Putting The Band Together


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Scene Title Putting The Band Together
Synopsis Kailin comes to expound on his idea and Abigail tentatively signs her name verbally to the deal. She learns a few other things, like chucks been spilling the beans about what she did and learns a bit more about Kailin. They both believe in paying it forward.
Date May 21, 2009

Old Lucy's - Outside

Early afternoon light spills in as the door opens and Kailin steps inside the bar, letting the door close lightly behind him. He leaves on his shades as he makes his way to the bar, chuckling lightly at the people already in the bar this early in the day. His chuckle fades as he connects that behavior to the overall situation in the city and it is suddenly not as amusing. He hops up to the bar and sits quietly, waiting for Abby's lovely attention.

Has to be Abby, cause it's wavy hair, not straight that's behind the counter and bent down, working at filling up the mini fridges beneath the counters. "Be with you in a moment!" Sing song'd up between the clinks of glasses and aluminum. There's a chunk of people but most are students, or, well, regulars. "Welcome to Old Lucy's, I'm Abiga… Oh. K. Right. you were coming in today weren't you" As she stands up, dusting off her knees

Kailin shrugs lightly and nods to the bartender. "Well, I didn't really get out too much about what I'm putting together. With the crowd and the people bouncing around, it just really didn't seem like the right time." He shrugs and says, "But you seem interested anyway, so that's encouraging." He slides off his shades then, setting them on the counter. "So would you like to know any more about it? It seems to have been fairly well received from most of the doctors I've visited."

"I'm interested. I don't turn anyone away, not if I can help it. Like I said, I could give a few hours here and there a week. I need to be able to keep working and my classes but…" It's doable. "Lemme tell Natalie to come out here and I can take my lunch break. I'll meet you at the door" A gesture to the back door that led out into the alley. "Can sit outside and talk where it's quieter" and less smokier. "You want a drink?" Speak of the devil, there's a brunette coming in from the back, winding her bar apron around her hips.

Sliding off of his seat, Kailin shrugs and says, "I'll take a coke or something." He makes his way towards the door that his been gestured to with slow, lazy steps. His left hand casually slides into his pocket while he waits, brushing back the left side of his long jacket. His eyes shoot towards Natalie as she comes out, then linger up towards Isabelle's place, a smile creeping onto his face. "You weren't lying about that Isabelle. Man…" His head shakes slightly as it hangs. "Talk about a firepot."

"She's a good boss. Temper, but good. back in a moment" And with that, the red head disappears through another door, leading presumably back to other parts of the bar while Natalie pours his coke. Three minutes later it's a BLT with a pile of salad, and a tall plastic cup filled with chunky green smoothie in hand, making her own way to the door. "Mouth of the Alley. Sunshine" The others know where she'll be and Kailin is eye'd by Natalie as they head out. "Tell me more about this? So I know what I'm volunteering to get my nose into?"

Kailin slides his shades on as they head back outside, opening the door for Abby. "Well, its really just kind of an outreach program to keep people healthy. I'm getting doctors - clinics mostly - to head up coordinating volunteers to visit some of the more run down parts of the city just to give things like antibiotics, treat wounds, do preliminary exams. A lot of time serious injuries start from very small issues that lead to worse complications. So this is just a really small effort to make significant change by helping out." He shrugs his shoulders, keeping his face out of the sun if he can help it. Even with the shades, he wants to keep the sun out of his eyes. "So that's about all that it is. And on my end I'm gonna get more supplies to the clinics to work with. I haven't been here long, but I ran a similar organization before so I don't know why it couldn't work here."

"Where did you run it and what was it called? Thank you" As he holds the door open. Eventually she settles down on the back end of a scooter, but not before offering half of her sandwich to him. 'What department of the government will be responsible for the outreach?" A fork is produced from her back pocket so that she can carry on with her lunch but she glance over, vidi blue eyes, watching him and waiting for the answer.

