were. And so they enter the same rather seedy noodle place Hiro is currently occupying.

Sheung Wan Kitchen

//It's not just the large selection that makes Sheung Wan Kitchen special - it's the quality, the sights, the atmosphere, and the friendly service. This is a very small restaurant with only a handful of seats in front of a large, flat counter where meals are prepared in full-view by some of the Rookery's more knowledgeable chefs. Stacked high against the far wall are wicker baskets full of dried sea creatures, mystery animal parts, deer antlers, wine with whole king cobras, heaps of herbs and twigs and tree barks. Although these are meant to go into the dishes that are served here, it is not impossible to haggle for them. //

A large chalkboard behind the counter advertises the kitchen's special menu, though some items are more difficult to read than others. Most popular is the Tree Lizard Soup - cooked with yams, Chinese dates, ginseng, medlar, and something called tragacanth, which is reported to be good for asthma, colds, lungs and the heart.

Inside the restaurant and with body angled toward the door sits Hiro Nakamura, already having claimed a chair to himself and steeping his own tea in a cup of scalding water. How he got the table is anyone's guess, because there is only one other place in the entire house right now where anyone could sit, and that's at a solitary chair right next to him. Guess somebody's gonna have to Rochambeau for that seat, or else sit in each others' laps.

Minea leads the way, letting a bit of sway enter into her walk. Her brown eyes run over the place, land on the only empty seat with a faux pout. One seat. Well. This was perfect, since it's a cover act. She drops her head back, arching her back to thrust her hips out, curve her back and leans against Hugh enough to bring her lips to his ears. "What am I supposed to call you then? Sugar?" It looks like she might be murmuring sweet and very scandalous nothings to him.

That has Hugh looking blank for a moment. "I'm sure we'll come up with something appropriate," he says, in a murmur, and gestures her towards the seat. "I'll stand."

If Hiro were any kind of gentleman he would get up and offer his seat to Minea. One look from him at her conveys that he probably thinks if she were any kind of lady, he'd be willing to do it.

His ass stays parked in his seat, eyes fixed right on the couple as he sips his tea and stares at them over the brim of the steaming cup.

There are plenty of looks from others in here at Hiro and his sword. No few of them start along the lines of: Are you kidding me? Who the hell carries a sword?

Time traveling samurai superhero's that's who! Minea eyes the blade, a pop of her eyebrows up then down. "No no, sugar, your going to sit. And i'm going to sit. In your lap of course" She grabs his shirt, dragging him in, a gesture to the chair for him to sit so she can take her seat. "Hello there handsome" Minea offers to Hiro. "That's a pretty blade you got there. Got a smoke?"

Samurai, what? Hugh leans around Minea, the better to eye that blade. He doesn't ask any questions - clearly Minea has that bit down. Nor does he object as she hauls him into the seat.

"No." Hiro tells the woman levelly. His eyes cut toward Hugh briefly, then back at the woman wanting to get in Hugh's lap. It would appear he has very little to say, but he's certainly eying these two like they're three-headed goats. It's that staring of his that might either run these two off or start a fight.

'Pity, I could use one" Minea's not budging, even with the stare from mr. samurai. "Order for us sugar" a nudge to Hugh as Minea leans to the seat on the opposite side, to bug that person for a smoke and a light, flashing them her best smile. Success though, and she takes it, holding it like a pro when the guy lights it for her. A glance back to Hiro as she blows the smoke away from them. "I can take care of you, when I'm finished with him" A jerk of her head to Hugh.

Hugh slaps Minea on the ass, chidingly. "You're with me tonight, girl," he says, and his tone is laced with threat, under the good humor. "Troll for more business when we're done."

It really is like some kind of dark age, isn't it? Hiro shakes his head in shame for these people, but turn more toward the bar and contemplates his tea. "You're dressed a little nicely to be turning tricks on Staten Island." he remarks, obviously meaning to address Minea. At least his attention isn't on Hugh…but then again he wouldn't know Hugh or Hugh's actual identity from Adam. Utterly meaningless to him.

Minea gives a startle as she squeals at the slap on her ass and grouses goodnaturedly "Fine, fine, fine. forget the food then. Lets go find a room doll" Though Hiro's words cause her to smile. "You want a tart, there's the happy dagger across the way. If I was working there, i'd have on far less. Don't let the package fool you sugar. I'm a tiger" Hiro gets a wink from Minea's subtly made up face as she slides off Hugh's lap, a hand to his shirt that's not bearing the lit cigarette to pull him up. "Come on doll. Lemme show you a good time hmmm. Show him what he's missing out"


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