Puzzles In The Park
Date October 2, 2010
Relevant Logs Pieces Of The Puzzle

New York Times - Metro Section
Sunday, October 3, 2010

NEW YORK - Saturday afternoon, various denizens of New York City gathered to try and piece together a puzzle sent to them by an anonymous person. Each piece, roughly the size of a postcard, has a word on the back of it. "We're guessing there's a message of some sort, once it's all done, but I don't think we have most of the pieces," remarked Tasha Oliver, one of the younger participants. Advertisements ran out via classified ads, Craig's List, and other internet media courtesy of Audrey Hanson, who organized the gathering and provided shade and refreshments. Hanson also took pictures of pieces that people brought if they did not feel comfortable giving them to her. If you have received one of these puzzle pieces, you can reach Hanson at 555-898-7246 or simply mail your piece to PO Box 5693, New York, New York, 10031.

The New York City Police Department has declined to comment on any reportings of such mailings.

(Alongside this story is a picture of the pieces arranged on a piece of felt, with several people bent over manipulating them.)

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