"Basra, actually. In Iraq. And if those people can get together to help out their neighbors in tough times I know that we can. But there wasn't really a name for it. Its really just a project I do on my own." Kailin shakes his head towards Abby and says, "I work for the government, but this is a personal project. Its a way for me to get involved right from the start in helping the city. That's one of the reasons I took my job here. I really wanted to help the people in the city in some way. Since I have a small background in medicine, this was one of the best ways that I could think of." He chuckles lightly and says, "I could try to involve the government, but the amount of red tape that would be involved in that would strangle the whole thing before it could even get started. Trust me, I know this from experience."

"Basra?" She has not a clue where that is. "What state is that in?" She's not dumb, just woefully undereducated in anything more than the various countries around the world. "So, not done by government, but you hope to get government supplies to help the clinics. Have you approached any other healers?"

Kailin repeats with a chuckle, "Iraq. Not in this country. Its in the Middle East. I was stationed in that area while I was in the Army." He nods to Abby and says, "Government supplies can help because as it stands, all of the clinics I've approached buy their supplies from companies selling directly to them and only to them. But buying supplies in larger quantities will yield discounts. Its similar to the concept of a co-op. And by facilitating larger purchases for supplies that can be divided between participating clinics, everyone receives a better, cheaper deal.

He pauses at her last question and replies, "If you mean healers as in powers, I don't know. I typically tend not to ask about abilities. In this particular case, it isn't really relevant. But I have talked to Charles Pepper, a doctor at the Skinned Knee Clinic… something like that. I believe you're familiar with him. He says you gave him back his sight. I've also talked to a doctor in Chinatown that could possibly be interested."

Ohhh, Abby's stiffening. "He told you that? Dr. Pepper told you that I gave him back his sight?" The expression on her face is not one of like but more annoyance and dislike. The half sandwich she was consuming is put back on her plate with thin lips.

There is a wince from Kailin as he might have gotten someone in trouble. "Uh oh…" He shakes his head slightly and says, "Was he not supposed to say anything? He just mentioned that he had recently regained his eyesight so I asked him how and I think I had already mentioned that I knew you. So he probably figured I already knew what you could do since, like you said, you don't really hide it. And since we're all just working to help people he was probably just trying to help." He winces again after giving a string of excuses for the doctor and asks, "Is this gonna break up the band?"

"I've stopped trying to hide it, but I don't run around announcing it and advertising. Not intentionally that is. Wasn't until central park that anyone even knew what I could do. Registry hides my name and details. But he also told me not to tell anyone that he had his eyesight back so I guess what's good for the goose isn't good enough for the gander. That's just plain bad evolved manners right there, running around and naming names and abilities. For all he didn't know, you could be someone who's taken it into his mind that he wants his own little personal healer to do with as he pleases and no mind you and he could very well have just.. signed.. my whatever" Just like that, her moods been killed. "Doesn't break up the band just means that Mr. Got His Sight Back needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. It's just not done" If only the guy in front of her knew that Dr. Pepper there could heal as well.

Kailin opens his mouth to laugh when she mentions 'evolved manners' but suppresses it with pursed lips. "I didn't know that there were protocols involved with evolved. I think things like that are just common courtesy, though, not necessarily reserved for evolved. But he didn't even keep his own secret, so maybe he just doesn't think the same way. I don't know…" He shakes his head slightly and says, "Some people are just genuine and open. I know you're probably thinking about radical human factions being against evolved people, but I really think it was just an honest mistake." He smiles, his grin going up on one side more than the other. "But its nice to see a little fire in you too, Miss Abby. Not all sugar. You got some spice too. I like it."

"I'm not thinking about radical factions I'm thinking about low down dirty filthy people who don't have the respect or sense that god gave a caterpillar and who steal people from their homes because they want to use them. There's more out there for people with gifts from god to be afraid of than some stupid group of people who can't understand that there's more than them in the world and that times are changing. Ohhh I've really lost my appetite now. He can be open with his own gift, not mine. He's not been kidnapped for his." The plate is put on top of an adjacent box and the chunky green smoothie picked up so that she can suck some of it down. The sugar and spice comment earns him a look. :I don't.. show it often, not usually a need to"

"You've been kidnapped before? Because you can heal?" Kailin raises a brow at that, raising it over the rim of his shades. "That's kind of crazy considering you seem pretty helpful and it seems like anyone could just ask and probably get the same result…" He pauses and asks, "What was all that about? If you don't want to talk about it, that's cool too. It just seems like… damn." He shrugs it off and says, "Well, I certainly didn't mean to get you all riled up this early into your work day. Are you on all night? I know that guy is supposed to come play tonight, right? I have to see that…" He laughs a little out loud and says, "That is definitely going to… entertain. In one way or another."

"People on staten Island don't give a care to whether you'll do it if they ask, they just take. There's a reason I warned you off staten Island" But it's an uncomfortable topic. "Here all night, come on in, see him play. He's really good. I'll be fine. I just got a lot on my plate and mind lately is all"

Kailin nods to Abby and says, "Yeah, even the guy down in Chinatown told me to stay away from that place. Apparently, they don't even bother keeping the police over there anymore? Its like lawless island out there?" He shakes his head and says, "I didn't know it had gotten that bad. I mean, that's some seriously sick stuff." He shakes his head and doesn't say much more about it since it relates back to a bad experience.

Instead he says, "Yeah, that guy… Aaron, I think. I liked what he was doin, but even you know it isn't really right for a bar. Especially not one like you have here. Its hot and fast paced. I can't wait to see how Isabelle reacts to it. Isabelle…" He rolls his eyes at the mention of her - despite being the one that mentioned her - and says, "She might not be too pleased. How bad do you think she'll hurt him?"

"Isabelle won't hurt him, and he won't play that. He'll play what I told him that was expected of him. Rock songs, songs appropriate for here. If he doesn't…" Well then Izzy will politely fire him, she's sure and then Abby would get a talking to.

Kailin turns his head slightly, looking down the alley out to the street. He puts a hand against the wall near the door that they're standing by, just outside the bar. He leans on it and gives a sigh. "Everyone has to start somewhere. That is the struggle of young artists. You gotta play want people want before you can play your own stuff. That's gotta suck. Especially since most of that other stuff is… less than spectacular." He shakes his head and says, "Fortunately, I've never had the displeasure. I've never been musically inclined. How about you? Ever join the choir or something at church? Can you carry a tune? I promise, I won't ask you to sing."

'Church Choir" She offers up, exchanging drink for plate once more. "If she doesn't like it, i'll help him find a new place to play at. We'll see. I think she'll be pleased though. So when will you know more about what your planning on doing?"

Kailin gives a light shrug and says, "Its a work in progress. I want to get at least one more doctor in on it, preferably in another area of town and then we can start there and branch out. I've already written up some stuff to send to some volunteer organizations and hopefully they'll be able to get some manpower in on it. I really mean no offense to people that have been affected here, but I don't think people have done enough to change the situation here. Something this bad, everyone needs to help out. You can't just depend on the government. Everyone has to help and this can be one way to do it. And maybe the people that are helped will be encouraged to help someone else out." He shrugs and adds, "You know, the whole 'pay it forward' concept."

"One good deed deserves another" Abby nods. "It's what I tell people that I help. Payment for gods gift being used on them is to do a good deed for someone else. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't" She knows the concept well enough. "I should probably get back in, get back to work. Finish my meal. Things are gonna pick up soon"

Kailin nods to Abby and says, "No problem. Just wanted to come by and chat with my best friend!" He chuckles lightly and moves over, opening the door. "I'm just gonna take off from here. I'll be back later tonight to see how everything goes. Should be a good time." He smiles to Abby and gives a graceful bow as he holds the door. "Have a lovely day, Miss Abigail."

Abigail's staying put on her scooter, soak in the sun a bit more before she has to return to the land of lights and smoke. "Hardly your best friend K. We've met a total of.. three times? Right now, your on par with my regular bar flies. Just don't try to pull anything funny and all will be okay" Like Adam freaking Monroe. She still had to figure out what to do about him. Probably call up Teo and ask about him. Or maybe Deckard. Shit, still had Deckard and niles. There weren't enough hours in the day. "Take care and God Bless"

"Three times? Yes, well that is more than anyone else in the city - which officially gives you the title of my best friend." Kailin chuckles and lets the door close since Abigail is going to hang out a bit more. He gives another wave and says before heading off. "And don't worry, I've never been known as a particularly funny person. Until later." And with that he heads out into the street, straightening his jacket and his cuffs as he turns the corner.

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